Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 740: Eat up!

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The northern part of the Gresh Kingdom was mostly mountainous and the southern part had extremely cold terrain.

The central part, however, was flat for most regions. There were still the occasional rolling hills located here and there, one of which was right beside the two main cities, in fact, sort of in the middle of the trade city and the royal city.

And this particular mountain range split the sea of beast horde into two as they rushed towards the two major cities.

But if one looked closely, one would be able to see that the horde that split into two halves was lower in volume than the horde which originally thundered in this direction.

This discrepancy was thanks to a group of translucent bluish-white colored minions. To call this a group would be an understatement, but they did look small in front of the endless beast horde.

"Where are they coming from?" Liam swallowed hard as he watched the beasts in awe. They were everywhere. He couldn't see the end or the beginning. They were of all sizes and shapes and looked terrifying.

Liam's eyes lingered on this unbelievable destructive force as memories of the past flitted across his mind. He had witnessed scenes like this before, just not on this scale.

But the blood and death that ensued were still significant nevertheless. What was going to happen this time around?

He clenched his fists as he thought about the future that loomed over all of them. His gaze then shifted to the other army in front of him, the army of his soul minions.

They were a destructive force on their own, doing a number on the beast horde. The imps, the lesser dryads, the werewolves, the chickens, the rabbits, the bearmen, the elves, the humans, and even the newly forged lizardmen, every single one of the minions was busy at work.

They slashed and skewered the incoming beasts culling down one after the other. The beast horde was endless but Liam's minions were also relentless.

They did not stop, pant, or get tired. They did not show fear or hesitation. They continuously killed one beast after another, chipping away from the horde little by little.

Each kill gave them more experience points and more strength. If they got injured, they swiftly recovered by using the soul energy of the beast that they just killed. They were steadily growing at their own pace and experience points were raining down endlessly.

As for getting overwhelmed or overrun, the five big shots at the front took care of this particular aspect.

A big white fox rampaged as she torched everything in sight, clawing the rest left and right. Next to her, there were Crawford and Dimitri, two of the more competent, experienced, and skillful minions.

Lastly, there were two other creatures, creatures who could instill fear in anyone who laid eyes on them. One was a wyvern who called forth a rain of earth spikes to impale everything in sight and as for the other…

A huge, magnificent three-headed wyvern stood front and center, spitting fire, ice, and wind blasts from his three heads. His level was only 30 but the beast was on a stage of his own, quickly racking up the death counts.

With a single move of his head, he blasted away countless beasts. With one swipe of his tail, he impaled dozens. Just this one beast created a massive circle of death around him.

Not willing to fall behind the star of the show, the other four big shots also pushed themselves as they created their own smaller circles of death.

Meanwhile, the ones suffering was the beast horde as the huge volume of the beasts began thinning down considerably.

Instead of two streams, one towards the royal city and one towards the trade city, and the leftovers scattering in all directions, there were now three streams, the middle one being the portion of the beast horde slaughtered by the soul minions.

"Ha… Ha…" Liam wheezed with an intoxicated maddened expression on his face. His past, present, and future were clashing with him in his mind but one thing was for certain. This beast wave was a godsend to him!

"Eat up. Eat to your fill! Ha Ha Ha Ha!" He laughed like a maniac resting on one of the rocks that overlooked everything happening below him.

The blood, gore, and cries of pain might be unsettling or frightening to someone else but it was a feast for his eyes and music for his ears.

He closed his eyes, sucked in a big breath of air, and let out a sigh of relief. The souls seeping out of the corpses were slowly and gradually nourishing him. Forging the three-headed wyvern had taken everything out of him.

He had succeeded in forging the massive powerful beast but the process had left him tired and weak. He tried eating recovery berries, more nutritious meat, health potions, and even the water he had gathered from the milky way pond. However, none of that helped.

Only now, in the presence of this massive influx of souls, he began feeling better. The dark circles under his eyes disappeared and he felt a kind of strength returning to his body.

"Master, I think you might have overextended your soul," Lyana explained. The elf sitting near Liam had been observing him from the beginning and as an elf, she was intuitive about a few things.

In this particular case, she was shocked, to say the least. She had watched Liam struggle at the death's door to forge the magnificent undead creature. Though she was raised to hate the non-living, she couldn't help but admire this creation.

"Overextended my soul huh?" Liam repeated her words. He was also thinking along the same lines. He had already used his body, his mana, and his mental power to forge these creations and now it looked like he had also tapped into his own soul to finish the job.

"The next time I will pay more attention." Liam nodded as he continued watching the massacre and recovering bit by bit. Right now, he did not feel as if his soul was still wounded or overextended. Rather, he felt stronger.

Liam grinned at the endless supply of beasts. This beast horde was going to make him very strong.