Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1167 - Seeing Black Cadaveric Qi Again    

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Chapter 1167: Seeing Black Cadaveric Qi Again


Chi Shuyan didn’t know how she got out of the car. Her face was whiter than when the man broke up with her the first time round, and she looked a little dazed.

Xu Xudong hadn’t drunk any coffee at all. Seeing the little lady boss get out of the car in the distance, he hurriedly walked over and said softly, “Little Lady Boss, are you done talking to the boss?”

After Xu Xudong asked the question, he looked up and saw that the little lady boss’s expression wasn’t right. Her face was a bit pale and didn’t look good!

Wait, this development wasn’t right.

Could it be that the boss and the little lady boss had quarreled?

Although Xu Xudong didn’t understand his boss’s relationship with the little lady boss as well as Assistant Zhu, he had seen her go to the company several times in the past. His boss really cared about her. Xu Xudong snuck a glance through the car window and saw his boss sitting expressionlessly in the backseat.

“Get in the car!” As if sensing his gaze, the man’s deep and intimidating voice rang out.

Xu Xudong didn’t dare look anymore. After saying goodbye to Chi Shuyan, he immediately got into the car.

Chi Shuyan, on the other hand, stood outside the car and didn’t leave. She still stared fixedly at the stoic-faced man in the backseat. In the end, she still felt indignant and hated the ruthless man in front of her.

Without waiting for Xu Xudong to close the car door, she grabbed the window and stared fiercely at the man in the backseat as she asked again, “Are you really going to break up with me? I’ll only ask one last time!”

Xu Xudong was about to step on the gas, but the words the little lady boss uttered scared him so much that his hands shook. He subconsciously looked in the rearview mirror and saw the boss staring back at the future little lady boss with a deep and complicated gaze. His thin lips were pursed tightly. After a while, he asked calmly, “Haven’t you always wanted to break up? I think changing boyfriends shouldn’t be a big deal to you! And I, Qi Zhenbai, am nothing important to you!” After a pause, Qi Zhenbai coldly motioned for Xu Xudong to drive.

Xu Xudong treated himself as deaf and didn’t dare listen to his boss’s personal affairs at all. He subconsciously looked at the future little lady boss next to him, who was holding onto the car window. This time, the little lady boss let go. Xu Xudong waited for her to let go before he stepped on the gas and left.

After the car left, Chi Shuyan’s eyes turned red.

“Shuyan, you and Young Master Feng…” Zhen Yu chased after her and was about to ask what on earth had just happened. Who would have thought that as soon as she ran up to Shuyan, she saw that her eyes were red. Zhen Yu jumped in fright and didn’t dare say anything more.

If it were anyone else crying, Zhen Yu wouldn’t have such a big reaction. However, the person in front of her was Shuyan. She never thought that Shuyan would cry.

It was mainly because Shuyan had always been assertive, strong and capable. Who could make her cry?

Chi Shuyan had never liked to show weakness in front of others. Seeing Zhen Yu come over, she regained her composure. Her red eyes flashed, but her face was still a little pale and unsightly.

“Shuyan, you…” Zhen Yu wanted to say something, but hesitated. She gritted her teeth and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Did Young Master Feng do something to you just now?”

It was just that when she thought of Young Master Feng’s twisted and pained face and Shuyan’s capability, she felt that Shuyan didn’t look like the bullied party.

Chi Shuyan wasn’t in the mood to talk to Zhen Yu. She was in a bad mood and had business to attend to, so she found an excuse to leave. Before she left, she said, “This is the last time I’ll interfere in Yang Lan’s personal matters. It doesn’t matter to me who she likes, but let her think about it: Is a man more important than her life? Not to mention that the man isn’t a reliable partner, she and he aren’t fated to be together. It’s best not to force things. Let her take care of herself!”

With that, Chi Shuyan turned around and left.

Zhen Yu, on the other hand, was stupefied as she watched Shuyan leave.

Chi Shuyan didn’t go back to the apartment in the afternoon, but went straight to school.

As soon as she returned to the university, someone sent word that Counselor Zhang had called her to the office.

Chi Shuyan found Counselor Zhang in the office. There was also a very elegant and handsome male teacher with him. The atmosphere between the two was very good.

Counselor Zhang only stopped talking when he saw Chi Shuyan. Chi Shuyan walked over and greeted him politely, before she greeted the other teacher who was looking at her.

When the male teacher’s eyes first fell on her face, they flashed with amazement and appreciation. When he heard her greet him, his smile grew even gentler, and he said softly, “Your student looks really good!”

He really wasn’t exaggerating. There really weren’t many good-looking girls, so Chen Jin took a few more looks.

Counselor Zhang was pondering something, but said on the surface, “That’s right! That’s right! Not only is this child good-looking, she’s sensible and polite. What teacher wouldn’t like her?”

Chen Jin didn’t expect Counselor Zhang to really answer him. It could be seen that he was indeed very pleased with and liked the young lady in front of him. She was good-looking, with a fair and delicate face. Both men and women liked beautiful things.

Not to mention, Chen Jin was a talented art teacher and had always liked things that were unique or beautiful.

So, Chen Jin really had a good impression of Chi Shuyan. He took a few more looks at her and chuckled. “That’s right, Old Zhang, when will you lend your student to me as a model for the students I teach? There will definitely be benefits!”

Counselor Zhang was about to reply, but the elegant male teacher looked at the time and spoke first. “Okay, I still have something on, so I won’t disturb the two of you. I’ll leave first! You can consider my suggestion!” He took a few more looks at Chi Shuyan and said with a smile, “You too, young lady; if you’re interested, you can look for me!”

With that, he walked toward the office door.

At that moment, Chi Shuyan’s eyes were fixed on the very elegant and gentle male teacher. She had only taken a few glances at him at first, but she then saw a large expanse of black cadaveric qi on his forehead. It covered his face, scattering and gathering by turns. More and more of the thick black cadaveric qi covered his face as he walked to the door.

This wasn’t a good sign.

Chi Shuyan was originally in a poor mood, but at that moment, she couldn’t care less about it. She frowned as she stared at the male teacher’s departing back.

Seeing Shuyan staring at Chen Jin, Teacher Zhang’s face didn’t look good; he thought that this child had heard some gossip about Chen Jin in school.

Speaking of which, there was really nothing to say about Chen Jin’s character. He had a good character and was talented. His only flaw was his sexual orientation. Right, there was also the fact that he met a bad person.

Chen Jin originally had a good reputation in school. He was talented, gentle and very low-key, until something happened. A woman suddenly rushed to the university and accused Chen Jin of seducing her husband.

Chen Jin’s sexual orientation was also spread all over the school. At that time, Chen Jin was almost directly dismissed because of this matter. However, the principal was a sensible person. He knew that Chen Jin was talented and responsible, and was a very good teacher. The principal cherished talent and blocked all public opinion after this incident to keep Chen Jin in the university.

Later on, although this matter faded, there were still many rumors about Chen Jin in school. Many students and parents still had objections to Chen Jin. After all, although this was a modern society, they still couldn’t accept homosexuality.

So, Counselor Zhang thought that Shuyan had also heard the rumors about Chen Jin, and so didn’t have a good impression of him.

To be honest, when this matter first broke out, he didn’t have a good impression of Chen Jin. He couldn’t accept that men liked men. He didn’t understand how some men could be born not to like women, and just liked men.

Later, he learned some of the truth and knew that Chen Jin hadn’t seduced that woman’s husband at all, but that the man had grown up with Chen Jin. Later on, the two of them got together.

Both of them didn’t have good families. The man relied on Chen Jin working day and night to pay for his studies. Who would have thought that after graduating, he would switch to women and marry one while deliberately lying to Chen Jin at the same time?

At that time, Counselor Zhang saw how miserable Chen Jin was, so he could just barely accept the fact now. The main point was that whether or not the other party liked men or women, it was none of an outsider’s business.

Everyone understood this logic, but very few people truly accepted it. At that moment, Counselor Zhang coughed a few times and said in a low voice, “Shuyan, this Teacher Chen is a good person. We can’t judge him based on other things!”

Chi Shuyan: …

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