Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1176 - Poor Character  

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Chapter 1176: Poor Character

As soon as the girl finished speaking, Jiang Tongle and the others all looked gloatingly at Chi Shuyan. Yao Zhao and the others looked at Jiang Tongle’s gloating expression and realized that she had probably gotten the matter reported to the teacher. At that moment, Yao Zhao and the others really felt that Jiang Tongle had gone too far.

He also felt that this Junior Sister Chi Shuyan really wasn’t smart. It was one thing to be a scammer, but why do it in front of so many people?

For a moment, Yao Zhao really sympathized with this junior sister. She had brought this on herself.

Ji Mingshu’s face changed drastically, and she subconsciously grabbed Chi Shuyan’s arm.

Chi Shuyan’s face changed. She nodded at the girl and said, “Okay, I’ll go over now!”

Chi Shuyan had only taken a few steps when Su Yu suddenly blocked her and said, “60,000, right? I’ve already transferred it to your Alipay account! Check it!”

With that, Su Yu turned around and left. Chi Shuyan smiled and stopped him. She handed him the two talismans from before. “Okay, these talismans are yours now!”

Su Yu was about to refuse, but Chi Shuyan didn’t give him time to react and got out of the bus.

Jiang Tongle couldn’t make it any clearer that Chi Shuyan was a swindler, yet Su Yu had still transferred money to her to buy those lousy talismans. Wasn’t that a slap in the face?

Jiang Tongle stared at Chi Shuyan’s back, her face switching between green and purple. Her face was unsightly as she called out to Su Yu. “Young Master Su!”


Su Yu ignored Jiang Tongle and got off the bus, followed by Yao Zhao and the others.

“Mingshu, let’s get out too!” Yu Bo said.

Ji Mingshu looked at Su Yu’s departing back and hurriedly got off the bus. However, when she thought about how Shuyan’s matter had been found out by the teacher, Ji Mingshu was really a little worried. She said in a low voice, “Yu Bo, why don’t you go with me to the teacher and help Shuyan explain things? Jiang Tongle is too much!”

In any case, she had a very good impression of Shuyan. She felt that this was what her grandfather used to call ‘affinity.’ This was the first time she wanted to make friends so much.

Yu Bo naturally did whatever Mingshu said.

When they got off the bus, Ji Mingshu looked up and saw Teacher Cai reprimanding Shuyan on the side. In short, Teacher Cai’s face was very unsightly and her eyebrows were furrowed with anger, which worried Ji Mingshu.

In fact, it wasn’t just Ji Mingshu who was worried. Yao Zhao and the others also felt that this junior sister was too tragic and pitiful. Looking into the distance, they knew how badly Teacher Cai was scolding her.

Among the teachers, this young Teacher Cai had the worst temper. Teacher Chen, on the other hand, had a very gentle temper. Teacher Yu was occasionally serious, but was usually good.

Huang Shanming couldn’t help but say, “Tsk, tsk, this junior sister is really quite pitiful!”

Meng Ping and Yao Zhao also nodded in agreement.

Meng Ping thought of something and suddenly said, “By the way, Ah Yu, did you give this junior sister 60,000 yuan just now because you pitied her?”

Su Yu didn’t deny it. In fact, that was indeed the reason he had transferred the money. He stared at the two yellow paper talismans silently.

Yao Zhao, Meng Ping and Huang Shanming followed Su Yu’s gaze and looked at the yellow paper talismans in his hand. At the thought that these two slips had been bought for 60,000 yuan, they looked at each other in dismay. Yao Zhao gritted his teeth and said, “Actually, this junior sister is really a godly person. She’s too good at ‘doing business.’ If you really lacked money, however, wouldn’t you be low-key and do this kind of business in secret? She just had to do this out in the open. What do you think is wrong with her head? Also, Jiang Tongle already exposed her. I’m really impressed by her composure!”

As Yao Zhao spoke, he looked up at the junior sister, who was being scolded in the distance. Seeing that her expression was still very calm, he didn’t know what to say for a moment. Could he say that this junior sister was too thick-skinned?

Meng Ping couldn’t help but look at Teacher Cai and say, “Ah Yu, I think your 60,000 yuan just now might have actually helped. Teacher Cai won’t make that junior sister return the money to you later, right? That would be even more embarrassing!”

Seeing that Su Yu didn’t move, Meng Ping couldn’t help but say, “Okay, I won’t say much. It’s this junior sister’s fault for not being honest when earning money. She specializes in scamming people. Getting taught a lesson will also teach her a lesson. By the way, Ah Yu, these two lousy pieces of paper are useless anyway. Why don’t you give me one to fold into a paper airplane?”

Su Yu directly said that if Meng Ping transferred 30,000 yuan to him, he would give him one talisman.


Meng Ping hurriedly waved his hand. “No, no, I don’t want it anymore! I don’t want it anymore! This lousy paper is too expensive! I’ve been short of money recently and can’t afford this lousy paper!”

When Huang Shanming saw Teacher Yu looking at them, he immediately said to the others, “Okay, let’s not talk nonsense. Old Yu is looking in this direction. Everyone, hurry up and get drawing!”

Just as Huang Shanming, Meng Ping and the others took out their easels, Cai Xuanqiao brought Chi Shuyan over and shouted at Su Yu. “Su Yu, come here!”

Chen Jin had just found out about Chi Shuyan because Ji Mingshu had gone to look for him. After all, he had specially brought this student along. He hurriedly walked over and was about to plead with Cai Xuanqiao.

Unfortunately, Cai Xuanqiao didn’t give Chen Jin any face at all because of some personal grudge. She kept saying that Chi Shuyan was extorting money from the students. When Su Yu walked over, Cai Xuanqiao snorted coldly and said to Chen Jin, “Teacher Chen, I really didn’t expect you to bring such a problematic student with you. Not only is she extorting money from the other students, she also talks back to the teacher. I don’t dare teach such a rotten student, but I have to tell the school about her poor character!”

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