Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1247 - Conflict In the Qi Family

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Chapter 1247: Conflict In the Qi Family

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Time passed quickly in the milk tea shop. It was getting late, and Ji Mingshu and Zhen Yu still had to go back to the dormitory, so they left first.

Before she left, Ji Mingshu was still starry-eyed over Qi Zhenbai’s looks. Chi Shuyan was helpless, and in the end, Zhen Yu dragged Ji Mingshu away.

After the two left, Chi Shuyan looked at the time and prepared to go back to the villa.

Qi Zhenbai wanted to stay with his wife a while longer. When his wife opened the door of the milk tea shop, Qi Zhenbai followed her out with the rest of her milk tea.

He usually didn’t have the slightest interest in sweet things, but when he thought about how this was the leftover of the milk tea that his wife had been drinking, Qi Zhenbai didn’t mind. He took a sip through the straw and still felt that the taste was too sweet. He frowned and pursed his thin lips tightly, not liking it.

Chi Shuyan was about to part ways with the man, and turned around to say something, when she saw him frown as he took a few sips of her leftover milk tea.

Chi Shuyan: …

As for why she could recognize at a glance that this cup of milk tea was hers, it was because the man hadn’t ordered anything at all just now. He sat on the side and quietly listened to her talk to her two friends.

She frowned at the man in front of her, who obviously didn’t like sweet things, yet finished the rest of the milk tea in a few seconds. Her heart felt stuffy.

She stopped, and so did the man. The man’s aura was powerful and his expression was cold under the light, which was at complete odds with the milk tea he was holding.

Qi Zhenbai felt his wife’s gaze on his face, and his thin lips couldn’t help but curl up. “Wife, are we going home?”

Because of the man’s initiative to curry favor and his gentleness tonight, Chi Shuyan’s feelings were complicated. However, she had never changed her mind easily. Besides, some things had changed when the man said the word “breakup.”

She couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened and continue being with the man in front of her.

She could be afraid of small things, but not big things. This was her principle.

Faced with the man’s gentle face, Chi Shuyan felt that some things couldn’t be delayed any longer and had to be settled quickly. She thought for a moment and said, “I’ll go back to the villa tonight. Don’t look for me for the next two days. We’ll meet again in two days. I have something to tell you then!”


When Qi Zhenbai heard the first half of her words, his face clearly darkened. When he heard the latter half, his gloomy face regained some gentleness. He didn’t think for long before he agreed. “I’ll send you back!”

Chi Shuyan felt that the reason why this man agreed so easily was probably because they were getting along too well tonight. She didn’t want him to think too much of it, so she didn’t let him send her back. Instead, she took advantage of the moment when he wasn’t paying attention to hail a taxi.

Chi Shuyan suddenly took a taxi and refused him. Qi Zhenbai was very surprised. When his wife got into the taxi, his face was unprecedentedly unsightly and he didn’t even react.

Chi Shuyan got into the taxi. Before she left, she rolled down the window and said to the man outside, “I’m leaving first!”

The taxi then left. Chi Shuyan didn’t look at the man’s face again, but when she thought of his gloomy expression just now, she felt that it probably wouldn’t look good right now.

After all, in Qi Zhenbai’s eyes, some of what happened tonight was probably a sign that she wanted to reconcile with him. However, she really didn’t think that way, nor did she have the heart to do so.

Chi Shuyan gave the driver the address. Her phone rang soon after. Chi Shuyan didn’t have to think about who it was.

She took out her phone and glanced at the caller ID. When she saw Qi Zhenbai’s name, she stuffed the phone back into her pocket.

It was just that when she didn’t answer, the man kept calling, and her phone never stopped ringing.

Chi Shuyan could only hurry to mute it before she sent a message to the other party, saying that they would talk in two days.

After she sent the message, the man didn’t call again. Chi Shuyan heaved a sigh of relief. The reason she had put up with the man tonight was partly because she was afraid of agitating him, but also because she remembered that the Qi family had treated her too well.

Grandpa Qi, Father Qi, and Mother Qi had been sincerely good to her. Even if the word “breakup” which Qi Zhenbai spat out and his coldness from before chilled her heart, she didn’t want to make things too ugly between them. Instead, she wanted to break up peacefully.

Chi Shuyan’s head hurt from thinking too much, but she quickly composed herself and looked out the window calmly.

On the other side, Qi Zhenbai, who was sitting in the back of the car, was unusually gloomy. After a while, the man’s deep voice rang out. “Turn around and go back to the Qi family residence!”

The driver only dared to sneak a glance at Young Master Qi in the rearview mirror. He didn’t dare say a word, and immediately drove back to the Qi family residence.

At that moment, the main living room of the Qi family residence was crowded, but because of Fourth Brother Qi and his wife, the atmosphere was very stiff.

Seeing that the old man didn’t respond, Fourth Brother Qi couldn’t help but say, “Dad, no matter what, that Miss Zhuang is Zhenbai’s fiancée. Our Qi family has to give her some face. Otherwise, it’ll be so embarrassing! Besides, Dad, even if you don’t give her face, you have to give my deceased mother some face.”

When Fourth Brother Qi said this earnestly, the old man’s cold gaze swept over him, and Fourth Brother Qi felt a little guilty. However, he felt that they were in the right, so Fourth Brother Qi was more confident than usual.

His wife also felt that they were in the right, and continued to persuade earnestly. “That’s right, Dad, you haven’t seen Miss Zhuang for yourself. She’s very beautiful and has a good personality. She’s simply a match made in heaven for our Zhenbai.”

After listening to Fourth Brother Qi and his wife, everyone in the living room frowned, especially Father and Mother Qi.

Although Father Qi didn’t agree with his fourth brother, he couldn’t say anything because it involved his mother.

Mother Qi acknowledged only Shuyan as her granddaughter-in-law. The most important thing was that her son liked her, not just because of some arrangement made by Old Madam Qi. Nevertheless, even if Shuyan didn’t exist, Mother Qi wasn’t prepared to agree.

Of course, if Zhenbai liked the match, she might agree. If he didn’t like it, she would never agree, not even if it was a match that had really been arranged by the old madam.

The living room was very quiet. Only Fourth Brother Qi and his wife were speaking earnestly. Mother Qi was about to say something.

The old man suddenly snorted. “Shut up!”

The hearts of Fourth Brother Qi and his wife jumped. They subconsciously looked at the old man and hurriedly called out, “Dad!”

At that moment, Mother Qi finally couldn’t help but say, “Dad, I thank Fourth Brother and Fourth Sister-in-law for thinking so much of Zhenbai. However, Zhenbai already has a wife; how can he get engaged to another girl? Moreover, this isn’t like the olden days.

The old madam only gave a verbal agreement back then, so it can’t be considered official. Maybe she was just joking back then, and only Fourth Brother and Fourth Sister-in-law took it seriously. If Zhenbai didn’t have a wife, I might have considered it, but now that he has found one, why is Fourth Brother and Fourth Sister-in-law bringing this up? If Zhenbai abandons Shuyan and marries another woman, I’ll be the first to not allow it as his mother. Dad, our Qi family can’t do such an unkind thing!”

Mother Qi’s words were filled with protectiveness for her daughter-in-law.

Fourth Brother Qi and Fourth Sister-in-law Qi didn’t expect Mother Qi to speak up for a little girl with no background. What was so good about that little girl?

She was protecting that half-grown girl more fiercely than her own son!

For a moment, Fourth Brother Qi and Fourth Sister-in-law Qi couldn’t react to Mother Qi’s words. They felt that she was too stupid!

Fourth Aunt was still indignant and wanted to talk about Zhuang Yanru’s background, but Mother Qi interrupted her bluntly. “No matter how good Miss Zhuang’s background is, can it compare with our Qi family’s? Zhenbai doesn’t need to be forced into a marriage alliance. Besides, I only care if my son likes the other party or not. As for other superficial things, I don’t care.”

Fourth Brother Qi and Fourth Sister-in-law Qi were really stunned when they heard this. However, they just felt that Mother Qi was deliberately putting on a show in front of the old man, and they snorted inwardly. The two naturally didn’t know that Mother Qi truly didn’t care about something as shallow as family background at all. She only cared if her son liked the other party or not. Besides, she really liked Shuyan.

A sincere person could feel sincerity in return. Mother Qi was well aware of how her daughter-in-law regarded her.

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