Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1252 - Feng Yuancen's Public Confession

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Chapter 1252: Feng Yuancen’s Public Confession

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Chi Shuyan’s mind was completely blank at that moment. She didn’t hear a word of whatever the man said to her next.

Feng Yuancen came into the cafe and found her not long after. He stood in front of her with a huge pile of roses and confessed to her. Chi Shuyan was even more stupefied and couldn’t think of anything. The only thing that was clear was Feng Yuancen’s face, which resembled Brother Feng’s, and the fiery red roses he was holding.

Chi Shuyan’s mouth opened and closed, but it was as if something was blocking her throat, and she couldn’t utter a word. In fact, when she looked at Feng Yuancen’s expression as he feigned infatuation, she only wanted to vomit blood. Did he not hear a single thing the last time?

What happened to Brother Feng as a deterrent?

She thought that she had completely dealt with this kid; she didn’t expect him to appear again a few days later, and right when she was trying to make things clear with Qi Zhenbai. He even brought along a huge bunch of roses for his confession.

At the thought of the banner or whatever which Zhen Yu said was hanging up at the university, Chi Shuyan’s vision turned black and her expression was indescribable.

She gripped the edge of the table and focused on Feng Yuancen’s mouth, which didn’t stop moving. She itched to stitch this kid’s mouth shut and kick him out, and make him fix the matter outside.

She didn’t want to get involved with this pest at all.

Feng Yuancen had long seen the back of the tall man sitting with Chi Shuyan, but he thought nothing of it at all, even after his cousin had taught him a lesson previously.

In the last few days, Feng Yuancen had thought it through and then realized that the woman he had taken a fancy to recently wasn’t his cousin-in-law at all. She had a good relationship with his cousin, but there definitely wasn’t anything ambiguous about it. He confirmed this with his cousin.

But while his cousin had nothing to do with Shuyan, his cousin still didn’t allow him to woo her.

When Feng Yuanlin warned his cousin, he forgot about a man’s inferiority complex.

As a man, Feng Yuancen naturally had an inferiority complex. Moreover, he was conceited and used to being swarmed by women. The more his cousin warned him, the more indignant and contrary he felt.

In addition, he had encountered so many women, but had never met a woman who didn’t care about him at all.

Compared with the women who wanted to pounce on him whenever they saw him, Feng Yuancen felt that Chi Shuyan simply had a magical power which drew him.

As long as she wasn’t his cousin’s girlfriend, everything else was fine.

He could naturally woo her.

Chi Shuyan didn’t know what Feng Yuancen was thinking. If she did, she would probably vomit blood in anger.

Feng Yuancen confessed for a long time, but the woman in front of him was still staring blankly at him. Feng Yuancen felt that this was probably a big surprise for her. She couldn’t accept it for a moment, and had to slowly digest it.

Given his outstanding background and the clamor of the people around them, Feng Yuancen was very confident. He couldn’t be bothered to look at the man who was sitting motionless with his back to him and hadn’t even spoken; it could even be said that he was disdainful of this person.

From what Yang Lan had said earlier, Feng Yuancen knew that the man sitting with his back to him was Shuyan’s boyfriend.

Feng Yuancen wasn’t in a hurry. He had already confessed to Shuyan, while the other man hadn’t even dared to say a word. He had seen too many of these ‘cowards.’ After today, the man would be Shuyan’s ex-boyfriend. As for her new boyfriend, of course, that would be Feng Yuancen.

The more Feng Yuancen thought about it, the more beautiful his thoughts became. He continued affectionately, “Shuyan, I prepared everything today for you to like me. I’ve been thinking a lot these days, and I realize that I still can’t forget you. I know you’re worried about my cousin, but don’t worry. My cousin said that there’s nothing between the two of you, and I believe him. If we really fall in love, it definitely wouldn’t be incestuous!”

In order to get the woman in front of him to agree, Feng Yuancen simply lied through his teeth. “By the way, I also talked to my brother in particular about you lately. I think he can feel how sincere I am toward you, and he won’t stop us now. Shuyan, I like you. Give me a chance to take care of you for the rest of my life, okay…?”

Before Feng Yuancen could finish speaking, there was a loud bang in the noisy cafe, scaring everyone.

Chi Shuyan had been focused on Feng Yuancen just now and hadn’t paid attention to the man in front of her at all. Hearing the loud noise, she immediately looked over and saw the expressionless man shatter his coffee cup with his right hand.

There was still a lot of coffee in the coffee cup, and some of it splashed on the man. The imposing man didn’t care at all, and his face didn’t change. However, when the fragments of the coffee cup pierced the man’s palm, it gradually dripped with bright red blood. The man’s expression didn’t change, but his eyes grew darker and he pursed his thin lips tightly. The hostility on his face increased, while the temperature around him dropped. A storm was brewing.

“Shuyan, I really like you. Give me a chance to take care of you!”

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