Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1253 - Qi Zhenbai Loses Control

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Chapter 1253: Qi Zhenbai Loses Control

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As soon as Feng Yuancen said that, Chi Shuyan opened her mouth subconsciously to reject him. In the blink of an eye, the tall man in front of her suddenly got up. Chi Shuyan was still a bit stupefied. She didn’t know whether to pay attention to the man’s bleeding hand or to Feng Yuancen, who was confessing to her, or be bewildered by what the man was going to do.

After the man got up, he approached Feng Yuancen unhurriedly. Chi Shuyan’s right eyelid twitched violently, and she subconsciously felt a little uneasy. She was about to get up and turn Feng Yuancen down.

When no one was paying attention, the man suddenly attacked without saying a word. He raised his foot and kicked Feng Yuancen in the ribs and abdomen.

The man was ruthless and the kick sent Feng Yuancen flying several meters. Not only did he smash through a lot of tables, he also smashed into the counter. In addition to Feng Yuancen’s tragic wail, like the sound of a pig being slaughtered, the originally lively cafe was filled with screams.

Feng Yuancen hit the counter and fell to the floor. He spat out a mouthful of blood and rolled around in pain for a long time. He couldn’t get up at all and kept howling.

Chi Shuyan was so scared by this scene that she gaped in stupefaction.

For a moment, the screams in the cafe didn’t stop.

Chi Shuyan quickly came back to her senses. The tall man in front of her didn’t stop, but strode over to Feng Yuancen and raised his foot to kick the kid in the chest again.

If this kick landed, Feng Yuancen would definitely be crippled even if he didn’t die. Chi Shuyan was so scared that she immediately shook. She hurriedly came back to her senses and practically teleported to Qi Zhenbai’s side. She wanted to pull him away, but the man was too strong, so she could only wrap her arms around his waist from behind and shout anxiously, “Stop, this kid is Brother Feng’s younger cousin! Qi Zhenbai, don’t… don’t kick him. He’s Brother Feng’s cousin!” She practically had to yell the last sentence.

The man’s ruthless face and right foot froze.

The man’s back was to her. Although Chi Shuyan didn’t know what his expression looked like, she could feel him relax slightly. She hugged the man’s waist tightly and explained in a shaky voice, “He’s really Brother Feng’s cousin. This brat is just messing with me. Don’t kick him! Don’t kick him!”

Chi Shuyan panted and hurriedly repeated herself. If Feng Yuancen really died here tonight, how would she explain it to Brother Feng?

Feng Yuancen was an expert at picking up girls, but he was ultimately a flower in a greenhouse. He cried like a baby, but when he did so, his stomach hurt terribly.

Feng Yuancen was in so much pain that he felt on the verge of death. When he raised his eyes, he saw the man’s hideous and terrifying expression. When he met that pair of red eyes, which were utterly cold and filled with murderous intent, Feng Yuancen was so scared that he fainted before he could take another breath.

Chi Shuyan was frightened when the kid passed out. She was afraid that something had really happened to him. Fortunately, even though the people in the cafe were screaming, someone had still been calm enough to call for an ambulance.

Chi Shuyan didn’t have to wait long before the ambulance arrived.

After following Feng Yuancen in the ambulance to the hospital, Chi Shuyan sat outside in the hospital corridor. She felt stupefied and her mind was blank. She never thought that the ‘breakup appointment’ she had arranged would turn into a fight scene.

Chi Shuyan shuddered violently at the thought of how Qi Zhenbai had almost kicked Feng Yuancen to death.

Chi Shuyan hadn’t sat for long before she heard steady footsteps. She looked up and saw the tall, expressionless man walking over from not far away.

Chi Shuyan thought of how anxious she had felt all the way here, while the man in front of her was unusually and frighteningly calm. She had a bellyful of things she wanted to say to him, but now that he was in front of her, she couldn’t think of what to say.

As for condemning him, forget it.

The truth was that she was the cause of this matter. However, she never thought that the usually calm and rational man would actually lose control in front of her. He even lost control to the point of ruthlessly wanting to kill someone.

Thinking this, she didn’t want to say a word to the man. She could only sigh at how unlucky Feng Yuancen was.

Nevertheless, she thought that after this experience, this kid would definitely look at her the way a mouse looked at a cat.

Because her heart and mind were in a mess, Chi Shuyan didn’t want to talk to the man in front of her, so she remained silent. The tall man didn’t say a word from beginning to end.

The atmosphere between the two was very awkward and strangely quiet.

Then, she saw the man, who had never smoked in front of her, take out a cigarette and lean against the wall to light it. He took a deep breath and said, “You don’t have to worry about this matter! Also, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear about breaking up tonight.”

Chi Shuyan was about to speak, when the man suddenly turned around and left, not giving her a chance to speak at all.

“Did you let Brother Feng know?” What she was most concerned about now was Feng Yuancen’s injuries and whether or not Brother Feng was coming; the breakup was secondary.

“Mm!” The man didn’t say much, and just hummed lightly in his magnetic voice as he continued moving.

Chi Shuyan watched the man’s back move further and further away, and her head hurt more and more.

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