Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1368 - Forced

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Chapter 1368: Forced

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Chi Shuyan’s words made Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun feel that she couldn’t be any more honest. They were excited and immediately gave Director Wang, Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong meaningful looks, telling them to hurry up and buy talismans. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were afraid that Master Chi didn’t have enough talismans on her, they would have bought more themselves.

But Director Wang, Yan Zhengming and the others saw things differently. At the thought of how Song Yanru had bought these lousy talismans for 2 million just now, and at a sky-high price of 100,000 yuan for each talisman, they were so shocked that their vision turned black. They looked at the young lady in front of them in disbelief, then at Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun, who were encouraging them to buy talismans. Their expressions were indescribable.

After all, money didn’t come out of thin air.

Director Wang usually put in a lot of effort to film a movie, but it was very difficult for him to make millions in profit, and he would sometimes also make losses. On the other hand, the young lady in front of him was so unscrupulous in making money.

She dared to ask for 2 million for less than 20 lousy pieces of paper?


Yan Zhengming and the others didn’t say anything, but like Director Wang, they didn’t want to buy talismans at all!

Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun didn’t see Director Wang and the others’ dark faces, and urged anxiously, “Buy as many as you can. We don’t lack money!”

Director Wang, Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong were speechless. What kind of magic potion did this little girl give Shenglin and Yang Kun?

Chi Shuyan took in their expressions. She really wasn’t lying when she said that she didn’t want to force them to buy the talismans. Since the other party didn’t want to buy them, she didn’t ask them to. She still had other things to do, so she couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on them. She said to Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin, “Since the others don’t want to buy them, forget it…”

Before Chi Shuyan could finish speaking, Yang Kun hurriedly took the initiative to say firmly on behalf of Director Wang and his friends, “Buy, buy, buy… Master Chi, the others want to buy them, they really do. I’ll help them pay first.”

Ruan Shenglin was especially quick to act. He immediately transferred eight million yuan to Chi Shuyan decisively, completely cutting off the escape route!

‘ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ No(ve) l Bi n’,

Director Wang, Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong, who had just relaxed, were speechless. They didn’t want to buy the talismans, nor did they want them!

In the end, under Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin’s forceful intervention, Chi Shuyan sold almost all the talismans she had, leaving only a few Exorcism Talismans on her.

Before they left, Chi Shuyan specially told them to stick an Exorcism Talisman on the Buddha statue which they had invited in, and then lock it up somewhere and not take it out again. Burying it was fine, or they could just give it to her to deal with it, as long as the villagers didn’t find out.

Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin had solemn expressions when they listened to Master Chi. On the other hand, Director Wang, Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong looked at Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin from time to time, then at Chi Shuyan. Their expressions were strange and indescribable.

When they went out, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong exchanged dismayed looks before they spoke in low voices. Director Wang, as the senior, couldn’t help but use science to reprimand Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin, and itched to berate them harshly.

You’re so young but still believe in these things. What have you been studying all these years?

Director Wang was worried that the two of them had been drugged. It was either that or the two people standing in front of him were fake. In the end, he confirmed that their minds were indeed clear, but when it came to that young lady, their thinking was a bit muddled.

Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin silently endured Director Wang’s scolding. They also knew that no matter what they said now, Director Wang might not believe them. Before he left, the two of them forced Director Wang to take the Exorcism Talismans, Exploding Talismans, Guiding Lightning Talismans and one Safety Talisman.

Ruan Shenglin directly said that he was giving these talismans to Director Wang, and that the latter didn’t need to pay him a single cent.

Whether Director Wang was willing or not, he just stuffed the talismans into his pocket.

Director Wang became furious once more. It wasn’t like he was greedy for Ruan Shenglin’s two million, but when he thought about how this kid had wasted this money on lousy paper, Director Wang felt annoyed. How could he bear to accept these talismans from Ruan Shenglin for no reason? In the end, he gritted his teeth and transferred two million to the kid in front of him.

No one would be happy about losing two million yuan for no reason, and Director Wang was generally a penny-pincher to begin with. His face flushed red with anger. Before he left, he gritted his teeth and said, “You two brats don’t have to call me if something like this happens in the future. If you call me again, I won’t come.” He patted Ruan Shenglin and told him to focus on filming and not to take leave casually or think of rubbish all day long.

He immediately left after that. As he did so, he took out some of the yellow paper talismans from his pocket. Were these all worth 2 million?

As soon as he saw the talismans, Director Wang wanted to cry without tears. He didn’t blame the two of them for wasting money. In Director Wang’s opinion, the two of them had been brainwashed. He made up his mind to watch them while they were filming in the future and not let these two silly boys fall for a scam like this again.

Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong watched in a daze as Yang Kun and Shenglin forced talismans on Director Wang. Seeing Director Wang leave, they hurriedly ran.

The three of them were quickly stopped by Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin.

“Manager Yang, Film Emperor Ruan?” Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong were juniors and had always respected them, especially Film Emperor Ruan Shenglin. They usually couldn’t wait for an opportunity to get some pointers from the other party, but the two of them now had bitter faces as talismans were forced into their hands. They wished they could just say out loud that they didn’t want these talismans. In the end, however, Film Emperor Ruan and Manager Yang had spent two million. The two of them gritted their teeth, obediently accepted the talismans, and were about to transfer the money to Film Emperor Ruan.

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Ruan Shenglin said indifferently, “You two don’t have to transfer the money. Take it as a gift from me!”

Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong felt even more bitter. When did Film Emperor Ruan get into the habit of giving out talismans? They didn’t believe in these things, but Film Emperor Ruan actually believed in them. The two of them were simply incredulous.

After the two obediently took the talismans and put them in their pockets, Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin repeatedly stressed not to throw them away. Seeing that they obediently agreed, they let the two leave first.

In the end, only Manager Yan Zhengming was left. He didn’t know what expression to use to speak to the two of them.

Yang Kun and Yan Zhengming were especially close. Yang Kun gave Ruan Shenglin a look, and Ruan Shenglin immediately understood. “Okay, Brother Kun, Brother Yan, I’ll go see my wife first!”

As soon as Ruan Shenglin left, Yang Kun immediately put his hand on Yan Zhengming’s arm, took out the rest of the talismans, and stuffed them into Yan Zhengming’s hand.

To be honest, Yang Kun was a little more selfish when it came to Yan Zhengming, so he specially gave him more talismans. After all, they had known each other for decades and had grown up together.

Not only were the two of them from the same village back then, they had similar family backgrounds. They came from single-parent households and had been especially poor. Yan Zhengming was a little more unlucky – not long after, he got a vicious stepmother who abused him a lot when he was young.

It was also because of the abuse he suffered in his childhood that he developed a cold temperament on the surface, but in fact, was especially soft and sensitive. Later, the two of them discussed leaving the village together to make a living, and had pulled each other along as they obtained success.

To be honest, they were closer than brothers. Yang Kun’s own blood brother might not even be more important than Yan Zhengming, so how could he not be biased?

If it wasn’t for the fact that Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong were under Yan Zhengming and had good characters, he really wouldn’t be inclined to meddle.

Yan Zhengming didn’t speak or answer as he stared at him. “What on earth is going on?”

Yang Kun didn’t care and stuffed the talismans into his pocket. He stressed again, “Zhengming, you really can’t throw these things away. They can save your life. Don’t doubt me. Have I ever lied to you or harmed you before?”

Yan Zhengming wasn’t as indifferent as earlier. His pupils contracted slightly, and he took out a yellow paper talisman from his pocket. He stared at it with wide eyes, but didn’t see anything strange about it. It was really unconvincing.

If it were anyone else, Yang Kun really wouldn’t have the patience or time to talk about supernatural things with them – 80 to 90% of the time, a normal person wouldn’t believe you, and would be suspicious rather than grateful.

Yang Kun thought for a moment, took a deep breath, and didn’t hide it anymore. He gritted his teeth and told Yan Zhengming about what happened to Shenglin and Xu Tong, the Buddha pendant, and the strange, supernatural thing which he had experienced last night. Yang Kun spoke very seriously and solemnly. Even if Yan Zhengming didn’t want to believe it, he couldn’t really dismiss it.

In particular, when he saw how solemn and serious Yang Kun’s expression was, which was rare, his heart inexplicably thumped. As if a hole had suddenly opened in his chest, a cold wind blew through him and he felt cold all over. His teeth chattered in shock and confusion as he asked seriously, “Kun’er, are you serious?”

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