Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1404 - Scream

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Chapter 1404: Scream

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After Du Lan and Director Wang got out of the van, it fell silent once more. Fortunately, Master Chi’s car had stopped in front of them. No matter how panicked Yang Kun and Ruan Shenglin were, they were still a little at ease, so their faces were still calm. As for Ke Mingmei, the two of them looked at her thoughtfully for a while. Before she could tense up, they looked away and didn’t look at her again.

The two looked at each other. Even if Director Wang really wanted to return to the village, the two of them were determined not to. As for other people, the two couldn’t interfere, but when it came to their friends, they planned to firmly persuade them not to return.

Ruan Shenglin immediately wanted to call Song Yanru to let her know. As for Yang Kun, seeing that Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong were about to get out of the van, he immediately jumped into the passenger seat and locked the doors.

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Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong: …

Yang Kun was worried about Yan Zhengming driving, so he directly switched places with him and said, “I’ll drive! I’ll drive over to Master Chi’s car to take a look first!”

With that, Yang Kun started the engine and was about to approach the car in front.

When Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong saw that Film Emperor Ruan and Brother Yang were serious and were really going to quit Director Wang’s movie and leave the village, their eyes widened and almost rolled out of their sockets. Yan Zhengming couldn’t calm down anymore, and he stuttered, “No… no, Kun’er, you and Shenglin… no… you’re not serious, are you? Are you really planning to quit? Don’t scare me, Kun’er!”

Seeing that the two of them were serious and were even urging him to listen to Master Chi, Yan Zhengming simply wanted to cry. What kind of potion did that young lady feed Shenglin and Kun’er?

Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong also had their own selfish motives. The two of them couldn’t bear to part with resources as good as Director Wang. Now that they knew that the earthquake had been fabricated by the young lady, they didn’t want to leave the village, and wanted to follow Director Wang back.

But at the same time, the two sincerely hoped that Film Emperor Ruan could stay. If he really quit, it would be too much of a pity. They itched to persuade him. However, the two of them were juniors, so they didn’t dare say much. They could only rely on Brother Yan to persuade them to return to the village.

Ruan Shenglin was busy on the phone with Song Yanru and didn’t have time to talk to Yan Zhengming. Yang Kun had just started the engine, but unfortunately, Yan Zhengming immediately turned it off.

Seeing that the two of them were serious, Yan Zhengming was really anxious. “Kun’er, don’t, don’t, don’t be in a hurry to drive. I didn’t say anything just now. Now, let me say something. Although what Du Lan said wasn’t nice, there’s one thing that’s true: You were most likely really tricked. If you really back out of a movie by Director Wang, not only you, but Shenglin will definitely regret it in the future…”

Before he could finish speaking, they heard loud thumps in the distance. The sound in the middle of the night was too strange. Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong rolled down the windows curiously for a look, but they didn’t see anything.

Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun keenly sensed that something wasn’t right. They were about to roll up the windows, when Yang Kun received a call from Master Chi. Master Chi calmly instructed, “Lock the doors and windows immediately and drive the car over to me. Stay here and don’t move. Don’t get out of the car! Also, pass on my instructions and tell the others behind you to lock the doors and not get out!”

The call was short and abrupt. After giving the instructions, Master Chi immediately hung up. When Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun heard Master Chi’s instructions, their hearts inexplicably trembled. Sensing that something wasn’t right, Yang Kun’s hands trembled as he hurriedly got Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong to pull their heads back, then quickly rolled up the windows and locked the doors.

Yang Kun had just locked the doors when a tragic and despairing cry for help suddenly rang out behind the van. Soon, it turned into a blood-curdling scream. In the dark night, this scream simply made one’s hair stand on end, and they panicked. A chill seeped into their hearts.

Yan Zhengming, who was trying his best to persuade Yang Kun and the others to return to the village, immediately shut up. His expression changed slightly and he wanted to ask what was going on – the voice sounded a little familiar. Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong even hoped that it was a prank.

There was a sudden loud bang at the car window on Yan Zhengming’s side. Looking in the direction of the sound, Yan Zhengming, Song Chu and Cao Zhengsong saw an incomparably disgusting ‘creature’ with human heads all over its upper body and head, clutching Du Lan by the next from behind. At that moment, Du Lan’s beautiful face was twisted in pain as she was smashed up against the car window, her eyes filled with incomparable horror and fear. A lot of bright red blood dripped from her forehead and down most of her face to her neck. It was a ghastly sight.

Not only that, the disgusting ‘creature’ seemed to be in a very good mood. It stretched out its tongue and licked the blood on Du Lan’s neck as it grinned malevolently at them through the window. The way it looked at them was very terrifying.

Yan Zhengming and the others, who had always believed in materialism, had never seen such a disgusting thing or such a terrifying scene. They wanted to scream, but were choked by sheer terror before they could make a sound. They broke out in a cold sweat and sucked in cold breaths. Before they could catch their breaths, their vision turned black and they almost choked to death on the spot!

The cowardly Song Chu was so scared by the evil creature near the window that his eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun weren’t any better than the others. Although they had never doubted Master Chi’s words and believed that there was an evil creature in the village, they had never seen such a thing. This was the first time they had seen such a disgusting and terrifying creature. They were so scared that their bodies shook and they shrank back. They wanted to vomit, but didn’t dare.

Yang Kun was so scared this time that he almost pissed his pants. Fortunately, he still had some sense left. Thinking of Master Chi, his hands trembled as he dialed her number. He didn’t care if the call went through or not, and he immediately cried for help.

“He… lp! He… help, Master Chi!”

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