Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1405 - Cry for Help

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Chapter 1405: Cry for Help

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Yang Kun was so scared that he screamed and desperately looked for Master Chi for help. Yan Zhengming, who could be considered to have some guts, had already calmed down a little from the fright; even then, he didn’t stop cursing when he looked out the window. He cursed three times in a row. He looked completely panicked and his eyes rolled back. He looked like he wanted to faint, but didn’t dare to.

Ke Mingmei was a woman, and was even more timid. She hadn’t stopped screaming since earlier. She had barely woken up after fainting earlier from terror, and when she saw the disgusting monster pressing Du Lan’s pained face to the window, her eyes rolled back and she almost fainted again.

When she stared out the car window at Du Lan’s pained, wretched state as some creature held her down by the neck, Ke Mingmei shook all over and screamed hoarsely in fright. If she had gotten out of the car with Du Lan just now, she might also have ended up like that. At that thought, Ke Mingmei trembled and shrank back as she screamed for help.

At that moment, it wasn’t just Yang Kun’s car that was in chaos. The dozen or so vehicles behind him were also in a mess. The people in the cars further back were fine – they could only hear faint screams, and didn’t know what was going on.

The people in the cars closer to Yang Kun’s saw with their own eyes what was going on. They saw this disgusting monster tear a person apart before it grabbed Du Lan. Their eyes were filled with disbelief and doubt. They hurriedly locked the car doors and windows and screamed non-stop. “What the hell is that?”

“Where did this monster come from?”

“Help! Help!”

Cries for help rang out, and grew louder and louder.

Some people were too scared and hurriedly drove forward, ramming into Ruan Shenglin’s van and making the occupants dizzy.

Some accidentally drove their cars into a ditch and shouted for help.

Seeing the chaos behind them, no matter how scared Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun were, they had to force themselves to calm down.

Yang Kun didn’t call Master Chi, but called the film crew in the other cars right away and passed on instructions. He told everyone to calm down and to be careful when driving – they would only be courting death if they drove recklessly. He also said that the Master would save them and wouldn’t stand by and do nothing. Only then did the miserable wailing on the other end of the line calm down a little.

Apart from one or two cars that couldn’t help but run for their lives, the other cars obediently stopped and didn’t hit anything else.

Not long after, Ruan Shenglin received a call from Song Yanru. He could hear that her voice was very tense as she choked with sobs. She asked if they were okay, and then asked them what was going on.

Song Yanru was a junior in the entertainment industry, and this was the first time she had encountered such a thing. She was a woman to begin with, and the scene outside was too brutal. Fortunately, Director Wang had gotten into her car, so she wasn’t too afraid. However, her teeth didn’t stop chattering.

Ruan Shenglin was stunned when he heard Song Yanru mention on the phone that Director Wang was in her car. He quickly asked, “Yanru, is Director Wang in your car? Is he okay?”

Song Yan stuttered and replied shakily, “Yes! Director Wang is fine!” She looked at Director Wang, who was deathly white and looked like he was about to faint from fright, as she answered in a shaky voice.

She talked about Director Wang’s hair-raising experience earlier.

When Director Wang and Du Lan got out of the van earlier, they quickly walked over to Song Yanru’s car to convince her to return to the village.

Song Yanru still had some misgivings about returning to the village. Du Lan was quick to speak and didn’t hide anything. Soon, Song Yanru found out from Du Lan that the earthquake which Shenglin and Yang Kun had mentioned earlier had been a lie.

However, Song Yanru still trusted Ruan Shenglin and Yang Kun a lot and felt that the two of them couldn’t be tricked.

While Song Yanru was hesitating, Du Lan said a lot of bad things about the young lady, Chi Shuyan. Song Yanru had never liked Du Lan’s character very much. To put it nicely, she was really naive, but to put it bluntly, she was stupid. This kind of person was extremely easy to provoke and use. For example, in front of Qin Qing, Du Lan simply danced in the palm of the other woman’s hand – wherever Qin Qing pointed, Du Lan would lash out. Of course Song Yanru could see what was going on.

Moreover, Du Lan wasn’t restrained with her words. No matter how beautiful her face was, there was a deliberate meanness to it.

Moreover, Song Yanru had a good impression of the Chi girl whom Du Lan scoffed at.

Later, Song Yanru couldn’t be bothered with her, and only spoke to Director Wang. She told Director Wang and Du Lan to get into her car. Director Wang got into her car. Du Lan probably suddenly became unreasonable because of Song Yanru’s cold attitude; she didn’t get into her car, and said that she would get into Zhao Wei’s car, which was next to them.

Song Yanru didn’t like Du Lan to begin with, so she had no objections. After that, she saw that Du Lan and Zhao Wei weren’t in a hurry to get into the car as they flirted with each other next to it. She couldn’t stand it.

Almost as soon as Director Wang got into Song Yanru’s car and closed the door, something tragic happened.

A disgusting and ugly monster suddenly appeared. It first tore Zhao Wei apart, then suddenly grabbed Du Lan. Du Lan’s miserable screams rang out.

Song Yanru wasn’t exaggerating – that disgusting and ugly monster really tore Zhao Wei apart not far from her car. She and Director Wang almost went crazy with fright.

Song Yanru stayed in the car and watched from afar. Her mental fortitude wasn’t bad, even if it took her a long time to calm down a little. Director Wang, on the other hand, was hugely agitated.

As for why Director Wang was so agitated, Song Yanru guessed that it was probably because Du Lan had invited Director Wang to go with her to Zhao Wei’s car earlier, and Director Wang had agreed. If Song Yanru hadn’t said something to Director Wang at the last minute and stopped him, Director Wang probably would be dead by now. She didn’t know if it was because of this, but Director Wang was much more frightened than she was.

After succinctly explaining the matter, Song Yanru saw from afar that the monster was still gripping Du Lan by the neck and pressing her to the window of Shenglin’s van. At night, it was simply comparable with the most frightening special effects.

Song Yanru’s heart trembled with worry and horror. “Shenglin, are you okay? By the way, when will the Master you mentioned appear?”

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