Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1496 - 1496 Supreme-Grade Marrow Recovery Pill

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1496 Supreme-Grade Marrow Recovery Pill

Chi Shuyan was a bit stumped when she saw this message. She narrowed her eyes. Foresight?

She naturally believed in this because she was gifted in this area, but she never thought that there would be someone else with this talent. However, there were all sorts of strange things in the world, so she wasn’t surprised. Still, she didn’t know what differences there might be between this person’s foresight ability and hers. Chi Shuyan deliberated for a long time before she replied: Can you go into detail?

She sent the message and waited for a long time, but the other party had already gone offline and didn’t reply. Chi Shuyan could only wait to see if there would be a reply next time.

She was suddenly curious about the other party’s identity and this encounter.

Forget it, they would meet if fate willed it!

Only then did Chi Shuyan throw this matter to the back of her mind as she checked the goods in her Taobao shop. She realized that not only the Nourishment Pills, but the spirit tea and spirit rice were all sold out, as were the talismans. She felt that it was probably Ruan Shenglin and Director Wang’s bunch who had swept up all her talismans.

At the thought of them competing over her talismans, she couldn’t help but laugh. If they were in front of her, she would have suggested that instead of hoarding talismans, they should buy more spirit rice, spirit tea and Nourishment Pills. These things were good for the body and were worth buying. As for talismans, unless you really ran into trouble, it was really a waste of money to buy too many of them.

Having said that, she had really made a profit. Chi Shuyan made up her mind to help Director Wang take a good look at the feng shui if he asked her later.

After sorting out the things in her shop, Chi Shuyan got ready to refine the Marrow Recovery Pill. This time, however, she didn’t plan to use the pill cauldron from before. Instead, she planned to try using the pill cauldron which the Jing Auction House had given to her. She just hoped that this pill cauldron wouldn’t explode so easily.

Chi Shuyan took out the black pill cauldron from her Cosmos Ring and examined it carefully for a long while, but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. At first glance, however, she was very fond of this pill cauldron and hoped that it would be with her for a long time.

After preparing the pill cauldron, Chi Shuyan’s fingers immediately sparked with a white and golden flame, and she placed it under the pill cauldron. As her cultivation improved, the flames she produced also underwent a qualitative change, and gradually turned from white to slightly golden.

Then, she followed the normal procedure for refining pills and put the Fire Lingzhi inside. However, she only used half of the 1,000-year-old Fire Lingzhi and placed it in the pill cauldron to process.

It really wasn’t difficult for her to refine a level 3 medicinal pill now. This was her first time refining the Marrow Recovery Pill, but Chi Shuyan refined it easily. Not long after, she smelled the fragrance of the medicinal pill. Chi Shuyan knew that she was at the last step, which was condensing the pill. Generally speaking, this was the most important step, and what she was most worried about. She was afraid that the pill cauldron wouldn’t be able to withstand the force and would suddenly explode. If it did, her heart would really ache.

After all, the herb inside the pill cauldron wasn’t an ordinary 1,000-year-old herb, but a rare 1,000-year-old Fire Lingzhi. If the cauldron really exploded, she could only use the other half of the Fire Lingzhi she had saved to refine more Marrow Recovery Pills.

Chi Shuyan’s heart ached at the thought.

Afraid that the pill cauldron would explode, Chi Shuyan focused on the heat and made sure it was evenly distributed. As the pill condensed, she carefully examined the pill cauldron for any signs that it might explode, and saw that there were no changes at all. However, halfway through condensing the pill, the pill cauldron suddenly let out a cry. This was the first time Chi Shuyan had encountered such a situation, and she couldn’t help but panic.

The pill cauldron whistled and flew into the air. There was a flash of light, and the outer layer of the originally black pill cauldron peeled off completely. In the next second, a brand new pill cauldron fell from the air and landed steadily in front of her. A pill fragrance wafted out of the pill cauldron; the more Chi Shuyan smelled it, the more fragrant it became.

She wasn’t in a hurry to open the pill cauldron. Instead, she stared fixedly at the brand new pill cauldron in disbelief. Wait, had she missed something?

Chi Shuyan hurriedly picked up the pill cauldron and took a closer look at it. The color of the pill cauldron had changed from black to light golden. There were also complicated patterns engraved all around it. It was obvious at a glance that it wasn’t an ordinary pill cauldron. The more Chi Shuyan looked, the happier she became. She hurriedly opened the pill cauldron to take a look at the pill she had refined.

As soon as she opened the lid of the pill cauldron, steam and a strong pill fragrance wafted out. When the steam dissipated, Chi Shuyan realized that there were eight white, plump Marrow Recovery Pills in the cauldron. She wasn’t surprised by the number, but she was surprised to find that almost every single one of them was white and plump.

All of them had the veiny pattern of supreme-grade medicinal pills. Most of them had especially dark veins, and a few of them were a bit faint, but they were all supreme-grade medicinal pills. Wait, she had actually refined an entire cauldron of eight supreme-grade medicinal pills.

If word of this got out, not to mention in the modern world, she would become a subject of research even in the cultivation world. Chi Shuyan shuddered violently and hurriedly put these supreme-grade level 3 Marrow Recovery Pills into spirit bottles.

Those with dark veins were placed together, and the three with light veins were placed in another spirit bottle.

But how could she give these supreme-grade pills to the Jing Auction House?

Chi Shuyan actually wanted to refine another batch of Marrow Recovery Pills, but she had already used half of the 1,000-year-old Fire Lingzhi. She couldn’t waste it all on refining the Marrow Recovery Pill. Chi Shuyan thought for a long while before her eyes fell on the pill cauldron in front of her again. She had the vague feeling that this pill cauldron wasn’t an ordinary item. Chi Shuyan also knew that no matter how talented she was in alchemy, without the boost from this good pill cauldron, not all the pills she refined would have been supreme-grade.

For the first time, Chi Shuyan was annoyed that she was too good at refining pills. Other alchemists itched to be as good at refining pills. If they knew what she was thinking, they would probably beat her to death.

Chi Shuyan naturally couldn’t give away supreme-grade pills so casually. She gritted her teeth and could only take out part of the other half of the Fire Lingzhi from her Cosmos Ring and put it into the pill cauldron. This time, she didn’t refine it as carefully as before. She carried out the entire process in a rough manner. In short, she didn’t want to refine supreme-grade pills again, so she did whatever she wanted!

In particular, Chi Shuyan reduced the amount of spiritual energy she used when condensing the pills. Halfway through, the pill cauldron let out a cry and flew up again. After the pills were condensed, the pill cauldron landed in front of her, and the pill fragrance wafted into her nose.

Chi Shuyan couldn’t wait to open the pill cauldron. When she saw that there were still four supreme-grade level 3 Marrow Recovery Pills inside, she was completely stupefied!

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