Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1497 - 1497 Handing Over the Marrow Recovery Pills

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1497 Handing Over the Marrow Recovery Pills

Chi Shuyan wasn’t willing to waste all the Fire Lingzhi on refining the Marrow Recovery Pill. She still hoped to use the rest of the Fire Lingzhi to cultivate another one. Besides, the Marrow Recovery Pill was completely useless to her. In the end, Chi Shuyan could only accept her lot and choose three supreme-grade Marrow Restoration Pills with patterns faint enough that they were practically negligible. She would put them in another spirit bottle and hand them to the Jing Auction House when the time came. It could also be considered a token of gratitude to the Jing Auction House for providing her with the pill cauldron for free.

She was too good at refining pills with this pill cauldron; the drawback was that she was afraid that she would only be able to refine supreme-grade pills in the future. If that was the case, she really would have to reluctantly suspend the cooperation with the Jing Auction House. Fortunately, after Chi Shuyan refined a lot of other pills that night to test this out, this pill cauldron proved to be really good, but it was wishful thinking to think that every refinement would contain supreme-grade pills. It was possible to produce low-grade level 1 to level 3 pills, but it was impossible for all the pills in one batch to be of supreme-grade.

Still, this pill cauldron did increase the chances of refining supreme-grade and high-grade pills, and there was no risk of the cauldron exploding. Chi Shuyan didn’t have to worry about the cauldron exploding each time she refined pills, and the speed at which the pills condensed increased.

At the same time, she also discovered a trick: If she didn’t want to produce supreme-grade or high-grade medicinal pills, she just had to control the heat and how much spiritual energy was used.

Chi Shuyan refined pills tirelessly all night. The pill fragrance reached Chef Li, Li Yu and Han Yu. The scent was so fragrant that even Chef Li couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, let alone the two youngsters, who squatted by Chi Shuyan’s door and stared at her as she refined pills.

Chi Shuyan had long noticed the two children, and she wasn’t stingy. At that moment, she refined a bottle of Soul Condensing Pills for them. She gave Chef Li and the two little guys a bottle each to eat like candy. Chef Li, Li Yu and Han Yu were overjoyed, especially the two little guys. They felt that this pill was even more fragrant than Chef Li’s cooking!

In fact, this Soul Condensing Pill was very beneficial to otherworldly beings. After taking a few, Chef Li and the two little guys’ souls became much more solid again.

In the blink of an eye, a week passed. Chi Shuyan obediently attended classes that week and didn’t miss any of them. She also provided Director Huang with a lot of talismans and made a fortune, and escaped the crisis of being expelled at the same time.

As for the person who had left a message asking if ghosts and gods existed, that user never came back online, and Chi Shuyan could only give up no matter how curious she was. This week, she took advantage of what free time she had to restock her shop again. Whether it was spirit tea, spirit rice, Nourishment Pills, or talismans, she prepared a lot. Of course, there was still a purchase limit on the Nourishment Pills. As for the spirit tea, she had thought about it for a long time before also putting a purchase limit on it. As for the price, it didn’t change much. The spirit tea refined from ordinary tea leaves that cost less than 100 yuan was still 30,000 yuan a small bag, and a jar cost 450,000 yuan.

As for better quality tea leaves such as Tie Guanyin and Da Hong Pao, which she spent hundreds and thousands of yuan on, they were much more expensive after she washed them; they were more than twice as expensive, and cost almost a million per jar.

Chi Shuyan felt that she was selling the spirit tea too cheaply compared with the Jing Auction House, and couldn’t make as much money for it in the online shop. Chi Shuyan didn’t put half of the spirit tea up in her shop, and was instead prepared to cooperate with the Jing Auction House and auction it off.

Chi Shuyan was very confident in her spirit tea. Because she planned to auction it off this time, she washed the tea leaves with her spiritual energy especially seriously and carefully.

After washing it, she put the spirit tea in her Cosmos Ring. Today was Sunday. Chi Shuyan went to the Jing Auction House to deliver the goods a couple of days in advance.

Chi Shuyan didn’t inform the Jing Auction House of her visit, and Qian Zhengde was both pleasantly surprised and puzzled when he saw her.

Chi Shuyan didn’t forget that Jing Hengran had said to look for him directly regarding the Marrow Recovery Pills. She said, “I’m looking for your Young Master Jing. I’ve brought three Marrow Recovery Pills!”

Qian Zhengde was stupefied and excited. He was astonished that Miss Chi was actually handing in the pills a few days in advance, and was excited that she really had refined the Marrow Recovery Pill, and so quickly. At the thought of the Marrow Recovery Pill, Qian Zhengde’s hands trembled slightly and his expression was excited as he said incoherently, “Okay, okay, I’ll… No, Young Master Jing is upstairs. Miss Chi, I’ll take you upstairs to see Young Master Jing now!”

Chi Shuyan took a few glances at their spirit tea and said, “There’s no hurry. Speaking of which, I still have some business to discuss with you later, Manager Qian!”

Chi Shuyan preferred to talk to Manager Qian about business than to Jing Hengran, because he wasn’t as sly as the latter.

She didn’t have to be tense with vigilance the entire time.

Manager Qian hurriedly said, “Miss Chi, if you have any ideas, you can speak to Young Master Jing directly later.”

Chi Shuyan pursed her lips and then smiled. “It’s not a big matter, so I won’t trouble your Young Master Jing. I just want to use your auction house to auction off something for me. When the time comes, your Jing Auction House can take a commission according to your usual rules!”

This was indeed a small matter. How could Qian Zhengde dare offend the young lady in front of him? Hearing this, he immediately agreed and said that he would only take a commission of one level. In fact, they would generally take a commission higher than two levels from people who used them to auction items.

But Qian Zhengde naturally had to give this Miss Chi a discount.

Seeing Qian Zhengde agree, Chi Shuyan was in a good mood and nodded. “We’ll talk later!”

Not long after, Qian Zhengde led her to a room upstairs. Jing Hengran was looking at accounts inside. Seeing Qian Zhengde bring Chi Shuyan in, he suddenly thought of the Marrow Recovery Pill, and his face changed drastically. He blurted out excitedly, “Miss Chi, have you refined the Marrow Recovery Pill?”

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