Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1506 - 1506 Fan Ping’s Face-slapping

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1506 Fan Ping’s Face-slapping

The uglier Father Fan’s face got, the happier Fan Ping was. Mother Fan looked thoughtfully at Fan Ping, who was pretending to be calm, and immediately spoke up for her son. “Ah De, our son isn’t back yet. It’s too early for us to come to a conclusion. Why don’t we wait for him to come back?”

There were a few elders sitting in the main hall who hadn’t spoken all this time. The great elder who usually doted on Fan Yin the most spoke up and advised Father Fan, “Mingruo’s words make sense. Why don’t we wait for Ah Yin to come back and ask about this? What if we wrong this child?”

Most of the other elders of the Fan family, who were dissatisfied with Fan Yin and couldn’t wait for him to step down from his position as heir, could only keep quiet.

Seeing this, Fan Ping resented Mother Fan and the great elder for being biased, but he deliberately said, “Aunt and the great elder are right. Uncle, Elders, why don’t we wait for Brother Yin to come back?”

Even if that trash didn’t admit to messing around with that woman, Fan Yin had indeed bought a dubious knockoff spirit tea. He might even have been scammed out of the Golden Lotus. Thinking of the possible consequences, Fan Ping was excited and couldn’t wait for that idiot to act stupid again. It would be great if he really was swindled out of the Golden Lotus.

Although the great elder’s words blocked the Fan family elders, they couldn’t shut the third elder up. His face was unsightly as he said, “Family Head, Great Elder, although it’s not good to come to a conclusion too soon, it’s not uncommon for Ah Yin to do such a thing. What if what Ah Ping said is true? What if Fan Yin makes a mistake because of a woman?” Without waiting for the others to speak, the third elder continued, “What I’m most worried about now is the Golden Lotus in that kid’s hands. If he really was cheated out of the Golden Lotus because of a woman, I can only say that Fan Yin is no longer fit to be the Fan family heir.”

As soon as the third elder said that, a heated discussion broke out in the main hall. Mother Fan almost dropped the tea she had just picked up. Her hand trembled and the tea splashed on her, and her face changed drastically. Mother Fan still wanted to speak up for her son, but Father Fan had already made the decision. “Just as the third elder said: If that kid is cheated out of the Golden Lotus because of a woman, he really isn’t fit to be the heir of the Fan family. If he really succeeds as the head of the family, my Fan family’s reputation will be ruined! I’ll wait for that kid to come back!”

Father Fan’s tone was stern, which showed that he had indeed been very dissatisfied with his son all these years.

Fan Ping never expected this matter to directly develop in the direction of abolishing that idiot Fan Yin’s position as the heir. It was suddenly like a dream. Although Fan Ping pretended to be calm on the surface, he really couldn’t calm down in his heart. His fingers trembled faintly and he was excited all over. In particular, when he vaguely heard the elders discuss choosing the next family heir based on talent, Fan Ping couldn’t control his excitement at all. However, he was well aware of how discerning Father Fan and the elders of the Fan family were; if he wasn’t careful, they might see through him. Fan Ping suppressed the shock and excitement in his heart and lowered his head, not daring to let anyone see the gloating and determination in his eyes.

He did want to put in another good word for Fan Yin, that brat, and pretend to be a good person as usual. Every time Fan Ping spoke up for him, Father Fan and the elders of the Fan family became even more disappointed in that trash, Fan Yin. This time, however, he was worried about speaking up for Fan Yin. What if Father Fan suddenly changed his mind?

Fan Ping felt that he couldn’t take the risk, so he simply lowered his head and pretended not to hear anything. He didn’t say anything else and tacitly agreed with Father Fan.

Xu Hu had long disliked Fan Yin. Firstly, that kid had relied on the Fan family head’s prestige to become the heir. Secondly, that kid really didn’t have much capability and his cultivation talent wasn’t as good as Young Master Ping’s. He was already dissatisfied. The Fan family head and many elders were really too wise to make this decision.

The great elder frowned and still wanted to speak up for Fan Yin, but unfortunately, he saw the anger and determination on Father Fan’s face. It didn’t seem like he had made the decision impulsively, but had thought it through carefully. Thinking about how Fan Yin had indeed been a disappointment all these years, the great elder could only sigh and say no more.

For a moment, only Mother Fan was anxious. She hoped that the child really wasn’t fooled by a woman. Otherwise, she really wouldn’t be able to save him.

Fan Yin still didn’t know what had happened in the Fan family at that moment, but he learned that Fan Ping, that rascal, had indeed returned to the Fan residence without eating lunch. There was a high chance that he had gone back to tattle on him. Thinking this, Fan Yin couldn’t help but curse 18 generations of Fan Ping’s ancestors in his heart, but he then remembered that Fan Ping’s ancestors were his ancestors.

Fan Yin immediately stiffened. Not long after, a large villa nestled on the mountain appeared in front of them, and he immediately said, “We’re home!”

When they got out of the car, Fan Yin wanted to go back and rest for a while before telling his parents about the spirit tea, but a servant informed him that he had to go to the meeting hall to discuss an official matter.

At the mention of an official matter, Fan Yin’s right eyelid twitched and he had a vague sense of foreboding. Fan Xi, Fan Chunyang and Fan Zheng were also very worried. They felt that there was a high chance that Fan Ping had tattled again. Thinking of the spirit tea which Fan Yin had bought and the Golden Lotus which he had been cheated out of, they felt despair.

They could guess that this was Fan Ping’s doing. Fan Yin wasn’t stupid, and naturally thought that the other party had probably told on him again and smeared his reputation. Thinking this, Fan Yin really couldn’t take it anymore this time and directly cursed, “F*ck, if I don’t go, that dog will really think that I’m afraid of him. He has to do this every time. This time, I’ll show that dog what I’m capable of. He dares to report me and screw me over; does he really think I’m f*cking dead?”

As Fan Yin spoke, he aggressively headed in the direction of the meeting hall with the jars of spirit tea. Fan Xi, Fan Chunyang and Fan Zheng were worried that Young Master Yin would suffer a loss, so they hurriedly followed and said anxiously, “Young Master Yin, calm down! Don’t get agitated!”

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