Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser-Chapter 1507 - 1507 Pretending to be a Good Person

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1507 Pretending to be a Good Person

Fan Yin rushed into the main hall aggressively. When he saw that not only was Fan Ping there, but also Father Fan and the elders of the Fan family, he cringed. Wait, not only did this dog Fan Ping tattle to his parents this time, he also tattled to the elders?

Thinking this, the anger in Fan Yin’s heart surged. He simply felt that this d*mn dog, Fan Ping, wanted to pull him down. Everyone knew his intentions, but Fan Yin’s parents trusted him immensely. Could it be that he had fooled the elders?

Thinking this, Fan Yin subconsciously looked in Fan Ping’s direction and saw him gloating. When his father looked over, this d*mn dog immediately switched to a respectful expression. Fan Yin was furious. This guy was too much of a hypocrite.

Father Fan believed Fan Ping’s words. His face was ugly and furious, and he didn’t wait for Fan Yin to say anything. “You unfilial son, get over here!”

Seeing that Father Fan didn’t ask anything and just got angry at his son, Mother Fan was so dissatisfied that she forgot that this was the meeting hall and not their bedroom. She raged, “Why are you angry? My son hasn’t said a word, and you’re in a hurry to get angry at him. What did he do wrong?”

Father Fan was rendered speechless by Mother Fan’s words. On the side, the great elder also spoke up for Fan Yin, which was rare for him. Only the third elder couldn’t wait any longer and got straight to the point. “Young Master Yin, what did you gain from this auction? According to Ah Ping, you bought a Golden Lotus. That’s very good, but where’s the Golden Lotus? By the way, where’s the Jing family’s spirit tea?”

On the side, Fan Xi, Fan Chunyang and Fan Zheng saw the gloating expression in Fan Ping’s eyes, and when they heard the third elder ask about the spirit tea and the Golden Lotus, their hearts turned cold.

Fan Yin, on the other hand, didn’t think much of it. He didn’t know why the third elder was making things difficult for him. After all, the third elder had been good to him in the past.

When he heard the other party mention the spirit tea and the Golden Lotus, Fan Yin was quite proud and confident as he said excitedly to Father and Mother Fan and the great elder, “Dad, Mom, Great Elder, I really met a benefactor this time! You told me before that I am fated to have benefactors. You were right!”

When Father and Mother Fan heard Fan Yin’s confident boast, the corners of their mouths twitched fiercely and they were speechless.

Fan Xi, Fan Chunyang and Fan Zheng: …

The others: …

Fan Ping and Xu Hu looked at each other gloatingly. Fan Ping lowered his head and spat out in a low voice, “Idiot!”

Fan Yin continued, “Dad, Mom, Great Elder, I’m serious. I really met a benefactor this time. Look, I even bought spirit tea specially refined by the benefactor. By the way, that benefactor also promised to refine four Advancement Pills for me!”

“What did you say?”

“What did you say, kid?”

As soon as he said the words ‘Advancement Pills,’ the quiet atmosphere in the meeting hall immediately exploded, as if a few drops of oil had been added to a pot.

Everyone was distracted by the words ‘Advancement Pills’ at that moment, and their faces were filled with shock and disbelief. This included Father Fan, Mother Fan and the elders of the Fan family, who suddenly lost their composure at the words ‘Advancement Pills.’ Father Fan couldn’t even hold his teacup properly. His hand shook when he placed it on the table, and the teacup rolled a few times before it tilted on its side. Father Fan didn’t have time to care, but stared fixedly at his son in front of him and repeated, “Ah Yin, what did you just say?”

“Dad, I said I met a benefactor who took the initiative to help me refine Advancement Pills! In three days, she’ll give me four Advancement Pills!” Fan Yin was smug and happy as he waited to be praised and was completely oblivious to the cold faces of Fan Chunyang, Fan Xi and Fan Zheng, who looked like they had nothing to live for.

Fan Ping and Xu Hu were also shocked by Fan Yin’s words at first, but they quickly calmed down. They felt that this kid had most likely been tricked again. Thinking of how Fan Yin, this idiot, had been tricked out of the Golden Lotus, Fan Ping was smug in his heart, but he deliberately said, “Brother Yin, we have to be careful with the Advancement Pill. Not to mention that the pill formula for the Advancement Pill has been lost, even if there really is a master alchemist helping you to refine it, do you think four Advancement Pills can be refined from one Golden Lotus? If she promised you one, I might believe her a little. Wait, Brother Yin, you haven’t been tricked again, have you?”

At this point, Fan Ping glanced at the spirit tea in Fan Yin’s hands and continued, “By the way, why doesn’t this look like the Jing family’s spirit tea at all? Brother Yin, I should have stopped you at the auction house!”

Fan Yin was disgusted by Fan Ping’s hypocrisy. Seeing him pretend to be a good person in front of him, Fan Yin itched to smash him in the head with a stick. He couldn’t help but retort, “I didn’t tell you to speak, what the hell are you talking about? Who are you to interrupt here?”

Fan Ping’s heart immediately burst into flames at Fan Yin’s contemptuous gaze. His face also turned livid and his fists cracked.

But when he glanced at the elders, Father Fan, Mother Fan, and the great elder, who trusted and doted on Fan Yin the most, it looked like most of the people in the meeting hall believed him, and a strange and gloating smile appeared on his lips.

Everyone did indeed believe Fan Ping’s words. Firstly, this kid, Fan Yin, had too much of a black history. Secondly, as Fan Ping said, if the other party had promised one Advancement Pill, they might still be able to accept it, but four Advancement Pills at once? Father Fan, Mother Fan and the great elder couldn’t believe it even if they wanted to, let alone the others.

At that moment, when Father Fan thought of how his son had been tricked again, his expression was unsightly. When Fan Ping had complained earlier, Father Fan had been angry; it wasn’t like he didn’t have expectations of his son. Now that he heard that his son had really been tricked out of the Golden Lotus by a woman, Father Fan was disappointed and felt that his son couldn’t change his ways. How did he end up with such a useless unfilial son? If he didn’t have talent, it was fine to use some IQ to make up for it. However, his son fooled around with women all the time. His IQ wasn’t high enough, and his talent wasn’t good enough. How could Father Fan comfort himself?

He just had to have such a useless son.

Father Fan’s face was very unsightly at that moment. At that moment, the third elder was afraid that Father Fan would forget what he had just said, so he added fuel to the fire and said, “Family Head, it seems that Ah Ping was right just now. Ah Yin was indeed tricked. I think he really isn’t fit to be the Fan family heir anymore!”

“What did you say?” Fan Yin’s voice suddenly rose. Although he didn’t care if the position of heir was his or not, how could Fan Yin swallow this anger when he was going to be stripped of his position as heir in public because of Fan Ping?

Looking at how the third elder kept discrediting him in front of his father and the great elder, what couldn’t he understand?

Fan Xi, Fan Chunyang and Fan Zheng never expected the matter to develop to such a serious extent. Their faces changed drastically and they hurriedly pleaded with Father Fan on Fan Yin’s behalf.

Mother Fan was also anxious to plead for leniency on her son’s behalf, but more and more elders were saying that they wanted to strip Fan Yin of his position as heir. A smug and ruthless look flashed in the depths of Fan Ping’s eyes, and he saw Father Fan flare up at Fan Yin again. “You unfilial son, kneel and tell me the truth: Tell me, were you tricked out of the Golden Lotus by a woman?”

Without waiting for Fan Yin to say anything, Fan Xi hurriedly explained, “Uncle, Brother Yin really wasn’t tricked. That young lady herself said that she is an alchemist.” Maybe that young lady really was an alchemist. Besides, if she wasn’t capable, how could her spirit tea be auctioned off at the Jing Auction House?

It was a pity that Father Fan and the elders of the Fan family didn’t give Fan Xi a chance to finish speaking at all. Conversely, after listening to Fan Xi, they tacitly agreed that this rascal, Fan Yin, had been fooling around again. The more Father Fan thought about it, the more disappointed he became in his son. Without thinking, he directly stripped him of his position as the family heir in public and told him to get lost.

Fan Yin had been pampered by Mother Fan and the Fan family since he was young. When his father didn’t listen to his explanation and told him to get lost, even stripping him of his position as the family heir in public, he was so angry that his face turned green and he directly retorted, “So be it. Do you f*cking think I care about being the heir? By the way, I bought this spirit tea and those Advancement Pills with my own money. You better not beg me for them later!”

After saying that, Fan Yin turned around angrily and was about to walk out, when Fan Xi, Mother Fan and Fan Zheng hurriedly called out to him.

The third elder’s lips curled into a faint smile. He looked at Fan Ping, then deliberately added fuel to the fire and sighed. He deliberately said to Father Fan, “Ah Yin has indeed been pampered. I wonder if his character can still be corrected in the future!”

The great elder glanced sharply at the third elder, who immediately fell silent. Without waiting for Father Fan to flare up again, the great elder suddenly called out to Fan Yin, “Ah Yin, wait, I suddenly want to try the spirit tea you bought. Why don’t you make a cup for me to try first?”

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