Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 1019 - Not Really

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Chapter 1019: Not Really

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Jian Ai nodded. “You ordered all my favorites.”

These words were not polite. She realized that her taste was very similar to Jian Yichen’s.

Jian Yichen couldn’t help but look delighted.

Jian Changsheng looked at his son and daughter and couldn’t help but ask Jian Ai, “Are you close to Yiyi, too?”

Jian Ai paused and looked up at Jian Changsheng.

Jian Ai smiled when she saw Jian Changsheng’s serious expression.

“Not really,” Jian Ai answered truthfully.

There was no need for her to lie for Jian Yiyi. Moreover, the person she was lying to was Jian Changsheng.

Since he dared to ask, why wouldn’t she dare to answer it?

However, Jian Ai’s directness surprised Jian Changsheng. He was slightly stunned. He looked at Jian Ai and asked, “Are you not on good terms with Yiyi?”

Jian Ai nodded and said casually, “I’m not from the same world as her.”

There were many levels of understanding behind these words. Perhaps she meant their values did not match, or that their personalities did not match, or that they were born to repel each other. In short, no matter the reason, this was the sentence summary.

In Jian Ai’s heart, her relationship with Jian Yiyi included all three reasons.

She was a person who cared a lot about first impressions. If the first impression a person gave her was not good, it would be very difficult for her to like and accept a person in the future.

Most importantly, the feeling Jian Yiyi gave her after that changed nothing. Instead, she disliked her more and more.


Jian Changsheng felt a little embarrassed. He initially asked this with the mentality that Jian Ai was on good terms with Yiyi and Yichen, but Jian Ai splashed cold water on him.

He couldn’t help but purse his lips and laugh at himself. He nodded gently. “Uncle can also tell that you’re very different from children your age.”

Jian Changsheng couldn’t help but look at Jian Yichen dotingly. Then, he said, “Yichen doesn’t like to interact with girls since he was young, let alone take the initiative to talk to girls and play with them.”

“Including how he treats his sister, Yiyi. He always feels that girls are too troublesome. He hates trouble the most.”

Jian Changsheng looked at Jian Ai and smiled. “But I can tell that you’re a different girl in his eyes. He seems to like you a lot.”

Jian Changsheng wasn’t referring to the love between a boy and a girl. Jian Yichen treated Jian Ai differently from other girls, so he was naturally close to Jian Ai.

When Jian Yichen heard Jian Changsheng’s words, he admitted, “Senior Jian Ai is not someone those ordinary girls can compare to.”

Jian Ai couldn’t help but smile. Jian Changsheng’s words didn’t cause any ripples in her heart, but Jian Yichen’s words made her happy. She couldn’t help but say to Jian Changsheng, “I like Yichen too. Uncle Jian said that I’m different from children my age. Perhaps we’re attracted because we have the same attribute. Because in my eyes, I think Yichen is different from children his age.”

Jian Changsheng agreed with Jian Ai and chimed in, “Yichen does have the feeling of a young adult in terms of behavior and handling matters. The things he likes are also different from boys his age.”

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