Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 1020 - : I Want to Formally Apologize to You

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Chapter 1020: I Want to Formally Apologize to You

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Jian Changsheng was indeed a smart person. He mentioned Jian Yiyi because he wanted to find a topic to talk to Jian Ai, but he didn’t expect Jian Ai to have a bad relationship with Jian Yiyi. Therefore, as they chatted, he naturally talked about Jian Yichen. It turned out that he did the right thing. Because Jian Ai treated Jian Yichen differently, she was willing to talk to him.

However, Jian Yichen felt a little strange as he listened to the two of them talk about him. He couldn’t help but purse his lips. He stood up and said, “You two can talk slowly. I’ll go to the bathroom.”

With that, he left his seat.

After Jian Yichen left, Jian Ai stopped smiling and looked up at Jian Changsheng. She said softly, “Uncle Jian suddenly wanted to treat me to a meal. You’re not just going to thank me, right?”

Jian Changsheng looked at Jian Ai and smiled. “What other goals do you think I have?”

Although he looked indifferent, Jian Changsheng was surprised at Jian Ai’s sensitivity. He said nothing, and everything looked natural, but Jian Ai could tell that he had an ulterior motive.

Jian Ai chuckled and shook her head. “I’m not a roundworm in Uncle Jian’s stomach. How would I know what you’re thinking? It’s just my intuition.”

Jian Ai didn’t believe that Jian Changsheng would treat her to a meal because of her help before. Although this reason seemed reasonable, looking back at their previous relationship, this kind of dinner invitation seemed to have crossed the line.

He must have something else.

As expected, Jian Changsheng sat up straight and nodded at Jian Ai seriously. His expression became serious. “That’s right. I have something to confess to you and formally apologize.”

Jian Ai subconsciously frowned and looked at Jian Changsheng in confusion and shock.

A premonition arose in her heart. Jian Changsheng suddenly apologized to her because of those two things?

Jian Ai was not very sure. After all, those two things were not honorable. They were even illegal. Jian Changsheng did things openly, so he might not admit to such dirty deeds, even if he did not do them.

Unfortunately, Jian Ai still underestimated Jian Changsheng.

Jian Changsheng admitted without hesitation under Jian Ai’s gaze, “The recent and frequent accidents that happened on East Sea Real Estate’s construction site all happened because of our company’s secretary, Wang Yang. That, including the fire in East Sea Real Estate’s warehouse in the western suburbs not long ago, Jian Group caused that as well.”


Jian Changsheng said nothing about Old Master Jian. Instead, he said what the Jian Group had done. However, because of this, Jian Ai was even more surprised.

The corporation was naturally bigger than the individual, but Jian Changsheng attributed this matter to the Jian Group. In other words, as the CEO of the Jian Group, he had to stand up and bear this responsibility.

Jian Ai looked at Jian Changsheng. There was no expression on her face. She just stared at his face, as if guessing Jian Changsheng’s state of mind.

Jian Ai’s calmness made Jian Changsheng frown. He asked curiously, “You don’t seem surprised?”

Jian Ai only chuckled and shrugged. She leaned back on the sofa and looked at Jian Changsheng. “Because your apology came a little late. Someone has already investigated these things for me!”

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