Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 1025 - Regret

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Chapter 1025: Regret

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“Listen to what he said just now. How can I not be angry?” The old man stomped his feet in anger.

In his heart, he had put in so much effort to help his son clear the obstacles in the dark. In the end, he did not gain any benefits and was even blamed for the dirty methods.

He admitted that this method was indeed not honorable enough, but all was fair in war. The business world was like a battlefield. Only this method would hit the nail on the head.

Over the years, he had relied on these methods to develop the Jian Group step by step. Why did it become so unbearable in his son’s eyes?

The old lady looked at the old man’s stubborn appearance and couldn’t help but sigh helplessly. “Our son has already made a concession. You did these things behind his back, but he didn’t blame you. He just asked you to stop, right?”

“You still want to force him to agree to your actions. Isn’t this forcing someone? Changsheng has been an upright person since he was young. Don’t you know your son?”

“But he expelled Secretary Wang and the rest. Isn’t this a slap to my face?!” The old man widened his eyes.

“What else do you want?” The old lady said calmly, “Secretary Wang and the rest are all from the board of directors, but the company is Changsheng’s company now. They worked for you behind Changsheng’s back and did something that crossed Changsheng’s bottom line. Of course, he has to clean up the mess. Think about it from another perspective. If this happened to you, would you still keep Secretary Wang and the rest?”

“But…” The old lady’s words seemed to convince the old lady man, but he was still angry and unwilling. He immediately wanted to argue.

Unexpectedly, the old lady interrupted him comfortingly. “No buts. Changsheng wanted to have a good talk with you just now, but look at your attitude! He’s already making a huge concession by not blaming you. Quit while you’re ahead. Don’t give him any more pressure!”

“Even if you think everything is for the company and Changsheng, you knew from the start whether he could accept such things. Otherwise, why did you hide it from him when you already knew that he would be angry and blame you?!”

When the old man heard this, he thought for a moment and couldn’t help but lower his head. After hearing the old lady’s words, he calmed down a little.

To him, doing all of this was indeed out of kindness.

However, to his son, his actions were indeed difficult to accept. He had long known in his heart.

Seeing that he had softened, the old lady immediately sighed softly and said nothing else. She only said, “I’ll go upstairs and help Yichen pack his things. You’ll be happy when your grandson goes back. You won’t have the time to think about nonsense.”

With that, the old lady went upstairs.

Old Master Jian sat on the sofa with a dejected expression. He couldn’t help but feel regretful.

Of course, he did not regret what he had done. Instead, he regretted his attitude towards his son.

Although he was also an impatient person when he was young, he would always think calmly when something happened. In the end, he did not expect that as he had gotten older; he became even more anxious and flared up uncontrollably.

He could have communicated with his son about this, but it seemed that his son had completely given up on communicating with him.

His old face was filled with bleakness. He was here for Wang Yang and the rest to return to the company, but now, he probably didn’t even have the right to mention it.

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