Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 1026 - Send Another Person

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Chapter 1026: Send Another Person

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After Jian Ai finished her dinner with Jian Changsheng and Jian Yichen, she went to Bai Zhou’s place.

Chi Yang had just prepared dinner when Bai Zhou opened a bottle of red wine. He turned to look at Jian Ai, who was sitting on the sofa, and asked, “Si Yue said that someone asked you out for dinner.”

Jian Ai curled up on the sofa and casually flipped through the magazine’s report on the production team for ‘Interweaving Night.’ Hearing this, she answered without looking up, “Yes, I ate durian pizza. I knew you wouldn’t eat it, so I didn’t bring it for you.”

Bai Zhou smiled and raised his eyebrows. He raised the good red wine in his hand. “Do you want to eat some more? Have a drink!”

Jian Changsheng ate very little because he had something heavy in his heart, but Jian Ai didn’t stand on ceremony. She only stopped after filling her stomach with food.

She immediately shook her head. “No, I’m very full.”

As she spoke, she stood up from the sofa and looked at Bai Zhou with a smile. “But I can have a drink.”

Seeing this, Bai Zhou quickly went to get another glass and poured a glass of wine for Jian Ai. “This is a 1982 Ulysses. I only have this bottle. Try it.”

The strong wine fragrance had already entered her nose. Jian Ai raised her eyebrows in surprise. “I’m drunk just from smelling it. It’s so fragrant.”

Chi Yang came out with a black casserole and smiled at Jian Ai. “I made some matsutake mushroom soup. Do you want a bowl?”

“No!” Jian Ai quickly waved her hand and refused. “I feel that the food in my stomach has already piled up in my throat. I can’t eat at all. You guys eat yours. I’ll just drink some of this good wine.”

Chi Yang could only nod and sit down beside Bai Zhou.

“Si Yue and I discussed something today. We want to send another person to your side,” Jian Ai suddenly looked at Bai Zhou and said seriously.

When Bai Zhou heard this, he stopped picking up food and reacted with a smile. “There’s no need to do this. I think I’m quite safe now.”

“I’m worried.” Jian Ai looked at Bai Zhou with a serious expression and said solemnly, “If you had mental cultivation techniques like Si Yue and Chi Yang, I would naturally be more at ease. But the key is that you don’t have one, so let alone in China, I definitely won’t feel at ease if you’re in any place in this world.”

Jian Ai’s tone was very sincere, revealing her concern and emotions for Bai Zhou. Bai Zhou felt moved.

“With the Sect Master constantly thinking about me, I can’t bear to die,” Bai Zhou said.

Jian Ai frowned slightly. “I’m discussing this with you seriously!”

Seeing this, Bai Zhou quickly restrained his expression.

Jian Ai continued, “Either you get these people to accompany you back to Qiusi and inspect the matter thoroughly, or you get rid of the person who is eyeing you covetously and wants to take your life, or you get rid of the person who is eyeing you covetously and wants to take your life! Or, let me send one or two more people to your side. Your life must be absolutely safe!”

“I understand!” Bai Zhou nodded obediently. He looked up at Jian Ai and said, “It’s just that I don’t want to go back to Qiusi yet.”

Jian Ai leaned back. “I’m not forcing you to go back immediately. You can decide for yourself. If you have no plans of going back soon, we’ll do it the second way!”

Si Yue and Chi Yang also looked up at Bai Zhou. It was obvious that the two of them were also worried about Bai Zhou’s safety.

Although Chi Yang was powerful, a person’s energy was limited. Moreover, if he encountered a difficult problem, he would have to deal with the enemy and protect Bai Zhou. He probably could not take care of both.

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