Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 1140 - How Do You Want to Solve It?

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Chapter 1140: How Do You Want to Solve It?

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Shaking her head gently, Jian Ai calmed herself down and looked at Ji Haoyu. “It’s good that you’re here.”

“I’ve said it before. As long as you need it, I’m on call,” Ji Haoyu said in a low voice, and the smile on his face deepened.

“Young Master Ji!”

Qiao Yuan stood up and came over to greet him personally. “Hello, I’m Qiao Yuan from Rose Entertainment.”

Ji Haoyu’s gaze landed on Qiao Yuan. He had some impression of this man. Ji Haoyu’s memory has always been good. At this moment, Jian Ai also said, “Vice President Qiao is here to pick up my cousins. He’s my aunt’s boyfriend now.”


Ji Haoyu revealed a look of understanding and quickly shook Qiao Yuan’s hand. “Hello, Vice President Qiao.”

Qiao Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and couldn’t help but look at Jian Ai. “I thought I would have to bring the three of you out alone. Now that Young Master Ji is here, I’m finally relieved.”

It was already very difficult for him to help Wang Zichen exonerate himself because after this confrontation, Qiao Yuan could tell that Officer Wang Li was also a difficult person to deal with.

Jian Ai smiled helplessly. “I initially wanted you to bring the three of us out, but Officer Wang insisted that I call my parents alone.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Li stood up and walked up to them.

When his gaze landed on Ji Haoyu, Wang Li’s expression turned even colder. Looking at Ji Haoyu’s handsome face, Wang Li felt as if he had been tricked.

Because Ji Haoyu did not look like a parent at all.

“I’m the duty captain of Xiangyang Road Police Station, Wang Li. May I ask what your relationship with Jian Ai is?” Wang Li looked at Ji Haoyu and asked coldly.

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When Ji Haoyu heard this, he looked at Wang Li. The smile on his face disappeared the moment he turned around, and it was replaced with coldness and deterrence.

With cold emotions in his eyes, Ji Haoyu slowly said expressionlessly, “I refuse to answer this question. I want to see your director.”

The moment he opened his mouth, he wanted to see the director. This made Wang Li’s expression turn even uglier.

Wang Li looked straight into Ji Haoyu’s gloomy eyes and said, “I’m the captain on duty tonight, so as long as anything happens in the jurisdiction of the Xiangyang Road Police Station tonight, I’ll handle it. The director is not around, so please cooperate with us.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Li looked at Ji Haoyu and asked word by word, “May I ask what your relationship with Jian Ai is?”

However, at this moment, the door of the interrogation room was suddenly pushed open from the outside. A plump middle-aged man rushed in a panic.

The man was wearing casual clothes. In his panic, he had even buttoned his coat wrongly. He was even wearing a pair of cotton slippers. He looked ridiculous.

“Oh, you must be Young Master Ji!”

After Li Zhong entered, he locked onto Ji Haoyu at a glance. He rushed forward and smiled apologetically. “I’m the director of Xiangyang Road Police Station, Li Zhong. Young Master Ji, look at you. If there’s anything, you could have just called me. Why did you have to come here in the middle of the night?”

As he spoke, sweat seeped out of Li Zhong’s forehead. It was unknown if he was nervous when facing Ji Haoyu or if he was tired from rushing over.

“Director Li?”

When he saw Li Zhong, Wang Li couldn’t help but be shocked. It was past one in the morning. Did Director Li specially come from home?

“Xiao Wang, I’ll handle this matter. Take them outside and wait,” Li Zhong said to Wang Li.


Wang Li opened his mouth to argue, but Li Zhong glared at him. Although he had an expression when facing Ji Haoyu, he was still the director of the Public Security Bureau. He still had a certain deterrence when facing his subordinates.

“I heard Xiao Liu explain the general situation to me just now. It’s not a big deal. Don’t keep harping on it. Go out. I’ll handle the rest.”

Li Zhong’s words were already urging Wang Li. The nature of the matter was not serious. If he relaxed the rubber band in his heart a little, the matter could be resolved easily.

The more persistent one was, the more complicated things would be.

When Wang Li heard this, he could not help but look at Ji Haoyu deeply. Who was this young person that made Director Li act like this?

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However, there was still a difference between superior and subordinate. Wang Li didn’t say anything. In fact, he didn’t have much resentment in his heart. The only thing he cared about was the scene he saw in the surveillance video. That was too unbelievable!

“You guys.” Wang Li turned around and said to the people in the other corner of the interrogation room, “Come out with me. Your family is here and waiting to see you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Li brought the young men out of the interrogation room. Seeing this, the remaining two newbie police officers went out to maintain order.

Only then did Ji Haoyu say to Jian Ai, “You guys go out and wait too. I’ll handle it.”

When Wang Zimeng heard this, she quickly stood up and went to Qiao Yuan’s side. Seeing this, Wang Zichen also walked over, but he deliberately didn’t dare to look up at Qiao Yuan.

Jian Ai nodded and heard Ji Haoyu ask in a low voice, “How do you want to handle this?”

Jian Ai was stunned for a moment before sighing. “I’ve taught him what he needs to know. It’s good that I can get away.”

From the beginning, she had never thought of letting anyone enter the police station or be detained. She had never even thought of calling the police. If she had known that the onlookers had called the police, she might have held back from doing anything.

Entering the police station was ultimately troublesome. In addition, Wang Zichen and Wang Zimeng were around. She only wanted to leave this place quickly.

However, she suddenly thought of something and quickly said, “Also, remember to get back the surveillance information that Officer Wang copied just now.”

It recorded the scene of her sudden appearance at the scene like a ghost. Jian Ai naturally didn’t want more people to see it, so she had to take away the surveillance information no matter what.

Ji Haoyu raised his eyebrows and revealed a knowing smile. “Alright, I understand. Wait for me outside.”

Jian Ai nodded and followed Qiao Yuan and the rest out.

Seeing this, a smile instantly appeared on Li Zhong’s face. “Young Master Ji, sit!”

In the corridor, Jian Ai and the rest sat at the side. Wang Li and the police separated the other party to avoid conflict.

Feeling a gaze on her, Jian Ai sat on the chair and looked up slightly to meet Wang Li’s complicated gaze.

Jian Ai smiled and gave Wang Li a harmless smile.

Wang Li frowned slightly. He had the urge to go forward and ask Jian Ai, but he tried his best to control himself because he knew this girl was not as simple as she looked. Even if he asked, he might not get any answers.

“Uncle Qiao, he’s my brother, Wang Zichen. I mentioned him to you before.”

At this moment, Wang Zimeng felt that the atmosphere was too quiet. A strange atmosphere flowed between them, and she couldn’t help but introduce them.

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