Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 1141 - A Great Thing

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Chapter 1141: A Great Thing

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When Qiao Yuan heard this, he couldn’t help but look at Wang Zichen and smile. The sharp aura in the interrogation room just now had disappeared, and it was replaced with a refined and indifferent smile.

“Zichen, I often hear your mother mention you. I initially wanted to meet you when the time was right. I didn’t expect our first meeting to be so sudden, and in such a place.”

Wang Zichen looked up and quickly glanced at Qiao Yuan. Then, he quickly lowered his head. After a while, he said in a low voice, “Uncle Qiao, I’ve caused you trouble.”

Without the rejection and resistance he expected, this instantly relaxed Qiao Yuan’s tensed heart. He couldn’t help but raise his hand to gently stroke Wang Zichen’s head and say softly, “As long as you’re fine. Don’t worry, Uncle Qiao is with you. I won’t tell your mother about this. Let this become a secret between us, okay?”

When Wang Zichen heard this, he couldn’t help but look up at Qiao Yuan. After a long time, he slowly smiled and nodded gently.

Seeing this, Wang Zimeng couldn’t help but stick out her tongue. She initially thought that it would take some effort for her brother to accept Uncle Qiao. She didn’t expect Uncle Qiao to be so powerful that he immediately won her brother’s heart.

Jian Ai looked at the time. It was already late at night. Her injuries had not recovered, and she felt exhausted. She leaned back in her chair and fell asleep.

However, not long after, the door of the interrogation room opened. Li Zhong still sent Ji Haoyu out warmly.

Jian Ai woke up and quickly stood up.

“Let’s go,” Ji Haoyu said to Jian Ai with a smile.

Jian Ai heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this. She turned around and said to Qiao Yuan and the rest, “Let’s go.”

Ignoring the others, they followed Ji Haoyu out.

Wang Li stood in the corridor and looked at Jian Ai’s back, but he said nothing.

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“You can leave too!”

After Ji Haoyu and the rest walked away, the smile on Li Zhong’s face instantly disappeared. Then, he looked at another group of people in the corridor with a fierce expression.

Although Jian Ai had beaten them up, they were fine. Without a word, they quickly left with their parents.

Only then did Wang Li go forward and say unwillingly, “Director Li, what’s going on? They hit someone, and two of them are still lying in the hospital!”

When Li Zhong heard this, he looked at Wang Li helplessly and said, “Tell me, when can you change your habit of getting to the bottom of things? It’s not a big deal. Aren’t you afraid of getting yourself into trouble? Do you know who that young man was?”

In Li Zhong’s opinion, the correct way to handle such an ordinary fight outside a bar was to make a statement and let them go. If there were injured people, the two sides would mediate the compensation privately. The police did not need to investigate too deeply.

Wang Li, on the other hand, called for their parents and wanted to detain them. He made things more complicated.

However, what Wang Li cared about was not the case itself, but the girl called Jian Ai.

“Director Li, look at the surveillance video at the scene. You’ll know why I’m so determined to see the parents,” Wang Li said.

When Li Zhong heard this, he waved his hand impatiently. “Why should I? Young Master Ji already took the video. That’s the CEO of the Ji Group. Do you know about the Ji Group? The number one financial group in Asia, the glory of China! Who can afford to provoke that Young Master Ji? You even dare to detain his people?! Don’t cause me trouble!”

As he spoke, Li Zhong couldn’t help but yawn. “You’re torturing me in the middle of the night. I’m about to retire, but I’m on tenterhooks with you every day. Sooner or later, you’ll scare me to death! I’m going back to sleep. Go do what you have to do.”

Without waiting for Wang Li to speak, Li Zhong stretched and walked away with his big stomach.

Wang Li stood in the middle of the corridor and looked at the end of the corridor with a solemn expression. He was still depressed. In the end, he could only take a deep breath and his expression gradually darkened.

Jian Ai and the rest walked out of the Xiangyang Road Police Station. A bone-chilling autumn wind blew at them. Jian Ai couldn’t help but tremble, and the sleepiness in her body instantly dissipated.

In the next second, her body suddenly felt warm. Ji Haoyu had already taken off his sports coat and draped it over Jian Ai’s shoulder. His gentle voice followed. “You’re wearing too little. Don’t catch a cold.”

Jian Ai felt an itch behind her ear, and her heart fluctuated. A strange feeling flashed across her mind.

“Young Master Ji, thank you for today. Otherwise, I might have to spend more effort,” Qiao Yuan said.

When Ji Haoyu heard this, he smiled. “Vice President Qiao, you’re welcome. Xiao Ai’s matter is my matter. You don’t have to thank me.”

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As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Haoyu looked at Jian Ai affectionately.

“Cough…” Jian Ai coughed lightly to hide her embarrassment. She looked at Wang Zichen and Wang Zimeng and said, “What do you two think? Are you going home?”

Wang Zichen was about to say something when Wang Zimeng quickly shook her head. “No, Sister, my face…”

Wang Zimeng’s face was still a little red and swollen. If it didn’t disappear tomorrow morning, Jiang Chunfen would see it.

Wang Zichen immediately changed the topic. “I have money. Zimeng and I will stay in a hotel.”

Jian Ai thought for a moment. Si Yue was at Xiao Zhen’s place. She was the only one in the house in North City tonight. She could bring the two of them back to stay. She could just sleep in the same room as Zimeng and let Wang Zichen stay in Si Yue’s room. Anyway, it was just this one night.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Yuan beat her to it. “I’ll bring them to my place. I’m worried about them staying in a hotel.”

Jian Ai nodded. “That’s good.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jian Ai looked at the two of them and said, “Stay at Uncle Qiao’s for a night. It’s more convenient and safer than staying in a hotel.”

Wang Zimeng was already much closer to Qiao Yuan, so there was no problem. However, Wang Zichen…

Wang Zimeng looked at Wang Zichen questioningly. “Brother?”

Wang Zichen lowered his head and nodded after a while. He slowly said, “Alright.”

Qiao Yuan smiled and looked at Jian Ai. “Xiao Ai, what about you…”

“Don’t worry about her. I’ll send her back,” Ji Haoyu said slowly with a domineering tone.

Jian Ai didn’t argue. She looked at Qiao Yuan and nodded. “You guys can go back. It’s late.”

Seeing this, Qiao Yuan said nothing else. He brought Wang Zimeng and Wang Zichen to his car. Before leaving, Wang Zichen even looked at Jian Ai deeply. This time, his gaze was more emotional than before. However, it was too dark, so Jian Ai didn’t see it clearly.

Only after Qiao Yuan’s car left did Jian Ai turn to look at Ji Haoyu. An apologetic smile appeared on her beautiful face. She looked at Ji Haoyu and said, “I’m sorry. Every time I ask you for help, it’s not a good thing!”

Ji Haoyu looked at Jian Ai. With one hand in his pocket, he waved his other hand and pulled Jian Ai into his arms. He looked down at her and said, “To me, being able to see you once is already a great thing!”

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