Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 1268 - 1268 Exchange

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1268 Exchange

Therefore, Jian Ai subconsciously said in exchange, “My mother raised me too. Since I was born, my father wasn’t in our family anymore!”

Xiang Nanfeng frowned. “Really?”

Jian Ai nodded. “It’s true. Besides, I have a brother. My mother raised me and my brother alone!”

“Have you never seen your father since you were young?” Xiang Nanfeng seemed attracted by Jian Ai’s background.

Like Xiang Nanfeng, Jian Ai’s attitude towards this matter was the same. It was as if it had nothing to do with her. She immediately said, “It was only this year that I saw him for the first time!”

“Ah?” Xiang Nanfeng opened his mouth in surprise. He looked at Jian Ai and carefully probed, “Then you…”

“I hate him!” Before Xiang Nanfeng could ask, she sensed the question he wanted to ask from his tone. “Because he caused my mother’s hard work all these years, I hate him!”

Xiang Nanfeng nodded. In exchange, he took the initiative to say, “I don’t hate my father. I think their divorce is inevitable. It’s boring to fight every day. I was still young at that time. If I were sensible, I would have been the first to stand up and persuade them to get a divorce!”

After saying this, the two looked at each other speechlessly for two to three seconds before smiling. It was as if they had silently gotten closer to each other because of these conversations.

It was like having a friend who knew some secrets that others did not.

Jian Ai had never mentioned her father to anyone else. Xiang Nanfeng was the first!

“Then you’re practicing martial arts at the martial arts school every day. Is there anything else? For example, are you looking for a job?”

After the in-depth and private conversation, Jian Ai was much more relaxed when asking questions.

Xiang Nanfeng shook his head. “No, everyone says I’m too young, so I want to wait another year. When I’m an adult, I’ll find a job to earn money!”

Jian Ai nodded, but Xiang Nanfeng suddenly smiled and said, “On second thought, you’re right!”

“What is right?” Jian Ai blinked inexplicably, not understanding what he meant.

Xiang Nanfeng: “You’re right not to agree to me. Otherwise, you’re dating an unemployed person with no money or job!”

Jian Ai chuckled when she heard this. At this moment, she looked at Xiang Nanfeng. She had long forgotten about the provocative words at the beginning and the manic Xiang Nanfeng.

If what Xiang Nanfeng said was true and he became like this because she beat him up, Jian Ai had to say that if she was given another chance, she would still beat him up.

Because Xiang Nanfeng was a very good person!

Jian Ai didn’t believe that her punches and kicks had made him what he was now. She was more willing to believe that the real Xiang Nanfeng was like this!

After Wang Yunmei left Wang Yunzhong’s place, she went straight to the bank and took out one hundred thousand yuan before sending it back.

Wang Yunzhong returned home after work. As soon as he entered the house, he found one hundred thousand yuan in cash on the table.

He couldn’t help but be stunned. He looked at the money and then at the old man. “Dad, Sister-in-law sent it over?”

After the adjustment this morning, Li Xia said she would go to her maternal family to raise money and see how much she could raise. She would return it to Wang Yunzhong first.

Therefore, Wang Yunzhong subconsciously thought Li Xia had sent the money over.

However, he did not expect her to return so much money!

When the old man heard this, he said, “Xia didn’t send this. Xiao Mei did!”

“Ah?” Wang Yunzhong was stunned when he heard that. He asked inexplicably, “Xiao Mei sent it? Why did she give me money? She even gave me so much!”

“Your mother and I have discussed it. You can’t fork out the money for Yunfa’s matter alone,” the old man said.

Wang Yunzhong was a smart person. He didn’t need the old man to elaborate on the details to understand!

Anger immediately rushed out of his heart. “Dad! What does this have to do with Xiao Mei? Moreover, didn’t we agree that Yunfa would fork out the money? I lent it to him, so he has to return it to me!”

“What do you mean by letting Xiao Mei take a share? Everyone will split it equally? Does that make sense?”

These two elders convinced Wang Yunzhong. They did such a big thing behind his back without even discussing it with him.

Just like that, the other party sent the money over in the afternoon!

When the old man saw that Wang Yunzhong was angry, he felt a little guilty. He couldn’t help but say, “I couldn’t hide it, so Qianqian found out!”

“Qianqian felt she couldn’t get the money back after lending it to Yunfa. She felt that your family had spent this money, so she was angry for the entire afternoon!”

“That’s why your mother and I thought everyone could split it so that Qianqian could calm down!”

It would have been fine if the old man didn’t say it, but once he did, Wang Yunzhong became even angrier. “What kind of twisted logic is this?! How can we not get back the money we lent out? Officer Wang was present when I took out the money. How dare Yunfa go back on his word? I’ll go to court and sue him!”

“Can you not cause trouble for me?!”

Wang Yunzhong couldn’t be bothered to scold them. He didn’t know if these two elders weren’t thinking about things because they were old.

Indeed, Wang Yunfa was a miser. It was as difficult as ascending to the heavens to get money from him.

However, this also depended on the situation. Two hundred and fifty thousand yuan was not a small sum of money. Wang Yunzhong was the one who provided the reconciliation fee. There were witnesses, including Officer Wang. If Wang Yunfa dared to go back on his word and not return the money, Wang Yunzhong could sue him. When the court enforced it, the money would return to Wang Yunzhong’s pocket!

Moreover, Wang Yunfa was married now. Wang Yunfa was a good-for-nothing, and there was still Li Xia. From Li Xia’s attitude today, Wang Yunzhong could feel that she had no intention of not returning the money!

In the end, he did not take it seriously, but these two elders even “helped him” when they came back!

Moreover, Wang Yunmei had to fork out money for this matter? Could she handle it? So what if she was his biological sister? Wang Yunfa had caused such a huge disaster, so he had to bear it himself!

Wang Yunzhong couldn’t be bothered to talk to the old man anymore. He immediately found a plastic bag from the cabinet, walked to the sofa, and stuffed the one hundred thousand yuan into it. “I’ll send this money back to Xiao Mei. Let me tell you. The settlement fee for this matter is two hundred and fifty thousand yuan. Be it me or Xiao Mei, we have no obligation to fork out money for Yunfa! I did fork out money, but that was a loan. He has to return it. There’s no way he can go back on his word! It’s already good enough that I ran around for him without asking for money, but he still wants us to fork out money for him? Dream on!”

Without waiting for the old man to speak, Wang Yunzhong strode out of the house!

When the old lady heard the voice, she came down from upstairs. She didn’t see Wang Yunzhong, but she saw the old man standing there with an ugly expression. She couldn’t help but ask with a strange expression, “I heard Yunzhong speak just now. Where is he?”

The old man snorted and sat down. Without looking up, he said, “He went to deliver money to Xiao Mei!”

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