Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 1269 - 1269 Creating Trouble for Her

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1269 Creating Trouble for Her

“Deliver money?”

The old lady rushed down the stairs and looked at the empty coffee table. The one hundred thousand yuan in cash that was piled there was gone!

The old lady widened her eyes and looked at the old man anxiously. “What is he doing? Didn’t we agree to split it equally?!”

After being scolded by Wang Yunzhong, the old man was also extremely upset. How could he have the mood to explain to the old lady? He couldn’t help but say impatiently, “Oh, don’t interfere in this matter. Yunzhong has his plans!”

Seeing that the old man was unwilling to say anything, the old lady became even more anxious. She immediately put on her slippers and chased after him, but she only saw the tail light of Wang Yunzhong’s Mercedes-Benz car!

It was already eight in the evening. Yaochi Club was preparing for the night’s opening. As soon as Wang Yunmei arrived at the office, her assistant came in with a pile of documents!

“Manager Wang!” The assistant called out. Then, she walked to the desk and said, “This is the club’s report for this month, as well as the breakdown of all the club’s revenue output and the summary of the various departments in the second half of this year.”

“They’re all here?” Wang Yunmei asked gently.

The assistant nodded. “They’re all here. The details of the drinks department are more complicated, but they also submitted it within the stipulated time. They even simplified the report so that it’s easier for you to review it!”

When Wang Yunmei heard this, she couldn’t help but smile and nod gently. “It’s been hard on everyone. Later, inform the various departments. It’s almost the end of the year. Our Yaochi will hold an employee team bonding session. Let’s set it at the afternoon of Monday, the twenty-ninth. Inform the managers of the various departments in advance to let me know the number of attendees!”

Because Yaochi was a club, other than Wang Yunmei, the club’s leader, and the second-in-command, the vice president, who belonged to the Ji Group, the various department managers and low-level employees only belonged to Yaochi. Therefore, they could not take part in the Ji Group’s annual meeting.

Because of the nature of the club’s operations, there had never been an annual meeting activity in the past. Therefore, Wang Yunmei thought she could organize an employee team bonding session at the end of the year. When the time came, everyone could gather for a gathering to play games and draw the lottery. It would also be lively!

The assistant nodded. “Alright, Manager Wang. I’ll inform them now.”

After the assistant left, Wang Yunmei focused on looking through these documents.

Originally, the reports for that month had to be tabulated and reviewed at the beginning of the next month. However, because this was the last month at the end of the year and involved the club statistics for the second half of the year, the reports for the last month had to be submitted for review in advance.

Ever since Wang Yunmei took over this year, Yaochi’s business situation had been increasing every month. First, it was a high-end club and it was the first choice for the upper class to have fun.

Second, it was also because of Wang Yunmei, the general manager. Many customers were very sticky with Wang Yunmei. Most of them often came to Yaochi to have fun because of Wang Yunmei.

However, if she wanted to complete the review of this thick stack of documents with no mistakes, she would probably have to work overtime tonight!

Because Wang Yunmei knew she could not be negligent about this matter. After she handled it, they would send the final report to the Ji Group’s headquarters!

Wang Yunzhong knew that Wang Yunmei was already at work, so he didn’t go to Wang Yunzhi’s house to look for her. Instead, he drove straight to Yaochi.

“Welcome. Hello, Sir. Do you have an appointment?”

As soon as Wang Yunzhong entered because he was still wearing his work suit, it was obvious that he was an elite in the business world. Therefore, the receptionist went forward to welcome him warmly.

When Wang Yunzhong heard this, he said, “Ah, I’m here to look for someone!”

“Alright, Sir. Which private room has the customer you’re looking for? I can take you there.” The receptionist asked with a smile.

“No, I’m looking for your Manager Wang. I’m her brother!” Wang Yunzhong quickly explained his intentions.

The receptionist was stunned for a moment before coming back to her senses and nodding. “Alright, Mr. Wang, please wait in the rest area at the side. I’ll inform our lobby manager first and let the lobby manager inform Manager Wang for you, okay?!”

The procedure was clear because the receptionist naturally couldn’t look for Wang Yunmei directly.

Wang Yunzhong nodded. “Alright, thank you. Sorry to trouble you!”

He walked to the sofa in the rest area and sat down. In the next second, a waiter in the hall served black tea and fruits. The service was excellent.

Wang Yunzhong had been to Yaochi once, but it was many years ago. At that time, Yaochi Club had just opened for business, but it was already famous among the upper-class society.

It was not like the harsh membership system in Shuiyun Club. Yaochi welcomed everyone to spend. The only condition was that as long as they had money!

It was also because of this condition that most people were rejected. Even Wang Yunzhong, who was a millionaire a few years ago, had only visited once.

He knew very well what the consumption level was in Yaochi. A few years ago, it was already not something he could withstand. Now, it would probably be even higher.

At least tens of thousands of yuan or even millions of yuan were spent on each trip. The reason was that the Ji Group’s club targeted upper-class people. The extravagance of the upper-class people was not something ordinary people could imagine!

At this moment, he was sitting in the rest area and looking around Yaochi’s dazzling hall. It did not change from the Yaochi in his impression, but it still looked brand new. It was as dazzling as when Yaochi first opened.

Even though Wang Yunzhong had already become a big boss with a net worth of tens of millions of yuan, he still didn’t have much confidence sitting there.

As time passed, his sister, whom he initially looked down on the most, became the general manager with the highest authority here!

When Wang Yunmei learned her brother was here, she subconsciously thought of Wang Yunzhong. She looked at the pile of documents in front of her and couldn’t help but sigh. She thought to herself that he had caused trouble for her.

However, she was helpless. Since she knew, she definitely wouldn’t leave Wang Yunzhong alone. She could only stop what she was doing and come down from the office on the top floor.

As soon as she reached the hall, Wang Yunzhong, who had been waiting for a long time, saw Wang Yunmei in a professional outfit. He stood up and was about to go forward when a customer who had come to Yaochi to have a fun beat him to it!

“Oh, Manager Wang, long time no see!”

The person who greeted her was a successful female boss. Her surname was Guo, and she specialized in the clothing industry. Her brand was very famous in the country and she was a regular customer of Yaochi.

“Manager Guo! It’s been a while since you’ve been here. How have you been? Are you busy?” Wang Yunmei immediately remembered the other party’s surname. This was also one of her strengths. After all, there were thousands of customers who came to Yaochi. It was not easy to remember the other party’s surname.

However, Wang Yunmei could. As long as she came two or three times and chatted with her, she would remember!

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