Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 924 - I'm Supportive  

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Chapter 924: I’m Supportive

As soon as he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but mutter, “I’ve never been to the Maldives.”

“After you survive this year and achieve results that Dad is satisfied with, he will agree to anything you want.”

Wang Zichen pursed his lips indifferently. “Alright, I won’t talk to you anymore. I still have a paper to do. I’ll sleep after that.”

Without waiting for Wang Zimeng to respond, they had already hung the video call up.

Wang Zimeng sighed softly and turned around to look at Jian Ai on the bed. “Sister, did you hear that?”

Jian Ai nodded as she looked at the screen and typed. “I heard it. It seems like something Uncle would do.”

“The last time I met my father, he asked me similar questions. I didn’t think too much about it. Who knew it would be so soon? Moreover, I feel that the woman should be the mistress from before,” Wang Zimeng guessed thoughtfully.

Jian Ai paused and looked up at Wang Zimeng. “Have you seen that woman?”

Wang Zimeng shook her head. “No, but I vaguely felt that my father had a mistress, so he divorced my mother. Otherwise, I can’t think of any other reason.”

Jian Ai blinked and thought to herself that children were so sensitive nowadays that they could even feel this.

She had seen that mistress a few times, but it didn’t seem appropriate to say this in front of Wang Zimeng.

After chatting with Lin Yi and the rest in the group chat for a while, Jian Ai closed her computer and took off her mask. Then, she asked Wang Zimeng, “Are you planning to tell your mother about this?”

Wang Zimeng nodded without hesitation. “Anyway, she’ll know sooner or later. Perhaps she’ll know when she returns to China. I might as well tell her.”

Jian Ai nodded slightly. With her aunt’s personality, even if she knew, she shouldn’t have much of a reaction. After all, she was dating now, and she had completely let go of her uncle.

Thinking of her aunt’s new relationship, Jian Ai couldn’t help but look at Wang Zimeng and ask tentatively, “Zimeng, if your mother marries again in the future, your attitude is…”

“I’m supportive!” Wang Zimeng blurted out in all seriousness. “I’ve always hoped that my mother would meet a man suitable for marriage in the future. She’s not even forty years old yet, and she’s getting better at living and dressing up. She’s more worthy of a happy marriage than my father.”

“And I believe in my mother. She’s different from my father. A man who can make her willing to get married at this stage is definitely not bad.”

Hearing Wang Zimeng’s words, Jian Ai was happy for Jiang Chunfen in her heart. For any relationship, nothing was better than receiving the blessings of the most important person.

To Jiang Chunfen, the most important person was naturally Wang Zimeng.

The next day, they ate breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. Wang Zimeng told everyone that Wang Yunzhong was getting married again.

Wang Yunmei, Wang Yunzhi, and the rest were a little surprised. Only Jiang Chunfen didn’t feel surprised at all.

Because of his adultery, it was reasonable for him to marry another woman after the divorce.

Moreover, she thought that Wang Yunzhong would be eager to get married again. Now that they had only gotten married half a year after the divorce, and it was only because the other party was pregnant, Jiang Chunfen was surprised.

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