Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School-Chapter 925 - Shall We Collaborate?  

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Chapter 925: Shall We Collaborate?

“Sister-in-law.” Wang Yunzhi immediately looked at Jiang Chunfen and said softly, “We know why you and Brother got a divorce back then. Although this matter was a little sudden, we could still think of the reason.”

As if afraid that Jiang Chunfen would feel uncomfortable, Wang Yunzhi tried to comfort her.

Jiang Chunfen knew what everyone was thinking, but she didn’t have any other thoughts. Now, Wang Yunzhong only had one identity in her heart, and that was the father of her two children. He had nothing to do with her.

“You don’t have to worry about me.” Jiang Chunfen smiled and said gently, “Actually, I expected all of this. Moreover, his business is his business. We’re already divorced and have our own new lives. No one will disturb each other.”

If she had not forgotten Wang Yunzhong, she would not have agreed to be with Qiao Yuan. This was the best proof.

“Don’t talk about Uncle anymore. When we return to China after the trip, everything will be clear,” Jian Ai said. “Maybe when they get married, Uncle will invite Aunt to the wedding.”

“That can’t be, right?” Wang Zimeng frowned and looked at Jiang Chunfen. “Mom, don’t go. It’ll be troublesome.”

Jian Ai was just joking to tell everyone that her aunt wouldn’t be affected by her uncle at all. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chunfen chuckled. “If he dares to invite me, why wouldn’t I dare to go?”

Seeing this, Wang Yunmei and Wang Yunzhi couldn’t help but look at each other. Then, they shook their heads and laughed. “Sister-in-law, if he dares to invite you, then go.”

After breakfast, Jian Ai returned to her room and called Bai Zhou to ask if anything else had happened in the past two days.

Although the killer admitted that he was the only one on this mission, Bai Zhou and the rest were still quite careful. Fortunately, they did not encounter any other danger.

Jian Ai couldn’t help but feel relieved. She hung up after giving him some instructions.

However, just as she hung up, her phone rang again. It was Ji Haoyu.

“What is it?” Jian Ai picked it up and asked.

As if he did not expect Jian Ai to pick up so quickly, Ji Haoyu was slightly stunned on the other end of the phone. Then, he said with a smile, “You’re up? What are you doing?”

Jian Ai walked to the recliner outside the room and sat down. She said softly, “I just finished breakfast. What’s the matter?”

“Can’t I call you if there’s nothing? You’ve been away from Baiyun City for a few days, but you didn’t even contact me. I miss you.” Ji Haoyu was lounging on the sofa in his living room. If there was anyone beside him, they would notice that his expression was so happy and gentle.

Jian Ai rolled her eyes impatiently when she heard this. She thought Ji Haoyu’s words were indecent again. “Don’t disgust me. If there’s nothing, I’m hanging up.”

“There’s something,” Ji Haoyu quickly said. He sat up from the sofa. “I have something serious.”

Jian Ai paused and gave him another chance. “Speak!”

“When are you coming back?” Ji Haoyu asked.

Jian Ai answered, “I’m taking the plane tomorrow night and will reach Baiyun City the day after tomorrow. Why?”

“The Ji Group has a new project. Shall we collaborate?” Ji Haoyu said calmly, unable to hide the smugness in his tone.

However, Jian Ai was stunned.

He wanted to collaborate with her for one of the Ji Group’s projects?

Her first reaction was that she found it unreliable. Jian Ai snorted and said into the receiver, “Don’t tease me. I know my company’s capabilities. I’m not qualified to collaborate with your company.”

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