Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2300 - Not Raising the Price

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Chapter 2300: Not Raising the Price

“Do you have to be afraid of not being able to find someone to help you if you’re willing to pay them? Otherwise, you can simply hire a few more capable lawyers!”


She finally understood that Qiao Nan had a much higher chance of getting the Zhu family’s money. No matter how much Wang Yang offered her now, there was still no certainty over whether Wang Yang would be able to get a cent in the first place.

Of course, she hoped that Wang Yang would win against Qiao Nan so that that sum of money would be hers. But because of everything that had happened in the past two years, Qiao Zijin had realized something. As long as Qiao Nan was involved, it wouldn’t end well for the other party, no matter who it was. She had also found out that Zhai Sheng’s ex-wife had tried to reconcile with him before Qiao Nan had gotten married to him.

Zhai Sheng’s first wife had a background that matched the Zhai family’s. Even so, she had lost out to someone like Qiao Nan and had failed at remarrying Zhai Sheng. If Zhai Sheng’s ex-wife hadn’t even been able to succeed, how could Wang Yang possibly succeed?

As such, no matter how beautiful a picture Wang Yang painted, they were nothing more than empty words. Besides, Qiao Nan was too evil. It was unlikely that Wang Yang would ever win against Qiao Nan. It was better for her to let go and cut her losses as soon as possible. Otherwise, her expenses would definitely exceed what Wang Yang had initially given her. Would Wang Yang still be able to pay her once he lost that case?

Even a fool would know that that was impossible.

Qiao Nan was evil, and Wang Yang’s chances of winning were close to zero. Neither did she want to spend her own money dealing with this matter. After some consideration, Qiao Zijin felt that it was better for her to cut her losses by leaving as soon as possible. Whether or not he won, Wang Yang had to give her ten million yuan. Otherwise, there was no point in her interfering in the matter anymore.

“Qiao Zijin, I already said that we can discuss this once we get off the bus.” Wang Yang was in a foul mood with so many pairs of curious eyes on him. He didn’t think that Qiao Zijin was being truthful. How could she possibly bear to give up ten million yuan? “What I said yesterday still stands. We can still discuss the price now.”

For the first time, Qiao Zijin had a sense of how Qiao Nan felt when dealing with her and Ding Jiayi. Had she not already made herself clear? Why was Wang Yang behaving as though he understood nothing and even insisting on dragging her off the bus? “Sorry, sir, but I don’t really know this guy well. Could you get him off the bus? I’m in a hurry to get home.”

Wang Yang’s words had been rather vague. It seemed as though they had gotten into an argument, but it always seemed as though they were discussing a business deal. None of the bystanders could figure out the relationship between the two of them.

“Sir, why don’t you get off first? Look at all these passengers. We can’t possibly waste everyone’s time because of you.” The driver chased Wang Yang off the bus after giving it some thought. He could tell that the two of them didn’t share a particularly close relationship. Qiao Zijin was a woman, after all, and most would stand on the woman’s side in such situations.

Wang Yang’s face was flushed with anger. “Are you sure you’re going back to Ping Cheng? Once you leave, you’ll never get a second chance! You’d better take this opportunity when you still can! This is my last warning to you. How much do you want?”

Up until now, Wang Yang still thought that Qiao Zijin’s insistence was because she wanted a higher offer.

Wang Yang had no other choice. Whoever admitted defeat first would lose. Compared to Qiao Zijin, he had much more at stake. Naturally, he was the more anxious one between the two of them. Qiao Zijin was still calm, but Wang Yang was not.

Even though it was highly unlikely that Qiao Zijin would be able to persuade Qiao Nan, Wang Yang could not bear to give up on that slightest bit of hope he had. After all, Qiao Nan was crazy and abnormal in Wang Yang’s eyes.

She was already an old woman in her forties, but she didn’t have any close friends or family by her side. Although Li Yayan had gotten to know Qiao Nan this year, she had made no progress in their friendship aside from a couple of meals with Qiao Nan over the course of a few months.

Because Qiao Nan had no close friends by her side, Wang Yang’s best bet was her relative, even though that relative didn’t share a close relationship with her. If the triplets had been slightly older, Wang Yang could have taken advantage of them. But the triplets were only five months old. What could they do apart from eating? Even toys didn’t mean much to them at this age.

Left with no other choice, Wang Yang was naturally unwilling to let go of even Qiao Zijin. With Qiao Zijin around, Wang Yang still had the slightest bit of hope of convincing Qiao Nan to give up the inheritance, at the very least.

If Qiao Zijin were to leave, he would have no choice but to go through with the lawsuit. Just like what Qiao Zijin had said, he could have hired the most powerful and capable lawyers to fight this lawsuit for him instead of wasting his breath on Qiao Zijin. His offer to Qiao Zijin was not low at all. Even if he couldn’t higher a team, he could hire a capable one, at the very least.

The problem was that both Wang Yang and Qiao Zijin were clear that Qiao Zijin would only be able to take that sum of money if she succeeded, whether it was five or ten million yuan. In other words, if Qiao Zijin failed and Wang Yang got the Zhu family’s assets through other means, Wang Yang’s promise to Qiao Zijin wouldn’t hold, and Qiao Zijin wouldn’t receive a single cent from him.

This sum of money hinged on Qiao Zijin’s success. If Qiao Zijin were to succeed, and Wang Yang got all of the Zhu family’s assets, it would be easy for Wang Yang to give Qiao Zijin ten million yuan, let alone five million.

But hiring a lawyer didn’t work in this way. The better a lawyer was, the higher his price would be. The problem was that this price didn’t depend on a promised condition. It was a transaction. Whether they won the case, Wang Yang would have to pay the lawyer nonetheless. In fact, he could even propose to pay the lawyer a specified percentage of his winnings to encourage the lawyer. But that certain cut of his winnings would depend on whether he won the lawsuit.

With such a comparison, it was clear that there was no risk in engaging Qiao Zijin’s help, and it would even be the most cost-effective method.

If he could use this method on lawyers and only pay them if they won his case, while not paying them a single cent if they lost, Wang Yang would have hired the best lawyers in the world to fight this lawsuit for him.

Qiao Zijin opened a bottle of water. “I won’t raise my price. Let’s just go with your original offer.”

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