Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2077

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Chapter 2077: The Start

Ye Jian thought that Principal Chen didn’t hear the conversation between her and Sun Dongqing and Ye Ying. When she walked out of the hospital, she realized that she had underestimated the hearing of a sniper.

“Ye Ying is about to enter the army. What are your thoughts?” As soon as she walked out of the hospital, Principal Chen asked calmly, causing Ye Jian to stop in her tracks. Just as she was thinking about how to answer, Principal Chen said, “Are you afraid?”


She did not feel any fear. Instead, she felt that it was a good thing. It would be a good time to send the recording to Commander Xia and let him know what Staff Officer Du had done.

It was also evidence that Ye Zhifan was abusing his power for personal gain!

Ye Jian smiled and said, “No, Ye Ying isn’t enough to make me be afraid. What I need to be careful of is Ye Zhifan. He’s the foundation of the Ye family in the Southern Province. We have to capture the leader. As long as the Ye Zhifan is taken down, Ye Ying won’t have a chance.”

Those who were in the wrong felt at ease. Those people were even arrogant enough to show off in front of her. If they were not afraid of being exposed, why should she be afraid?

Facing Principal Chen’s scrutinizing gaze, the warm smile on her face was like a spring breeze.

“Uncle Chen, I’ve never been afraid of the Ye family. Not in the past, and definitely not in the future.

“So what if Ye Ying enters the army? So what if she enters the capital city’s political regiment? She will never be able to achieve anything.

“Even Ye Zhifan is extremely careful when he plays with power. He’s afraid that he’ll be doomed if he’s not careful. Ye Ying thinks that she can do whatever she wants after entering the army, so I’ll just let her continue thinking naively.”

Her calm words and composure made Principal Chen laugh. “Girl, you’ve really grown up.

“That’s right. Ye Ying entering the army doesn’t mean anything. She can’t cause any trouble. On the contrary, as long as she dares to make a move, the first person who won’t let her off will be the person who sent her into the army.

“As a person, we have to fight for things but we also have to follow the rules! Ye Ying is very smart, but that’s also her flaw. People who think too highly of themselves will never go far, and they’ll never be good enough.

“You’re quite right. Let her keep her naive mindset.”

Ye Jian pursed her lips and smiled. Uncle Chen’s focus was still on Ye Zhifan. He didn’t think Ye Ying could do anything.


However, if Ye Ying didn’t attempt to do something, she wouldn’t be Ye Ying.

The recording on the phone should be able to put Ye Ying in a difficult position. However, it would depend on Commander Xia’s arrangements. These matters were not something a mere military school student like her could interfere in.

Ye Ying was right about one thing. Ye Jian was indeed a small military school student who couldn’t do anything. She could only hand the recording to Commander Xia.

Commander Xia, who had received the recording, played it to the Military Disciplinary Committee. It was clear who had done what and who had entered the army because of whom.

She was blacklisted from the college entrance examination and had heart disease… How could such a person enter the capital city’s political regiment? She was even recorded?

The generals in the Military Disciplinary Committee looked at each other. When did Staff Officer Du become so unreliable?

Commander Xia, who had made a copy of the recording, did not interfere in this matter anymore. Old Du had his hands tied, but Director Ye of the Southern Province was still out there.

After raising such an arrogant daughter, he should know that his career would not go far.

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