Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2078

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Chapter 2078: Hard To Speak

Staff Officer Du wouldn’t be able to do anything for a while, but the investigation into Ye Zhifan had already started.

At this moment, the Southern Province was still peaceful. Ye Jian, who had handed the recording to Commander Xia, left the provincial city in the evening. She needed to return to Shuikou Village to retrieve her mother’s belongings.

Last year, Commissioner Cai came at night and handed the relics entrusted to him by Sun Xueqing to Principal Chen. Ye Jian didn’t even know about them until Principal Chen mentioned them.

Other than that, Ye Zhifan also had the belongings of Martyr Sun Xueqing.

Thinking of her mother, Ye Jian, who had boarded the train, leaned against the window and slowly closed her eyes to hide the sadness in them. A determined look appeared on her beautiful face.

‘Girl, I hid the belongings of Martyr Sun Xueqing in the closet. You can retrieve them first. Ye Zhifan also has the belongings of Martyr Sun Xueqing. Those are what your mother left for you. You have to retrieve them too.

‘Ye Zhifan’s family is very proud now. Avoid the limelight and take back the belongings your mother left for you. Their family won’t be proud for long.’

In her previous life, she was useless. She didn’t see any of the belongings left behind for her by her mother. She didn’t even know that Ye Zhifan had her mother’s belongings!

In this life, she could not make the same mistakes as in her previous life. She had to correct all the mistakes in her previous life!

Principal Chen’s instructions flashed across her mind. Ye Jian, who was secretly adjusting her breathing, gradually calmed down. Ye Zhifan seemed to have a bright career now, but he didn’t know that sending Ye Ying into the army was equivalent to cutting off his career.

She would let them be smug for a while longer. The higher they climbed, the more painful it would be when they fell!

She was waiting for the family to fall from the clouds into the mud!

When she returned to Shuikou Village, it was about five o’clock in the afternoon the next day. The village was filled with smoke and fragrant food.

The festive atmosphere in the village was very strong. Every family had a couple of red lanterns hanging at the door. Ye Jian thanked the villagers for their warm invitations and returned to her house.

Home was still the same. The green tiles, the white walls, the grass, and the trees were all so familiar.

Creak! She pushed open the wooden door with rusty hinges and turned on the lights. The white light illuminated every corner of the main room, furnishings, and familiar atmosphere. This is her home. It could make her feel relieved.


When her gaze landed on the two big chairs in the main hall, Ye Jian’s eyes started to well up with tears.

One was Grandpa Gen’s favorite big chair. The old man would always sit in the big chair, while she would sit in the other. She would listen quietly to the old man as he taught her how to be a good person and how to make a living. He often lectured and educated her.

Things had changed. Their home was still here, but the old man who was so dedicated to raising her well was no longer around.

Ye Jian pursed her lips and walked to the big chair step by step. She slowly sat down and tilted her body slightly to face the other big chair. She maintained her past posture of listening to Uncle Gen’s lectures.

“Grandpa, Ye Zhifan will fall soon. Look, I’ve been waiting for this day for so long. You told me in the past that some things can’t be rushed. I’ve always remembered your words. I’ve waited, hoped, and guarded… Now that the day is finally approaching, I’m really happy.”

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