Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 1074 - Backlash    

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Chapter 1074: Backlash

In the end, Huang Yueyan recalled a sentence at the last minute. That sentence was the same as what Little Treasure had said to Shen Xiaoxiao, which was:

“A tree that stands out in the forest will be destroyed by the wind.”

There was also another sentence, “The bird that stands out will be shot first.”

If the financial crisis led by R Country was about to arrive, then Huang Yueyan’s temporary deficiencies could indeed win her more things. At the very least, many troubles would not be automatically resolved.

The meeting was held as usual, but she was no longer as anxious as before. Indeed, the intentions of R Country at this global summit were too obvious. No one was a fool. In the future, not only in the economy, but also in national affairs… It was likely that there would be a big shock. Therefore, the best way was to hibernate. Just like a lion in winter, enduring temporary hunger, when spring came, there would naturally be fattening of animals to feed them.

It was not as if Huang Yueyan had never gone into hibernation before. In fact, it was not as difficult as she imagined.


“Have you settled everything?”

“I’m so tired. What are we eating tonight? Lou Yin, where’s your overseer?”

“He’s in the lounge. What’s wrong?”

“The thousand miles sound transmission really came? What’s the matter?”

“It’s a personal grudge. There will be a duel in three days. It’s a battle of spells.”

“A duel of the Celestial Sect of Wonders?”

Huang Yueyan’s interest was piqued when she heard this. A duel of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. This was going to be interesting. She had yet to see how this battle of spells was going to be fought.

Shen Xiaoxiao glanced at Huang Yueyan. This girl was really big-hearted. Of course, those who were not big-hearted could still sit here and watch them fight the landlord even though they knew that their assets would be reduced by a quarter, this woman’s breadth of mind was definitely not something that an ordinary man could compare to.

“Can we go and take a look?”

Yan Shengmo was obviously very interested in this. This woman was interested in anything that had suspense and was unknown. Lou Yin looked at the only student in the Academy who had graduated early and directly said:

“It’s not that I don’t want to bring you guys. The overseer said that there is danger and that feng shui masters kill without a trace. It’s better for you guys not to go and watch the show. When the time comes, he is afraid that he won’t be able to protect you guys. I knew that you guys wanted to go, so I have already helped you ask.”

“What a pity, but I still want to go and take a look.”

“If you really want to go, it’s not that you can’t. I heard that in three days, you can go to the Triad gathering. You should be able to see some of it. After all, Chang Liu relies on the Triad to run rampant in R Country, so the Triad is also his territory. As long as you go to the Triad gathering and don’t cause trouble, nothing will happen.”

“Yeah, I just heard from Yan Kuan that he will be there in three days. When that time comes, we can really go together.”

The few women gathered together again. They wanted to watch TV and surf the Internet to search for trending topics, but when they turned on the computer, it was all news about that celebrity and her short videos. It was too boring.

“Xiaoxiao, your husband’s actions are too fast. Also, can you request to change the channel? It’s always these AV short videos. Isn’t he afraid that the children will learn to be bad?”

“That’s true. After all, there are still many children in R Country. I’ll go and talk to Yan Kuan.”

After Shen Xiaoxiao finished her story, she really called Yan Kuan. Not long after, the television station changed the channel. This time, it was a promotional video that promoted peace education. This time, she was not afraid of crossing the wrong people.

The few of them were really bored. Moreover, they did not know how chaotic it was outside R Country, so they could only stay in the hotel. Yan Shengmo ran to Da Bao’s room and touched all of Da Bao’s bones before saying,

“Her muscles and bones are really good.”

For some reason, these words actually made the other three women feel a little creeped out.

“Why are you all looking at me like that? If this was in the past, this would be a martial arts prodigy. You’re really making a mountain out of a molehill.”

Yan Shengmo walked away proudly. Don’t think that she didn’t know what these three women were thinking. She wasn’t perverted enough to touch a child. Moreover, this was Xiaoxiao and the Black Emperor’s daughter. She would only touch her if she ate too much.

“Come and play mahjong. I’m going to kill all of you. I’ll make you look at me with those small eyes just now.”

“D*mn, Yan Shengmo, it’s your eyes that are too revealing, okay? You’re about to take turns drooling. How can we not think about it? Also, I should be the one to kill all of you today. My business has directly shrunk by 20%. Shen Xiaoxiao, it’s all your husband’s fault.”

“Then I have to look for Xiaoxiao to win my travel expenses. Xiaoxiao, you’ll lose to the three of us today.”

“Why? My Yan Kuan said that our KN will also be affected. No, we’ll have to rely on our own abilities. I still have to save up the dowry for my Da Bao.”


On the other side, the woman was playing happily. Da Bao and Little Treasure’s rooms were together. At this time, Little Treasure was telling Heavenly Soldier in detail about the short appetizer he had with Chang Liu.

After saying this, Heavenly Soldier concluded:

“In the human world, he is indeed an expert among experts. To be able to reach such a level, I’m afraid that even China cannot find two. He was able to wake up from your illusion and was even unharmed. This shows how powerful he is. If you fight him, he will be prepared. Crown Prince, you must not be careless.”

“Ah? So powerful? I thought he was not as powerful as those yin soldiers.” Little Treasure looked at Heavenly Soldier in surprise.

Heavenly Soldier said without worry,”Even if he is powerful, he can’t beat you. He is only considered top-tier in the human world. As for the yin soldiers, they are not comparable because the yin soldiers can only gather yin qi for my use. However, the feng shui master knows better.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. After the human world, we will still experience the ghost world, the demon world, and the magic world. As long as we can complete the training in these three worlds, Your Highness will be able to bring back the Little Princess.”

“Yes, I know, I know.”

Little Treasure nodded his head vigorously. He was neither afraid nor anxious. He would definitely be able to save Da Bao. Definitely.

“Eh, what happened to Da Bao? Why is there a flash of golden light?”

Heavenly Soldier did not move. He looked at Da Bao and said, “Someone tried to calculate the Little Princess’ fate, but it backfired.”

“Ah? Calculate Da Bao’s fate? Who is it?”

“It should be the fate of the Black Emperor, Prince Consort. The Little Princess’ and the Prince Consort’s fate are unique and precious. It is not something that ordinary humans can calculate. Naturally, they will be backfired on.”

“Just like the previous uncle overseer?”

“Yes, because the overseer directly used the Crown Prince’s eight characters to calculate, he reduced his lifespan by ten years as a punishment. This way, if he makes the calculation for Lord Black Emperor, his lifespan will be reduced by at least three years.”

“Is it that Chang Liu from before?”


“Hmph, serves him right. When the time comes, I’ll teach him a good lesson.”

On the other end.

“Pfft…” A mouthful of blood protruded out, and Chang Liu fell to the ground.

“Master, what happened to you?”

Ying Zi was shocked. Wasn’t it a divination of fate? Why was Master like this?

“It rebounded.”

“Ah? What?”

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