Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 1075 - What Is True Love   

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Chapter 1075: What Is True Love


This was not the first time that the word ‘rebound’ or ‘backfire’ had appeared in Ying Zi’s world. If the opponent’s spells were profound enough to break the feng shui formation set up by the spellcaster, then the spellcaster would be rebound against.

But now, Master was only calculating the fate of the Black Emperor. How could it backfire? Was the Black Emperor really that powerful?

They naturally didn’t know that they were calculating the Black Emperor, but the Black Emperor had given birth to a pair of amazing children. How could they be able to predict that?

So at this time, whether it was Ying Zi or Chang Liu, they would all think that they were suffering from a backfire because of the Black Emperor. They definitely didn’t expect to suffer such a serious injury because they were calculating the Black Emperor’s children.

“Is the Black Emperor so powerful? He can make you like this just by divining his fate?”

“Hahaha, it’s even better this way. It’s so expensive. Ying Zi, even if he’s not a Nine Yang Life Matrix, he can still suppress your fate plate.”

Ying Zi was overjoyed when she heard that. Could it really be so? Even if the Black Emperor was not a Nine Yang Life Matrix, he could still help her?

“Master, is it true?”

“Of course. It’s not a waste for Master to lose three years of his lifespan. Knowing that the other party is such an expert, I have enough plans and preparations.”

“Three years of lifespan? Master, you lost three years of lifespan with just one deduction? Is the Black Emperor’s fate so expensive that it can’t be calculated?”

“Yes, yes. Alright, you can leave now. I need to prepare for three days. Three days later, I will borrow the Dragon Whipping Whip.”

“Master even wants to invite the Dragon Whipping Whip?”

Ying Zi knew that this Dragon Whipping Whip was the most precious treasure of their sect. Just like its name, even the reincarnation of a true dragon would not be able to withstand this whip. Three whips would definitely take the life of a dragon, let alone a human.

“Don’t worry, I will only take him back. I will not take his life. Leave.”

Ying Zi knew that this master was really good to her. There was nothing that she could not do for him. Now that she heard what her master said, she felt relieved. She even began to imagine what kind of life she would lead after she became that man’s woman. What kind of life would she lead?

However, Chang Liu hadn’t started his seclusion yet when the Emperor of R Country had already personally sent people to invite him. After understanding the whole story, not only Ying Zi, even Chang Liu’s senses towards the Black Emperor were refreshed once again. If such a person was taken back… In the future, no matter how global Chang Liu was, he would be an emperor-like existence. It seemed that this battle could only be won and not lost.

However, they really didn’t expect that once the rumored Black Emperor made his move, he would directly face a country. This made everyone completely unsure of how to describe their fear of the Black Emperor.

At this moment, every country in the world had received the news that the Black Emperor had made his move against R Country. Of course, that was also because the Black Emperor had no intention of concealing his identity. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to find out either. Even so… The news that they had received was that the Black Emperor was furious for his woman.

The fact that his wife was so pampered made them completely speechless.

Jiang Haoting sat in his office and listened to the internal discussion below. The Global Summit had ended. China was still considering how to negotiate with R Country, and the Black Emperor had sent such a big gift.

In this way, no matter how powerful R Country was, it would take at least half a year for them to recover. Half a year was enough for all the countries to make sufficient preparations. Even if R Country wanted to jump around, it wouldn’t be able to do so.

This move was truly beautiful.

“Your husband is so shameless. He discounted your name to deal with R Country. Let me tell you, don’t be deceived by him. Maybe he doesn’t love you that much.”

Huang Yueyan was slandering Yan Kuan for free. Shen Xiaoxiao naturally knew that she was angry and said this on purpose. It was a joke to begin with. She wouldn’t take it seriously.

“Wait a minute, I want to touch you. Yueyan, you’re jealous, understand?”

“Hehe, only you can stand that woman in your family. He’s so possessive, he’s not suitable for a strong woman like me.”

“Ten thousand, I want a bar. Shengmo, hurry up. Why are you so hesitant to play mahjong with such a smart head? Are you an archaeologist?”

Huang Yueyan looked at Yan Shengmo with disdain. Yan Shengmo ignored her. This girl was very angry today. She probably had her period, but she was still very slow. Huang Yueyan could only point her gun at Shen Xiaoxiao and continue:

“You’re right. You have to have ability, looks, and the most important thing is to have a baby. Your life is very easy to make people jealous.”

“Are you jealous?”

“I’m not jealous, but I think it won’t be long before more than half of the women in the world will be jealous.”

“Hmph, it’s all because of me. Don’t forget, I’m the d*mn strict and decent fiancée,” Lou Yin added, unwilling to be outdone.

Unfortunately, just as she finished speaking, Yan Shengmo continued, “But it’s even more unfortunate that your ex-fiancé didn’t take a fancy to you.”

“D*mn, you’re actually so vicious. It’s me who looks down on him and doesn’t want him. He’s so arrogant and has a bad temper. The most important thing is that if I can’t win a fight with him, I’ll be at a disadvantage. Wait, you’re screwed, hahaha.”

They didn’t expect Lou Yin to be so lucky. She was the one who had been winning the whole afternoon. However, when Shen Xiaoxiao heard what Lou Yin said, she couldn’t help but say something.

“Are you stupid? A man who can fight with you and let you win, what do you want to do? Regardless of whether you win or not, he will let you win. That is true love, okay?”

“You are the stupid one. You should say that a man who can let you beat him without fighting back is true love.” Huang Yueyan thought of her family’s Ai Wei. Wasn’t that the case? She immediately added.

“I say that you’re all stupid. You don’t have to beat him up. He can even give you anything in his body. That’s what counts. If you dissect him and he lets you familiarize yourself with every bone and structure in his body, hahaha, that’s true love.” Yan Shengmo’s words made the three women stop what they were doing and look at her. Then, they all rolled their eyes at her.




“D*mn, you three women look down on me.”

“You just realized it? Let me tell you, you seem to be missing a card. A husband.”

“Ah? How is that possible? How can I be missing a card? How?”

“Hahaha, pay up, pay up…”


Yan Kuan stood at the door with Little Treasure in his arms, listening to the conversation of the four women inside. They looked at each other silently and then turned to leave. Forget it, it was better not to go in and meet this group of women whose brain circuits had completely deviated. He did not want to become the target of attack.

“Daddy, that man has a treasure.”

“Treasure? What treasure?”

“I don’t know. I want to snatch it and give it to Da Bao to play with. No, I want to give it to Da Bao.”

“Give it to Da Bao?”

“I want to try and see if I can send it from your illusion. Heavenly Soldier said that this treasure can help Da Bao survive a disaster in the future.”

“Okay, then go and get it back. In three days, Daddy will personally help you get it back.”

“I’ll get it myself. Daddy, let’s eat hotpot tonight, okay? There are so many people, and hotpot is lively.”

“You like it to be lively?”

“I don’t like it.”

“Then why do you want to eat hotpot?”

“Because they can take the opportunity to say more bad things about you.”

Yan Kuan: /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~…

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