Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 1210 - 19’s Thoughts

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Chapter 1210: 19’s Thoughts

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After saying this, 19 slowly got up from Dark 1’s body. As for what he said earlier and the kiss he gave to Dark 1, he automatically ignored it.

However, halfway through the climb, 19 used his hands to support himself and fixed himself beside Dark 1’s head. This action looked extremely ambiguous, and even Dark 1 could not help but swallow his saliva.

D*mn it, could you not torture people like this? It was too unbearable.

“Dark 1, I think I accidentally kissed you just now. You won’t be angry, right? We’re both men, you won’t be so stingy, right?”

Dark 1 tried his best to swallow his saliva. This feeling was too d*mn sour and refreshing.

“No, I won’t.”

19 smiled sweetly. “It’s good that you won’t. The ground is very slippery. I’ll go get a mop.”


19 pretended as if nothing had happened and stood up from his body. However, his lower body accidentally wiped something again. In the end, he said jokingly,”Dark 1, do you have a girlfriend?”


Dark 1 glanced at 19. 19 rolled his eyes and said,”No wonder. Dark 1, this one of yours is not bad.”

19 was even more impudent this time. It had been too long since he touched it, and this little guy did not even recognize its owner.

Dark 1 gritted his teeth at 19. This 19 looked so innocent. When did he become so bad? Or was 19 really stupid? Did he not know that men were not allowed to touch it casually?


A faint moan that could be ignored was emitted from Dark 1’s throat. 19 was secretly amused. ‘Forget it, I won’t force him anymore. Let’s just leave it at that.’


“Mine isn’t even as big as yours. It seems that not having a girlfriend has its advantages. Dark 1, you won’t be angry, right? We’re both men. It’s fine to touch, right? Why don’t you touch mine in return?”

D*mn it, was that an invitation? Was it?

“N-no need.”

“No need? Then, forget it. I don’t want to mop the floor anymore. You can clean it up.”

This idiot. He was already in such a state, yet he could still say that there was no need? He even had the intention to get up.

19 did not tease him anymore. He stood up directly and tidied up his clothes that were not in a mess before walking upstairs. If he did not take the initiative, then they could continue at night.

Once 19 left, Dark 1 saw his brother holding his head high and showing his chest. He let out a fierce sigh. He was so close. He really was so close that he could not hold back.

Of course, 19 did not know what Dark 1 was thinking at this moment. If he knew, he would not have taken the initiative at night. The consequences of this made 19 feel extremely vexed every time he thought about it.

Furthermore, 19 walked to Shen Xiaoxiao’s door. If one listened carefully, one could hear the suppressed cries in the room. At this moment, Shen Xiaoxiao could not even recognize a word, so he made a video, he recounted everything that had happened in Gu Yuehua and the country. Shen Xiaoxiao was not a fool. Of course, she knew what this meant. It turned out that everything she insisted on was a joke, a joke.

Fortunately, 19 was prepared. He arranged for Shen Xiaoxiao’s room to be the last room on the second floor. The room was locked and there were no windows. There was no way for her to escape. Moreover, there was a trap at the door. With Shen Xiaoxiao’s current condition, she probably could not escape. Therefore, 19 was not worried at all about how long it would take for her to return to her room.

His room and Dark 1’s door were next to each other. Of course, in the Dark Empire, only he could receive such treatment in Dark 1’s villa. After dawdling in his room for a while, he heard that Dark 1 had returned to his room. He even heard that Dark 1 had finished showering. 19 slowly entered the bathroom. First, he wet his body and put on the shower gel. Then, he exerted force and broke the shower head. Then, he cleared his throat. He wrapped his lower body with a towel and ran to Dark 1’s door and knocked hard.

When Dark 1 opened the door, he saw a picture of a beauty coming out of the shower. However, this beauty was covered in foam and did not look good.

However, this appearance still made Dark 1’s eyes darken.

“The showerhead is broken. Dark 1, I need to use your bathroom.”

19 knew that Dark 1 was a neat freak. He had never allowed anyone to use the bathroom that he had used before, so he came to give it a try.

However, he did not expect Dark 1 to let him in without saying anything this time.

“Ah, I dropped the towel. It’s fine. We’re both men anyway, right?”

19 was smart this time. He did not turn around. Instead, he said this as he walked. As for the towel, he had no intention of picking it up and walked straight into the bathroom.

The foam was naturally uncomfortable on his body. After rinsing off the foam, he shouted at the door,”Dark 1, I don’t have a towel. Bring one in for me.”

“Isn’t the towel on your left?”

“Oh, I thought you didn’t like people using things you used, so I didn’t dare to use it.”

Dark 1 didn’t say anything. He took out a new towel from the drawer at the side, opened the curtain, and handed it to 19.

Dark 1’s eyes couldn’t be any darker this time. He walked forward. Just as 19 was about to reach out for the towel, he pulled 19 into his arms and whispered to 19,”I’ll help you.”

“Okay, then you have to wipe it quickly.”


Dark 1 was 100% sure that this guy was trying to seduce him. He smiled, but because he did not smile all year round, his smile looked a little strange. However, he still said,”How about this?”

Dark 1’s kiss landed heavily on his lips…

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