Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me-Chapter 1219 - The Devilish Children’s Method of Earning Money

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Chapter 1219: The Devilish Children’s Method of Earning Money

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The four children were shouting so loudly that even the guards outside the room could hear them clearly. What was going on in there? And they were so majestic. What was going on?

Of course, while the children were shouting slogans, two lackeys had already approached Da Bao. Da Bao didn’t waste any energy dealing with these two small fries. She directly raised her leg and kicked out. One of them was directly kicked three meters away, while the other was directly knocked unconscious by her.

“Wow, Big Sister is so powerful.”

“Yeah, this kick is even farther than Big Brother’s kick.”

The lackeys and Mouse looked at each other. So powerful?

“I can’t tell that you still have some ability, little girl. No wonder you have the guts to bring a few small fries to my territory and behave atrociously.”

Da Bao stood on the spot and looked at Mouse. She said with some annoyance,”I already told you not to come over. I wouldn’t be able to resist making a move. You didn’t listen.”

“Hmph, I originally wanted to properly invite you, little girl, down. Since you don’t know how to appreciate favors, I don’t need to show mercy for you. All of you, go and capture this little girl. Call the people outside to come in and capture those little ones for me. I don’t believe that after capturing a few little ones, you, little girl, won’t give in.”

Mouse’s calculation was very good. No matter how powerful she was, she couldn’t do it alone and still have to take care of these children. Therefore, letting people come in and capture the children to threaten her was also a very good strategy.

The room was very small. Even if more people were to come in, there would only be seven or eight people at most.

Four of them were assigned to deal with Da Bao. The other three people walked directly toward under the table.

At almost the same time, Ai Tianling, Ai Tianjue, and even Fu Man did the same thing and kicked their Sister Fu Bao out.

“Who kicked me?”

Fu Bao turned her head to look under the table angrily, but she had already been kicked out. It was just that she didn’t know which brother was so unloyal that he actually pushed her out.

However, the person who understood Fu Bao the most was Fu Man. Although Fu Man said that he was like his father and liked those antiques and jades, he was definitely a sesame stuffed bun. He said to Fu Bao, “Fu Bao, don’t you want to have an actual battle drill? The opportunity is here. You have to seize it well. Those few people aren’t good. You can do whatever you want. Your brothers are here to cheer you on.”

“Right, Fu Bao. After you’re done fighting, we’ll go and eat skewers later. Let me tell you, the food on the street is delicious. But if you lose, we won’t have anything to eat and will be abused by others. So, the time to save us has come. You’re a heroine, a superwoman. You’re the god in our hearts.”

As soon as Ai Tianling finished speaking, Fu Man and Ai Tianjue looked at him with disdain. How did Second Brother say such shameless words? Goosebumps were all over their skin.

However, it was clear that Fu Bao had fallen for this trick. Although she was only a little over five years old, about the same age as Da Bao and Little Treasure when they entered the Magical Beast Forest, her skills were under the careful guidance of all the supervisors. She was definitely not someone these lackeys could deal with.

Although she was a little small and did not have much strength, she was much more useful than these few good-looking but useless fellows.

“Fu Bao, there’s a folding chair on your left. Don’t forget about the fighting divine weapon.”

Fu Bao turned her head and indeed saw a folding chair. Logically speaking, she did not need to use this weapon, but Fu Man, who was her big brother, was still quite reliable. Not only did he remind her to use the weapon, but when she was a little hesitant… He added:

“Fu Bao, to deal with villains, we have to use villains’ methods. We don’t need to waste too much force on them. You have to conserve your strength. We still have to fight them out later.”

“Right, Fu Bao, use the folding chair and directly slap them to the ground.”

Ai Tianjue, who had been silent all this time, also began to add.

Fu Bao felt that it was very reasonable. She still had to fight them out later. Moreover, she still had to perform well in front of her sister and conserve her strength. She was a child.

The more Fu Bao thought about it, the more it made sense. She immediately walked to the side and grabbed the folding chair. Without saying anything, she aimed at the leg of the lackey and slapped it hard.

Although her strength was not that great, when the folding chair hit this knee, it would still make people kneel on the ground.

When this lackey knelt, Fu Bao took the opportunity to jump onto his shoulder. One kicked his leg, and the other was kicked below. The pain made people grimace in pain.

When the people hiding under the table saw this scene, they felt that her legs were so powerful. They did not expect Fu Bao to be so powerful.

Even Mouse forgot to call for help. They watched as a five-year-old little girl was able to beat up a few adults so valiantly.

She was petite and extremely agile. The lackey was already frightened, and his reaction speed was not as fast as Fu Bao’s, so he was attacked repeatedly. One could imagine the ending.

By the time Mouse finally reacted and realized that all his brothers had fallen into the hands of these kids, it was already too late for him to call for help.

Ai Tianjue only said that to catch a thief, one must first catch the leader. Da Bao had already moved quickly and kicked Mouse’s knee, causing him to kneel on the ground.

The five children ran out and surrounded Mouse in the middle, giving each other ideas:

“Tie them up with ropes. There are ten people here. Each of them will earn 2 million. We can also earn 20 million. What do you think?”

“Tianjue, you really have the essence of being a capitalist.”

The god of treasure struck first. Ai Tianjue usually did not speak, but his ideas at the critical moment were quite reliable.

“There’s no rope, but there’s tape.”

Fu Man’s eyes were sharp. When he saw the tape beside the sofa, he immediately ran over to get it. The children immediately started to tie up the hands and feet of the ten people, including Mouse.

“After we get the money, we’ll go to other casinos to play. This time, we can’t be as big a target as before. We have to learn a lesson. Big Sister and Second Brother will go on stage. Fu Man will be in charge of running to the side to look at other people’s cards. Fu Bao, you’ll be in charge of helping us monitor. We can’t be discovered like this.”

“Yes, what Tianjue said is right. When the time comes, we can go on a killing spree. Hahaha, we can also be the king of gambling. Big Brother even said that we kids don’t know how to make money. Isn’t this the best way?”

Even Da Bao was confused by the temptation of the round cake drawn by Ai Tianjue and Ai Tianling. She immediately agreed:

“Okay, let’s do it this way. I’ll go and get the money from them.”

When the door opened, no one expected such a scene to happen in the room. They were screaming and thought that the children couldn’t take it anymore. They didn’t expect that everyone, including their boss, was taken down. What was going on?

“Ask your other bosses to come and redeem them. 2 million each. A total of ten people, a total of 20 million. If they don’t pay, I’ll cut open their stomachs and throw them to the wolves!”

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