Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me-Chapter 1220 - A Comeback

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Chapter 1220: A Comeback

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It didn’t matter whether there were wolves in this big city or not, Da Bao’s words were very imposing. In addition, there were more than ten people in this room who were surrounded, so it really looked like that was the case.


“What? You don’t believe me? You look down on me?”

Da Bao seemed to have missed the main point again. How was he looking down on you? Of course, he didn’t dare to look down on you. You were so mighty and majestic.

He was just curious about the wolves you mentioned. How could a wolf species appear in the city?

“This, I, I’ll go get the boss.”

The lackey didn’t know what to say. It was better to go find another boss.

Da Bao walked back to the room feeling a little depressed. When she saw the person lying on the ground, she was so angry that she almost burst out. As her only sister, Fu Bao immediately walked over and asked, “Big Sister, what’s wrong?”

“That person looked down on me.”

“What? Who dares to look down on you? Watch me beat him up.”

Fu Bao rolled up her sleeves and was ready to go out and deal with the person who looked down on her big sister. However, it was Ai Lingtian who reacted quickly and immediately asked Da Bao,”Big Sister, did he say something unpleasant?”

“No, he didn’t believe that I could cut open their bellies. Oh, right, the important thing is that they didn’t believe that I would feed them to the wolves.”


“Yes, I said I would let them feed the wolves.”

“Big Sister, there are no wolves here. There aren’t any in the city.”

Ai Lingtian explained, but Da Bao looked at Ai Lingtian as if she was looking at a fool:

“How could there be no wolves? There are wolves in the zoo. Lingtian, are you stupid too?”

“Ah? The zoo?”

“Yeah, the wolves in the zoo are so hungry that they’re thin. We can catch these people and feed them. When the wolves are stronger, I can fight the wolves. I still don’t know the difference between the wolves in the Magical Beast Forest and the wolves outside. I can give it a try.”

“I want to try too, Big Sister. I want to try too.”

As long as Fu Bao heard anything related to the Magical Beast Forest, it was definitely related to Da Bao. The rest of the little men did not speak. What could they say? Could they say, “Sister, you are indeed majestic and mighty?”

The people lying on the ground had their mouths sealed with transparent tape. They could not make any sound. However, they still believed that the words of these dolls were not a joke. They really had this plan… Where did these dolls come from? Why were they so different?

The children sat in the room. They didn’t plan to go out or anything. Naturally, they didn’t know that they were surrounded by people.

“Did they go to raise money?”

Ai Tianjue was getting impatient. There was nothing to play with. This was the second floor. Although there was a toilet in the room, there was nothing else. Letting these children who had come out to play here… How could they stay here?

“How about I go and see how long they’ll take?”

“Tianjue, be careful. Be careful.”

When Ai Tianjue heard Da Bao’s words, he carefully walked to the door. However, he was quick-witted and carefully opened a small crack in the door. However, when he saw it, he was shocked.

Because at this moment, he saw that there were no less than five people standing at the door. One had to know that he had only opened a crack in the door to look. There were already five people in this place, but what about the other places?

Ai Tianjue immediately came back and said to Da Bao,”Big Sister, there are a lot of people outside. They even have knives in their hands.”


The children immediately became excited. They coaxed them to stand up from their seats. Previously, they had felt bored, but now, they were all like they had been injected with stimulants. They were rubbing their fists and rubbing their palms, wanting to rush forward.

“What’s wrong?” Da Bao was a little confused when she saw the movements of these people. Weren’t they afraid? Why were they all so excited?

“Big Sister, let’s kill our way out.”

Da Bao wasn’t that stupid. They were crazy to kill their way out like that.

“They have knives. We have nothing but a folding chair.”

“What’s the big deal? They are definitely not our match. Let’s go out and grab a few people’s weapons first. Then, won’t we have knives? Hehe, when we have weapons, none of those people will be our match.”

Fu Man, who was the most important person in the group, was so happy that he almost forgot himself. It was Fu Bao who saw her big brother’s rare excitement and called out happily.

“Big Brother, see, I told you that fighting was fun.”

Fu Man did not want to pay attention to his random sister. Instead, he looked at Da Bao with starry eyes.

Da Bao didn’t want them to get hurt, but she had grown up in the Dark Empire. Of course, she knew that in this world, other than the usual machete, there were also guns.

“If they have guns, wouldn’t you be courting death by going out like this?”



“Aiya, why did I forget about this?”

“Aiya, I’m so disappointed. I thought we could have a fight.”

Seeing her siblings so disappointed, Da Bao felt a little uncomfortable. However, after thinking for a while, she said to them,”If you really want to fight, it’s not impossible.”

Hearing Da Bao’s words, everyone looked at Da Bao with hope again. Could it be that they could turn the tables?

“Big Sister, what’s the way?”

“We’ll climb out of the window and take our weapons to fight back.”

“Where do we take our weapons?”

Fu Bao looked at Da Bao foolishly.

Instead, Fu Man smiled and said to his silly sister,”Of course, from these people. They probably won’t think that we can run out. After we go out, we’ll secretly sneak an attack from behind. It’ll be more fun than a real fight.”

“Alright, let’s hurry up and climb. But what about these people?”

Ai Tianjue looked at the ten people on the ground. In the end, Da Bao thought for a while and said,”Remove their chins. Then, Fu Bao, go and point at their acupoints.”

When Fu Bao heard that she could still contribute, she was overjoyed.

However, none of the ten people lying on the ground thought that it was fun. Just now, this little girl had treated them like props, pointing and prodding at each of them.

They had never known that the acupoint technique that had been passed down was actually real. If it made them laugh, they would laugh, if it made them cry, if it made them suffer, they would definitely roll on the ground.

That little lady was the youngest, but this method was the most terrifying.

A few of the boys who were very smart walked up to help dislocate their chins. This thing did not require too much strength. Even if they were only a few years old, they could easily do it.

After everything was done, the five of them climbed down the water pipe from the window one by one…

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