Reincarnated With The Strongest System-1439 Nergal, The God Of Pestilence And Disease [Part 2]

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William took a deep breath as he stared at the crack in the sky.

He could sense someone with a very strong Divinity approaching from the Void, and he knew that their strategy might not work this time around.

However, since they would lose nothing by launching a preemptive strike, the Half-Elf still passed his orders to the armies around him to start chanting their spells, and prepare for the first round of bombardment.

Suddenly, William felt a ripple inside his Sea of Consciousness.

Closing his eyes, the Half-Elf peeked inside his Spiritual World and saw seven tablets glowing brightly as if they sensed something, or someone, that made the lingering wills inside them flare to life.

These Seven Tablets of Creation once belonged to a world that had long been destroyed by the Gods of Destruction.

Only the faint wills of the Gods that were left inside them remained of what was once a powerful Pantheon, whose might would not rank lower than the Asgardians and Olympians of old.

The Seven Tablets then transformed into the images of the Gods who had left their mark on the world, thousands of years ago.

Those seven Gods stared at William, making the Half-Elf feel the power of their determination to fight against those who had destroyed their world.

William hadn’t used the power of the Seven Tablets of Creation for a long time, and they had stayed inside his Sea of Consciousness, waiting for the right moment to use up all of their powers for one last battle.

“Understood,” William stated. “Please, lend me your strengths.”

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m The Seven Gods nodded their heads and turned into particles of light shooting towards the sky of William’s Spiritual World.

A moment later, the seven glowing tablets formed a circle that rotated around the Half-Elf.

Their wills became his will, as they felt the approach of a being whose might surpassed those of anyone on the battlefield.

Suddenly, the sound of buzzing erupted from the cracked sky.

A moment later, a countless number of Giant Flying Insects descended from the sky, and spread out towards the armies standing on the battlefield.

“Open Fire!” William ordered as the spells that had been prepared beforehand flew towards the Giant Insects, obliterating every Insect in their path.

The Half-Elf knew that this was just a distraction that the Army of Destruction had prepared to deal with their pre-emptive strike, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Phalanx formation!” Eldon shouted as the Dwarves took a defensive stance with spears protruding outwards.

The Giant Insects that had descended on their army were instantly skewered by the adamantium spears that they had prepared for this battle.

Even a dragon’s scale would be pierced through by these spears, so the Insects didn’t stand a chance. However, their bodies still crashed onto the ground, pinning down, and even injuring, the Dwarves under their bodies.

The defensive formation of the armies fell apart as the countless insects descended from the sky.

Half a minute later, the ground trembled as the Giant Army finally made their appearance.

“Hahahaha!” Nergal shouted as he looked at the wonderful scenery around him. “Good! This is good! You did well, mortals! I thought Ahriman was just making an excuse when he said that an army numbering in the billions was waiting for me when I arrived. This is going to be fun!”

The Giants roared and spread out, charging at the mortal armies whose formations were partially broken due to the swarm of Insects that had attacked them beforehand.

“I won’t let you!”please visit panda(-)

Loxos, who hovered high above the heavens shouted as she spread out her arms wide, as if covering the entire battlefield.

Behind her, Opis, Hekaerge, and Sepheron all unleashed their attacks, allowing the young nymph to manipulate them according to her will.

Thousands of concentrated beams rained down upon the insect, and Giant Army, forcing them to defend themselves from the sudden attack.

Nergal simply smirked as Loxos’ barrage landed harmlessly on his body, not even creating a dent in his armor.

The remaining Giants, on the other hand, finally clashed with the mortal armies, causing hundreds of the defenders to die in just a span of a few seconds.

“A little Nymph like you is better off being trapped in a cage as a pet,” Nergal laughed as he pointed his finger at Loxos, whose attacks had stopped a quarter of the Giant Army in their tracks. “Might as well take you as a pet. The last Nymph I captured died after I accidentally squeezed her body too hard.”

The God of Destruction laughed and countless Insects emerged from his mouth, blocking the sun with their numbers, and making the entire battlefield fall into darkness.

“Get that little Nymph as well as those two behind her back,” Nergal ordered the Insect swarm. “Also, get that beautiful golden butterfly over there. The four of them will make beautiful additions to my collection.”

Titania, who was also flying in the sky as she summoned giant vines to rend the Giant Army to pieces, had also caught Nergal’s attention.

He was someone who liked beautiful things, but he only chose the most exceptional of them.

Beauty, power, and strength.

These were the requirements that he looked for when capturing women in the worlds that he personally visited, then he made them his playthings until they broke. He found great joy in seeing the desperation on their faces, as he tortured them to his heart’s content.

The sound of people dying, or about to die, resounded throughout the battlefield making Nergal laugh more, increasing the numbers of Giant Insects that escaped from his mouth.

“They can’t hold on any longer,” Erinys said to one of the gnomes who was holding an artifact in his hand. “It’s now or never!”

The Gnome nodded his head and activated the artifact that he and his colleagues had worked hard on for the past year, in preparation for this great battle.

Somewhere in the world of Hestia, an altar lit up and shot a beam of light towards the heavens.

Several more altars followed suit until countless beams, from all over the world, merged together, bathing the entire battlefield in a purplish light, similar to what happened in the Southern Continent many years ago.

Suddenly, a loud shattering sound was heard, similar to thousands of glasses breaking at the same time. The Insects that had blotted out the sky immediately turned into purple crystal statues before they fell towards the ground.

“You want a piece of me?!” Loxos roared as she raised her hand, catching the millions of crystal insects in the sky, making them hover above the battlefield. “Then come and get it!”

The countless crystal statues then spun in the sky, similar to drills that could pierce through the ground without any difficulty.

Sepheron and Ifrit then unleashed their strongest fire attacks, allowing Loxos to imbue them to the crystal statues under her control.

“Turn everything to ashes!” Loxos shouted as she pointed her finger towards the Giant Army, as well as the hateful God of Destruction in front of her.

“Graveyard of the Fireflies!”

Countless flaming drills rained down on the battlefield, similar to a meteor shower.

These created powerful explosions wherever they hit, making the defenders cheer as the Giants, who had killed their comrades, were blown apart by Loxos’ all out attack that was empowered by the power of Dark and Red Flames, which were strong enough to turn everything they touched to ashes.

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