Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich-Chapter 1124

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Chapter 1124: Chapter 1124

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“I’m not young, but my memory isn’t bad at all. It might even be better than yours.” Master Kennedy still didn’t respect Chen Meng’er. He felt that, at most, Chen Meng’er was related to that mysterious investor. He didn’t know how Chen Meng’er persuaded that mysterious investor to cancel the cooperation with their family. “Chen Meng’er, I don’t care what reason you used to persuade Meng to cancel the investment in the Kennedy family. I’m asking you to stop immediately.”

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“Are you ordering me?” Chen Meng’er was angered by Master Kennedy’s words and laughed. He was the master of the Kennedy family, but it had nothing to do with her. He actually dared order her. Even her two grandfathers had never spoken to her in such a tone.

“Yes, I am giving you orders.” Master Kennedy did not respect Chen Meng’er. He felt that Chen Meng’er was just a little girl who had come from the countryside. It was just that she was lucky to catch the eye of Xibo Buyano. With the favor of Xibo Buyano, she had become the future mistress of the Buyano family.

However, this was not set in stone. Things in the future were not certain yet.

“Master Kennedy, I think you’ve made a mistake. You don’t seem to have the right to order me around. I want to cancel the collaboration with the Kennedy family.”

Chen Meng’er’s aura had changed. She gave off a completely different feeling.

Master Kennedy looked at Chen Meng’er, who was completely different from him, and his eyes flashed. He kept feeling that he had missed something important. “Oh, I was so focused on talking to you that I forgot to introduce myself. I, the little miss of the Green Gang, am also an investor of the Kennedy family. I am Meng. Regarding whether or not to cancel the cooperation with the Kennedy family, I think I still have the final say.”

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Hearing Chen Meng’er’s words, Master Kennedy was stunned. He immediately denied her words. “Impossible! How can you be Meng?” Master Kennedy looked at Chen Meng’er with a serious face and continued, “Chen Meng’er, this isn’t the Green Gang. It’s not a place where you can lie casually. You can’t be Meng.”

“Why can’t I be Meng?” Chen Meng’er was interested. She sat up straight and widened her eyes. She looked at Kennedy and waited for his answer.

“How could you have so much money?” Meng had more money than the Kennedy family, therefore they couldn’t possibly be a country girl like Chen Meng’er. In his heart, Meng was an older gentleman who came from old money.

“Master Kennedy, haven’t you been dealing with me all this time? Do you want me to disappear? Shouldn’t you do some homework before dealing with me? As the saying goes, knowing your enemy leads to victory. You don’t understand your enemy at all. In the end, you lost because of your carelessness.” Chen Meng’er really didn’t understand. Logically speaking, given Master Kennedy’s age, he shouldn’t be doing things like this.

If he wanted to deal with her, he had to definitely investigate her background thoroughly. He should have discovered that Chen Meng’er’s information was encrypted. Thus, it would be obvious that she wasn’t some nobody.

Alas, from what she had seen of him, he was not that smart.

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