Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich - Chapter 629  

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Chapter 629: Chapter 629

After saying that, Qu Yaobing did not wait for the Murong family members to give him an answer. He said gently to Murong Ying, “Yingying, let’s go back. Since Matriarch Murong is not your biological mother, from now on, we can cut ties with them.”

After saying that, Qu Yaobing was gentle, but he firmly held onto Murong Ying and walked out of the Murong family residence.

Chen Meng’er left with Zhou Yunjie and Qu Yaobing left with Murong Ying. All of a sudden, only Matriarch Murong and her family were left in the Murong family residence.

Murong Di, who had held back from saying anything after that, was now thinking about his brother-in-law’s fierce and cold gaze when he left. In the end, he could not hold it in anymore. “Mom, why did you take away Murong Ying’s daughter back then? Even if she’s not your biological daughter, she’s already married into the Qu family. Our family still has to rely on the Qu family. Now that we have lost their support, what should our family do in the future?”

Although Murong Di was a well-known socialite in the capital, he knew in his heart that the people outside were only surrounding him not because he was the eldest young master of the Murong family, but because he was Qu Yaobing’s brother-in-law.

So, if their family didn’t have the backing of the Qu family, what would happen? Murong Di didn’t even dare think about it.

“Dad, Grandma, what exactly happened? Why was Uncle so angry just now?” Murong Qi was still confused, she didn’t know what happened at home. However, looking at everyone’s expressions, she knew that it was definitely not a good thing.

However, Matriarch Murong did not say a word. She stood up from the sofa shakily. Murong Qin wanted to go forward to help her, but she was pushed away by one of her hands.

Facing the Qu family and the Green Gang’s attack, the Murong family could only be beaten up.

The Qu family and Green Gang had always been action-oriented.

Previously, because the Murong family was their in-laws, the Qu family was still courteous with them. However, the news that Qu Yaobing brought back yesterday made Elder Qu’s troubled expression disappear.

The Murong family looked glamorous on the surface, but their insides had long been eaten away by worms. In addition, the Murong family had always looked down on others. They had offended many people. Previously, because they had the support of the Qu family, their enemies did not dare to act rashly.

However, when they saw that the Qu family had begun to deal with the Murong family, if they did not act now, when would they do so?

Therefore, the speed at which the Murong family had collapsed had shocked many people in the capital. In just three short days, the shares of the Murong family’s business had fallen to the bottom, and then they had been wantonly purchased.

The ownership of the Murong family’s family business had changed, and even its name had been changed.

As for who had taken over the Murong family’s family business, they could not help but question the Qu family.

At this moment, the Qu family held a family meeting, and everyone from the Qu family was called back to the Qu family’s old mansion. At first, Elder Qu wanted to call Chen Meng’er as well, but he only dared think about it. He was sure that if he called Elder Liu now, he would be hung up by Elder Liu before he could finish his words.

“I called everyone back today. Do you know why?” Elder Qu sat on the main seat, looked around at everyone from the Qu family, cleared his throat, and spoke.

“I don’t know. Grandpa, if you have anything to say, just say it. Don’t stutter and make people feel uncomfortable. I still have to go find my sister later.” Chen Meng’er was the missing child of the Qu family, everyone in the Qu family knew about it now. As the elder brother of Chen Meng’er, Qu Haoxiang wanted to get closer to her.

If Elder Qu went to the Green Gang, Elder Liu could stop him from seeing Chen Meng’er, but Qu Haoxiang, the older brother of Chen Meng’er, was still young. As an adult, if he stopped him, he would really look bad.

Therefore, Qu Haoxiang had been sticking by Chen Meng’er’s side for the past two days.

Qu Haoxiang was the youngest child in the Qu family, and he was Chen Meng’er’s twin. After Chen Meng’er was taken away, the love and affection of the family towards Chen Meng’er were all given to him. Therefore, although he was already thirteen years old, he was still very childish. In front of Chen Meng’er, he appeared especially childish.

“You all know that the Qu family now holds the majority of the shares of the Murong family’s family business. We can be considered the largest shareholder of the Murong family’s business.” When Elder Qu said this, the other daughters-in-law of the Qu family subconsciously turned their heads to look at Murong Ying. “As for me, I’ve called everyone here to discuss something. I want to transfer all the shares of the Murong family business to Meng’er’s name. Do you have any objections?”

Elder Qu said that he was seeking everyone’s opinion, but they were not fools, they could tell that Elder Qu had already made up his mind. He was only informing everyone now.

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