Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich - Chapter 644  

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Chapter 644: Chapter 644

Chen Meng’er felt that blood ties were sometimes quite wonderful.

She admitted that she was not a soft-hearted person. When she saw others crying bitterly, she would not be the one who took the initiative to give them tissues.

However, Murong Ying’s tears were something that she could not ignore.

“Alright, stop crying. If you continue crying, your eyes will swell up,” Chen Meng’er patted Murong Ying’s back and said helplessly. Comforting people was really not her forte.

As she spoke, Chen Meng’er raised her eyes and gave a pleading look to Qu Yaobing.

When Qu Yaobing saw that his daughter, Chen Meng’er, was comforting her mother, he felt very gratified in his heart. Previously, he had always been worried that Chen Meng’er would ostracize his wife, Murong Ying. His father and him had been in contact with her for some time but his wife had not..

Therefore, for his wife, Murong Ying, Chen Meng’er was like a stranger to her. Meanwhile, his wife seemed to be a little slow to warm up to her. Before she came today, his wife did not show any signs of eagerness to acknowledge their daughter.

Therefore, Murong Ying’s reaction just now had completely exceeded his expectations. It could be said that he was also given a small fright. If Chen Meng’er had not comforted her earlier, he might have already rushed over.

Qu Yaobing could not bear to put his daughter in a difficult position. He walked over and pulled his wife into his arms, he said softly, “Alright, don’t cry anymore. Didn’t you get your daughter back? In the future, the two of us will make up for what we owe our daughter.”

“Okay.” Murong Ying’s voice was thick as she nodded her head in agreement with Qu Yaobing’s words.


Murong Ying raised her head and when she saw that everyone in the room was looking at her, she felt a little embarrassed. She was already so old, yet she actually started bawling in front of so many people.

Fortunately, everyone’s attention was quickly attracted by the sound outside. “Sir, Little Miss, they’re here.”

Just as they were speaking, the door to the VIP lounge was opened from the outside.

Chen Ping and his wife, who were travel-worn, pushed the door open and entered. “Meng’er.” The couple rushed straight towards Chen Meng’er as soon as they entered, treating the rest of the people like they didn’t exist. However, fortunately, the people from the Green Gang were used to it and they didn’t mind.

However, the expressions on Qu Yaobing and Murong Ying’s faces were a little complicated.

“Dad, Mom, you guys came so quickly!” Chen Meng’er could not help but raise her wrist to check the time. Didn’t they say that the flight from S City to the capital city would arrive in a while?

“Haha, we did it on purpose. We told you that we took the next flight here on purpose.” Chen Ping said with a wide smile.

“This was your dad’s idea. It has nothing to do with me. Meng’er, don’t blame this on me.” Liu Juan immediately tried to clear the air.

“Hey, you! My idea was only implemented after you agreed with it.” Although Chen Ping said that, the smile on his face showed that they were joking.

“Why are you still making such a fuss? Seriously,” Chen Haoguo and Chen haoxuan, who were one step behind Chen Ping and Liu Juan, said with displeasure on their faces.

“That’s right. You even pushed us to the back! We miss her too, okay?” Chen Haoxuan hurriedly came up and added.

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