Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich - Chapter 828

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Chapter 828: Chapter 828

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“Girl, I understand what you’re saying. Don’t worry, you don’t have to personally handle this matter. Grandpa will handle this matter well. Hmph! Do they think the Qu family is easy to bully? They have to pay the price for scheming against the Qu family’s people.” Only when Elder Qu was facing his granddaughter would he reveal a kind expression. In the outside world, Elder Qu was known for his ruthlessness.

Elder Qu was famous for his bad temper. Moreover, in recent years, the Qu family strengthened its position in Beijing. Thus, many people did not dare provoke the Qu family.

“You don’t need to worry about this kind of small matter. Let me handle it,” Elder Qu said.

Elder Qu did not argue with Elder Liu this time. He also felt sorry for his precious granddaughter, whom he had found with great difficulty.

If one had to say who Elder Qu felt most sorry for in this lifetime, it would be his precious granddaughter. Back then, it was their carelessness that caused her to be taken away. Despite it all, she had now grown up and was very outstanding. She was more outstanding than all of his grandchildren, and it made him feel proud.

However, he had also gotten someone to investigate the life that his granddaughter had been living outside all these years. Even though she was doing well now and her adoptive parents’ family conditions were also quite good, in the first few years, life was very hard. Although it wasn’t to the extent of starving his granddaughter, it was a world of difference compared to the life of his other grandchildren.

Ever since he recognized this granddaughter of his, this granddaughter of his did not rely on the Qu family to gain any benefits. On the contrary, there were many places in the Qu family that needed her help.

“Yes, I know. Also, I have to tell the two of you first. The lair of Liu Yi and Zhang Da has already been captured by me. Coincidentally, the Windwalk Group has been lacking a training base. Also, Zhang Da’s batch of arms has also been taken by me.”

“You should charge some interest to help with the work.” Elder Liu heard Chen Meng’er’s words and felt that Chen Meng’er’s request was a matter of course.

On the other hand, Elder Qu took a long time to digest Chen Meng’er’s words before he weakly said, “Girl, is this really good?”

“What’s wrong with that? It’s really an old idea.?Meng’er is not a party member, nor is she a member of your organization. It was only right for her to take what she finds.” Elder Liu very impolitely gave Elder Qu a supercilious look.

This time Elder Qu touched his nose and did not speak again.

Yuwen Jing’s expression was heavy. He had made his trip in vain. He had not even been able to say a single sentence to Meng’er.

It also made him clearly see Chen Meng’er’s attitude this time.

Chen Meng’er was no longer gentle to him like before. Moreover, he could clearly feel that the way Chen Meng’er looked at him had changed. It was different from before. This made him even more anxious.

“Master, Wendy said that she wants to see you. She said that she has something to say to you.” Allen, who had been pushed out by Baro, said as he carefully observed his master’s expression.

He was also depressed. Every time this happened, he was not Baro’s match. Every time he encountered their master, Yuwen Jing, who was in a bad mood, he was the one who was pushed out.

Yuwen Jing raised his head and did not say anything. He just looked at Allen coldly.

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