Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother - Chapter 799 - Since You Care, Why Divorce?  

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Chapter 799: Since You Care, Why Divorce?

Xiao Li told him, “Zhuang Long, don’t mess around. I don’t need you to remember.” Her voice was cold and hard, as if she was angry or worried.

“But I want to!” Zhuang Long’s tone suddenly became excited. “I almost killed you accidentally! Do you know how dangerous I am! As long as I don’t recover, I will always be in danger! Ah Li, I have to get better.”

Xiao Li was speechless.

If she were Zhuang Long, she would do the same even if she knew that she was sick and that her mental state was not right.

Logically speaking, it was one thing to understand, but Xiao Li was unwilling to see Zhuang Long suffer pain that ordinary people could not bear in order to treat her. Xiao Li knew better than anyone what Zhuang Long had experienced when he was young. At the thought of him messing around in that basement alone, Xiao Li panicked.

“Ah Long, don’t be anxious. If you really want to find out the truth back then, I can accompany you.” Thinking about what she was going to do next, Xiao Li hesitated for a moment before saying, “Wait a few more days. I’ll look for you after I’m done with my work.”

Zhuang Long narrowed his eyes and suddenly asked, “What exactly do you want to do?”

Xiao Li remained silent. She was planning to fool him with silence.

Zhuang Long said, “I don’t believe that you and Bruce are real.” He began to suspect that Xiao Li and Bruce’s wedding had another goal. Zhuang Long was very puzzled. “What exactly do you want to do?” What did she want to do by inviting all the famous people in the world!

Xiao Li sighed and said to Zhuang Long, “You’ll know.”

Zhuang Long was a little irritated.

“Forget it if you don’t want to say it!”

She even hid it from him…

He hung up the phone, feeling a little reluctant.

He should have chatted with her for a while longer. The night was long and there was no one to accompany him. It was so boring!

It was rare for Zhuang Long to take the initiative to hang up the video call. Recently, Zhuang Long had been pursuing Xiao Li. Usually, it was only Xiao Li who hung up on him. Xiao Li was a little surprised that he was suddenly hung up on once. This felt quite novel.

She stared at the phone and could not help but shake her head and laugh.

After laughing, Xiao Li’s heart sank when she thought of what Zhuang Long had said.

She set up a memo for herself. The next morning, the first thing Xiao Li did when she woke up was to call Xi Bo.

“Miss Lawson.”

Hebe was surprised that Miss Lawson would call so early in the morning.

Xiao Li asked Xi Bo, “Have you had breakfast?”

Xi Bo knew that Xiao Li was not asking about his life. She was asking if Mr. Zhuang had come for breakfast. Xi Bo smiled helplessly and said, “Not yet. Mr. Zhuang called just now and said that he would come for breakfast in half an hour.”

Half an hour later, it was seven o’clock.

At this time, breakfast was just right. It was neither early nor late.

Xiao Li nodded and her voice became serious. She said, “Xi Bo, help me send a few people to keep an eye on Mr. Zhuang. If there’s anything wrong with Mr. Zhuang, they have to report it to you.”

Xi Bo was stunned.

Why was that?

Could it be that Miss Lawson was worried that Mr. Zhuang would cheat on her?

After hesitating for a moment, Heber took the liberty to defend Zhuang Long. “Mr. Zhuang came alone and didn’t bring a companion.” Heber emphasized the word ‘companion’.

Xiao Li was stunned for a moment before she understood what Xi Bo meant. She did not know whether to laugh or cry and had to explain. “It’s like this. I’m worried that Mr. Zhuang is not feeling well. He lives alone in that house and has no one to accompany him. I asked you to get someone to watch him because I’m worried that something will happen to him.”

After hearing Xiao Li’s explanation, Xi Bo was enlightened.

Xi Bo was embarrassed by the joke.

“Then, goodbye.” With that, Xiao Li hung up.

Xi Bo shook his head at the receiver and laughed. Miss Lawson was really concerned about Mr. Zhuang. Heber put down the phone and went to the kitchen to patrol. When he came out, he saw Zhuang Long walking towards the villa. He was wearing a pure white shirt, white silk shirt, and white pants. His black hair and eyes made him look tall and outstanding.

Heber stared at him for a while and realized that Mr. Zhuang’s face looked a little pale. Only then did he really believe Miss Lawson.

Zhuang Long greeted him and went straight to the dining room.

He had eaten a lot for breakfast. This was the first time Heber saw someone who was not feeling well and had such a good appetite.

After breakfast, Zhuang Long stood up and bade farewell. Before he left, he reminded Heber, “Butler Xi Bo, I might not come over for lunch. You don’t have to cook for me.”

Heber agreed.

After he left, he sent someone to monitor Zhuang Long. As there were lawns around Zhuang Long’s house, there was nowhere to hide. Hence, the two people responsible for monitoring him could only stay in Xiao Li’s villa and observe his movements through the binoculars.

Xiao Li’s villa was high up, and she could see the corner of Zhuang Long’s bedroom and living room.

Once they realized that something had happened to Zhuang Long, they would be able to sense it immediately.

When he got home, Zhuang Long did not hesitate and went straight into the basement.

After entering the basement many times, Zhuang Long was no longer as timid as before. He turned on the electric switch, pushed open the door to the secret room in the autopsy room, walked in, and lay down on the bed. As usual, he tied himself up, closed his eyes, and tried to recall his childhood.

Childhood, childhood…

In his mind, the image of Ian as a child suddenly flashed past. At first, the image was very one-sided, but gradually, it became a reality. Zhuang Long seemed to be dreaming of his childhood. He saw himself running to Ian’s house as if he was escaping from a disaster. He locked the door to Ian’s room.

He climbed into Ian’s bed and covered himself with the blanket.

He curled up under the blanket and kept crying.

Little Fatty Ian was extremely anxious. He asked him what was wrong, but Zhuang Long did not dare to say a word.

From a third person’s point of view, Zhuang Long looked at little Herbert, who was trembling under the blanket and sobbing softly. Ian did not know what had happened to Herbert, but Zhuang Long was connected to little Herbert. He knew why Herbert was crying because he had helped his daddy do something bad the first time. He was afraid, guilty, and guilty.

What did he do to help his father?

Zhuang Long tried his best to think, to think…

When he opened his eyes again, Zhuang Long realized that he was no longer in the basement. It seemed like he had remembered something last night, but those things were too shocking and woke up his second personality. Zhuang Long did not know when he returned to his room. He climbed out of bed and saw that the sun had already reached the back of the mountain.

It was almost dark.

Zhuang Long went to the neighbor’s house for dinner, and Xi Bo went with him. Xi Bo heard from the person monitoring Zhuang Long that Zhuang Long walked out of a house at 1 pm and sat in the living room for a while before going upstairs to rest.

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