Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! - Chapter 747 - You Better Not Think Of Eyeing Up What’s Not Yours

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Chapter 747: You Better Not Think Of Eyeing Up What’s Not Yours


Ian and Dou Xiangling did not know what happened and they looked at Zi Yi curiously.

Zi Yi explained to them what happened.

Ian laughed out loudly in the end. “To think that people would dare to come and try and sell furniture at your place. Don’t they know that you don’t need ordinary furniture at your bar at all?”

The furniture in the bar was all customized using advanced technology materials and not to mention ordinary companies, even international, big-name, furniture companies would not be able to make such furniture.

“However, you should also pay attention to these people who are willing to spend money and come into the bar. Just in case they are from a competitor’s bar and have come here to inquire about your bar.”

Dou Xiangling started to be worried when Ian said that. “It’s likely for such a situation to happen. After all, Yiyi’s bar is too profitable and it’s normal for people in the same industry to be jealous.”

However, Zi Yi did not think of it as a problem. “They can come here as much as they like. No matter how much they study, they won’t be able to understand anything.”

Zi Yi was very confident in his aspect.

Hearing what she said, Dou Xiangling and Ian also felt that it was reasonable.

If they wanted to thoroughly study the interior of [Futuristic] Bar, unless it was someone who was as knowledgeable as she is on high tech, it was impossible for them to find out anything.

They were confident that presently, there was no such person in this world.

The two of them were no longer worried.

Zi Yi took out her phone after they came out of the bar and a low-profile car stopped in front of her.

The windows rolled down and Lu Yunxiao’s expressionless, cold face was seen.


Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at Ian and Dou Xiangling. “Are you going with us or will you be taking the car I drove here earlier?”

Ian immediately said, “I’ll take the car you drove. It just so happens that I can send Xiangling back and return to the villa near M.Uni at the same time”

At the thought that Zi Yi was not taking the same route as them, Dou Xiangling agreed to Ian’s decision.

Zi Yi nodded her head and got Little Loli to pass the car keys to Ian.

Subsequently, Ian and Dou Xiangling headed to the other car.

Zi Yi also got in the car Lu Yunxiao was driving. Little Loli stood by the door and Zi Yi said, “Little Loli, don’t tease A too often, okay? He’s busy.”

Little Loli assured her with a straight face. “Sister, don’t worry. I won’t tease A.”

Zi Yi was not assured at all, but she did not say anything else and got Lu Yunxiao to drive away.

As soon as their car left, the men Boss Huang had sent to keep watch outside the door had gone into Boss Huang’s bar.

“Boss, Boss Zi left.”

Boss Huang quickly took out his phone and dialed a number while he revealed a scheming expression.

After the other party answered, he immediately said, “Go and find two high-tech talents… Yes, the sooner, the better… When you find them, get them to visit [Futuristic] Bar. As long as they can find out the key designs of the bar in a night, and imitate it, money is not a problem.”

After hanging up the phone, he said to his confidant, “Go get two tickets for tomorrow, or the day after, to [Futuristic] Bar.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Boss Huang smiled proudly as if he had seen the scene of his bar rolling in money.


After the car drove out, Zi Yi turned around and looked at Lu Yunxiao who was driving seriously. “Yunxiao, are you very busy these next two days?”

Lu Yunxiao’s gaze was still looking ahead as he drove carefully. “No.”

Zi Yi thought of what Mrs. Lu said in the morning and said to him, “My art gallery will be having an art exhibition tomorrow. If you’re free, you can come over with Ah Jing to help out.”

Lu Yunxiao responded with a nod.

Zi Yi did not know what else to say to him and so she took out her phone with the intention to play on it for a short while.

Just then, Lu Yunxiao said, “Mobile phones have radiation. Sister-in-law, it’s better for you to use it less.”

Zi Yi smiled and nodded her head before she put away her phone. “Alright.”

It was only around 9 p.m. and it was the start of the capital’s nightlife.

Not long after the car drove out, they were met with a traffic jam.

Zi Yi suddenly thought of what Situ Feng asked and she told Lu Yunxiao about it.

He nodded and said, “I will go and meet with him tomorrow.”

Even if it was someone Zi Yi recommended, Zi Yi could not possibly accept him on his behalf right away. As to whether Situ Feng could join the secret guards or not, it would depend on whether he has the ability or not.

Zi Yi was only responsible for passing the message on, so she did say anything else. After waiting for some time, she felt a little impatient and so she said to Lu Yunxiao, “Yunxiao, why don’t you take another road?”

Lu Yunxiao nodded his head and turned the steering wheel at another intersection. Subsequently, he drove into another road.

They had successfully managed to avoid all the traffic jams after turning left and right.

When the car drove into one of the back streets of the restaurant street, two people came out of the back door and walked along the road.

A familiar-looking woman was walking in front, followed by a middle-aged man with a bloated figure.

The middle-aged man was clearly trying to pull the woman.

The woman seemed to have said something and the middle-aged man knelt in front of her.

Zi Yi looked at the situation in front and said to Lu Yunxiao, “Yunxiao, drive slower.”

When their car drove near them, Zi Yi rolled down the window and just so happened to hear the middle-aged man wailing. “Great master, please help me. If you don’t help me, I’ll be dead meat.”

Anya’s voice sounded a little cold. “I can’t help you.”

The moment the middle-aged man heard that, he started to get agitated and he said, “Why can’t you help me? You can help that b*tch so why can’t you help me?”

Anya clearly did not wish to waste her words on him. She just so happened to see the car slow down and she took a look inside.

Zi Yi made eye contact with her.

Anya nodded at Zi Yi. “What a coincidence.”

Zi Yi also nodded her head and she glanced at the middle-aged man who was looking in their direction. “Why are you here?”

Anya answered simply, “Earning money.”

She then looked at Lu Yunxiao sitting in the driver’s seat, who did not even look in their direction. She searched around in her pocket and took out a card. “Hey, wooden face. Here’s the money I owe you.”

Anya wanted to hand the card over and unexpectedly, the middle-aged man who was kneeling in front of Anya and wailing earlier was instantly revitalized at the mention of money. In the next second, he jumped up and grabbed the card in Anya’s hand.



Anya coldly looked at the middle-aged man’s hand that she had just broken. “You better not think of eyeing up what’s not yours.”

Having said that, she passed the card over.

Zi Yi glanced at the middle-aged man who was rolling around on the ground and wailing, and she helped Lu Yunxiao take the card.

Anya said, “The password is the middle 6 digits.”

Having said that, she walked away and did not even look at the middle-aged man.

Zi Yi looked at Anya’s departing back view and suddenly thought of their agreement with Ange. She said to Anya, “Our family is holding a banquet tomorrow, do come.”

Even though the banquet was a blind date gathering in disguise for Yunxiao, there would be many single men of the high society there. It just so happens that she can let Anya get acquainted with a few of them. Perhaps she might have a crush on someone.

Anya replied with an ‘ok’ and then she walked into the dark alley alone.

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