Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!-Chapter 913 - Runge Said, I Will Compensate You With a Tree

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Chapter 913: Runge Said, I Will Compensate You With a Tree

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Annette was silent for two seconds before she said, “Ok.”

Having said that, she took the lead and led Zi Yi. “Mrs. Lu, follow me.”

Both of them headed outside.

The noble ladies looked at Zi Yi who walked out and they finally could not resist and started bad-mouthing her.

“Why do I feel that she isn’t as skilled as how the outside rumors describe her to be? How could there be someone so arrogant who would say that they will create the equipment if there isn’t any? Does she think she’s God who can create anything and everything?”

“That’s right. I don’t know why there are so many people praising such an individual. She indeed does have some skills, but these can only prove that she’s a genius. There are many other talents in our country and we don’t lack her.”

There were several gardens in the palace. Annette brought Zi Yi to the garden located nearest to the banquet hall.

The flowers here were cultivated and cared for by professionals and they looked very beautiful.

Zi Yi and Annette were seated on a delicate, white carved wooden bench. Annette smiled and said, “Mrs. Lu, don’t mind what everyone said. They are fond of you, that’s why they hoped that you would come and study here.”

Zi Yi obviously wouldn’t mind and said, “I purely didn’t like that noisy atmosphere in there.”

Annette laughed at her response. After she finished laughing, she said, “My Third Royal Uncle is similar to you. He doesn’t like the lively atmosphere at all and every time there is a banquet here in the palace, he would only stay for a short period of time before leaving.”

Zi Yi detected Annette’s respect for Runge from her speech.

Sure enough, Annette continued to speak, saying, “My Third Royal Uncle is really capable. He relied on his own abilities to obtain the position as the Major General.”

Zi Yi suddenly thought of the infighting between Annette’s father and the second prince and so, she casually asked, “Are you on good terms with Runge?”

Unexpectedly, Annette shook her head. “I rarely get to see my Third Royal Uncle. I only get to see him during banquets like these. He usually stays in the military camp and we don’t really see him often.”

Zi Yi nodded her head. She was not exactly very interested in Runge’s matters and did not continue asking.

On the other hand, Annette asked, “Mrs. Lu, you’ve done a big favor for our Country and I wonder what you want in return?”

Other people would not know the news of the incident that had been suppressed. However, Annette would definitely know of it because she was a princess.

Therefore, she was also on the noble ladies’ side earlier when they persuaded Zi Yi to stay in Country D.

“There’s nothing I want.”

Annette was slightly surprised by Zi Yi’s response.

She thought that Zi Yi was unwilling to bring up her conditions in front of her and so, she said with a smile, “I think you haven’t finished thinking about it yet. When you’ve thought things through, you can bring it up to my grandfather directly. Even though he appears strict on the surface, he greatly values talents.”

Zi Yi did not continue explaining herself and merely nodded in response.

Subsequently, they started a casual chat between them.

Sometime later, a maid walked over from the side.

The maid said to Annette with great respect, “Princess Annette, Her Majesty the Queen is looking for you and she requests your presence.”

Annette was a little surprised. “Why is Mother looking for me?”

The maid shook her head.

Annette thought for a second and said to Zi Yi, “Mrs. Lu, please sit here for a short while. I’ll be back soon.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and Annette stood up and left.

After Annette left, Zi Yi casually looked around at the flowers in the garden and thought about how the flowers in her yard were faring.

Just then, she saw a few maids coming over from the side with plates in their hands.

Zi Yi only casually took a glance in their direction and realized that a plate in one of the maid’s hands was filled with cherries.

By then, the few maids had already arrived in front of her. They respectfully bowed and after they placed the plates on the stone table by the side, someone spoke up. “Miss Zi, these are all prepared for you by the Third Prince.”

Having said that, the group of maids took their leave.

Zi Yi looked at the several large plates of cherries and thought of how Runge cut down a cherry tree in the past. She snorted coldly and said, “Does he think a few cherries can offset how he chopped down the tree?”

Having said that, she reached out for a cherry and ate it.

A fragrant and sweet taste instantly exploded in her mouth and her eyes slightly curved into crescent moons. Just then, she saw the very man who sent the cherries walking over from the corner of her eyes.

She quickly finished the cherry and grabbed a paper towel to spit out the seed. She then sat there and looked at him coldly.

Runge walked to where she was and stopped when he was three meters away.

Zi Yi raised her chin slightly and said, “Don’t think that I will forgive you for cutting down the cherry tree just because you asked a few people to send me a few plates of cherries. Don’t talk to me, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Runge, who originally had no idea what he should say, was truly rendered speechless: “…”

Zi Yi looked at Runge who had a cold expression and a sharp gaze, and she said discontentedly, “If you have nothing to do, don’t appear in front of me. I feel unhappy at the sight of your appearance.”

Runge: “…”

Runge’s expression turned even colder and he closed the distance between them by a meter. “As I’ve said before, I hope that you can stay in Country D. You are a talent, and our country needs talents like you very much.”

“Why should I remain in Country D?” Zi Yi looked at Runge and crossed her arms as she asked him.

“I’ve discussed this with Lu Jingye before.”

“Did he agree?”


“Since my man didn’t agree, do you think I would agree if you came looking for me?”

“We can give you even better preferential treatment.”

“Hmph! Then can you bring over all my family and friends? Also, I am very fond of my house. Can you move over every single blade of grass and brick from there?”


When Zi Yi was saying that, her gaze unconsciously shifted to the cherries again. She did not continue crossing her arms and reached out for another cherry.

Runge subconsciously looked at her lips.

Her lips which were stained by the cherries looked unusually red, giving off a delicate and charming look.

Runge’s eyes flickered for a moment and in the next second, he lowered his eyes and said, “If you don’t wish to remain in Country D to develop robotics for us, we won’t force you. However, I hope that you can collaborate with the highest research institute in our country.”

When she heard what he said, she stopped her movements and asked, “Are you asking me to cooperate with your country on a personal level?”

“Yes!” Runge looked at her with a firm gaze. “You possess technology that is incomparable in the world. I hope that you can cooperate with us. The goal we have is to enter the universe, find more resources and explore other planets which are suitable for living.”

After what happened during this period of time, Runge was sure that Zi Yi was not from this world. He even suspected she was also one of the worms from the worm race.

“You should be from an even more advanced civilization than Earth. You can provide us with the technology and we will do the rest. I feel that it’s more beneficial for you to cooperate with our country than China.”

Zi Yi narrowed her eyes and looked at Runge.

Similarly, Runge stared back.

Both of them maintained eye contact for a period of time before Zi Yi grabbed another cherry. While munching on it, she asked, “Do you think this condition can attract me?”

Having said that, she chased him away. “You can leave. I won’t agree.”

Runge furrowed his eyebrows and looked at her with a sharp gaze.

Sometime later, he shifted his gaze to the plate of cherries and suddenly said, “I will compensate you with a tree.”

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