Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!-Chapter 982 - 982 I Missed You, So I Came Over

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Chapter 982 - 982 I Missed You, So I Came Over

982 I Missed You, So I Came Over

Situ Qin stopped feeling worried about Dou Zerui with Zi Yi’s assurance.

She handed the phone to him and said politely, “Mr. Dou, thank you for giving me a ride.”

Dou Zerui smiled. “No trouble at all. Let’s go. My car is right over there.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he walked over to the car with Situ Qin.


Meanwhile, on the other end. After hanging up the phone, Zi Yi wanted to go back to work. However, Lu Jingye came over to find her.

The two of them subsequently went upstairs.

Zi Yi told him, “I can wrap up research soon. In a few days, I can take it to Country M and conduct a full lab test.”

“Uh huh.” Lu Jingye asked, “Are you going to go over yourself?”

“Nope. I just need to activate the robots to do it.”

When they got to the yard, Zi Yi received a call from Ian.

Recently, Ian kept calling her to complain. “Can I come back to the capital? I haven’t seen Xiangling in over a week.”

The moment she heard what he said, Zi Yi replied, “Isn’t she out with her students doing research? Even if you come back, I doubt you can see her.”

Ian answered, “Well, I can always go over to her workplace to see her. The problem is, I can’t even leave.”

Zi Yi’s laboratory was at the testing stage, so lots of people were being sent from many countries to find out more about her work. Since Ian was in charge of security, he had a lot on his plate and it was impossible for him to leave.

Ian wasn’t finished and said, “I finally found myself a girl. If this keeps up, what if someone steals her from me, right?”

Zi Yi’s lips twitched on hearing this. She said, “You should have more confidence in yourself.”

Ian had everything. When Zi Yi first got to know him, he was proud and elegant. Recently, Zi Yi felt he seemed to be losing confidence.

Ian sighed and lamented. “You have no clue, okay? Zerui told me over the phone that someone is going after Xiangling. Isn’t it natural for me to get worried?”

Zi Yi, “…”

She was wondering why Ian was getting worried about Dou Xiangling recently… so Dou Zerui was the one behind it. She pondered and said, “Well, you can come over to see her, but you can’t stay for long.”

“If I can see her every day, I don’t mind spending just a couple of hours with her.”

He simply wanted to be with Dou Xiangling. This way, people would know she was already seeing someone and stop trying to court her.

Zi Yi thought a little and said, “After some modifications, my space shuttle machine ought to have no trouble transporting people. However, you might need time to get used to it and it won’t feel good.”

“What kind of discomfort?” asked Ian.

“Vertigo, giddiness, and nausea.”

“I can handle it. I’m sure I can.”

“Fine then. I will figure out a way to make the modifications tomorrow. You just need to input the GPS coordinates for the actual location.”

Ian was delighted and they finally put down the phone.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye continued heading inside the house.

Lu Jingye asked, “Can you transport people using the space shuttle machine?”

“Uh huh. In the Interstella Era, our planet was a thousand times bigger than Earth, so it was hard to get around and that’s why the space shuttle machine was invented. However, we also have jet-propelled vehicles that could fly. They run around the same speed as space shuttle machines. People prefer using them to fly to each location.”

Lu Jingye nodded as they headed upstairs.

For the next two days, Zi Yi worked in the laboratory to modify her space shuttle machine.

On the third day, she told Ian he could go see Dou Xiangling.

Dou Xiangling was painting with her students in a scenic area. One of the students had problems, so she was guiding her.

The moment she heard a bunch of girls screaming that someone was gorgeous, she automatically moved her eyes to look.

She straightened her back and saw Ian coming towards her.


Ian gave her a dazzling smile instantly making the girls go crazy.

When Dou Xiangling saw him, she was beside herself with joy. Also, she was puzzled. “Ian, what are you doing here?”

“I missed you, so I came over.”

The girls secretly laughed as Dou Xiangling smiled.

Ian walked up in front of her and intimately held her shoulder as he said to the students, “Hi. I’m Teacher Dou’s fiancé. You can call me Grandmaster.”


His words made everyone burst out laughing.

Dou Xiangling also laughed. She asked, “Do you know what that means?”

Ian smiled as he looked at her. “Doesn’t it mean your teacher’s husband?”

Before Dou Xiangling was able to answer him, a bunch of girls promptly chimed in. “You’re absolutely right.”

They greeted Ian. “Hi Grandmaster.”

“Nice to meet you.” Ian was delighted. He asked Dou Xiangling, “Xiangling, do you have time now?”

Dou Xiangling felt that since he had only just gotten here, he probably did not have time to get a hotel. She asked, “Where are your things? Let me take you to the hotel first.”

She turned and said to a student, “Teacher Chen will come over later. Just continue drawing. If you have any problems, you can just ask Teacher Chen.”

“Yes, Teacher Dou.”

Dou Xiangling and Ian walked away from the students together.

After walking some distance, Ian held Dou Xiangling’s hand and entered the forest. She asked in surprise, “Ian, where are we going?”

“Somewhere no one can see us to go on a date.”

Ian pulled her to a remote river with trees and stones by the river bank.

Ian embraced Dou Xiangling and kissed her intently before letting her go.

Dou Xiangling leaned her head on his chest. She patted his chest and said angrily, “What are you doing?”

Ian watched as she blushed and replied, “I only have three hours. In three hours, I have to go back.”

“Huh?” Dou Xiangling looked up at him inexplicably.

Ian told her about Zi Yi’s space shuttle machine. “I set the timer for three hours. When the time’s up, I will get sent back.”

Dou Xiangling opened her eyes wide in astonishment. “Can her space shuttle machine transport humans too?”

Dou Xiangling knew about the space shuttle machine.

“Uh huh. From now on, I can see you each day for three hours. Isn’t that great?”

Dou Xiangling was a little worried. She raised her hand and touched his face as she asked, “At such speeds, can you take it?”

“When I first did it, I felt a little nauseous.” Ian leaned against her shoulder as he spoke. “You have to kiss me to make me feel better.”

Dou Xiangling’s face flushed crimson.

Was he being coquettish?

She thought about the high speeds he had to travel and felt it was normal for him to feel nausea. She felt bad for him and said, “Why don’t we take a seat over there?”