Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!-Chapter 995 - 995 Zi Yi Feeds the Babies

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Chapter 995 - 995 Zi Yi Feeds the Babies

995 Zi Yi Feeds the Babies

Everyone watched expectantly as the babies were removed from the nutrient solution.

When the babies cried loudly, everyone smiled excitedly.

“Our babies certainly are beautiful.”

Second Master Lu always looked calm and composed. However, he was so happy that he wanted to tell the whole world about his grandchildren.


Mrs. Lu beamed from ear to ear. Mrs. Lu and Zi Yi’s eldest aunt each dressed one of the babies. As they dressed the babies, they told the youngsters around them. “When you dress the babies, you have to watch your strength. They are very young and their bones are not yet fully developed. If you aren’t careful, you’re going to hurt them.”

Eldest Aunt smiled and said, “I have been practicing for over a month waiting for this day to come. But I’m still so worried about hurting the babies.”

The other elders surrounded the babies.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye were new parents, but they were made completely redundant.

The two of them got squeezed aside and could only stand at the back.

Zi Yi was puzzled. “Are they not our babies? Why didn’t we even get the chance to touch them?”

Lu Jingye smiled as he held her hand and comforted her. “Don’t worry. Once they get tired of taking care of the babies, they will be ours tonight.”

Zi Yi felt what he said made sense and she felt happier.

Everyone looked at the babies for some time after they got dressed. When they were done, they left them to their parents and went to the living room.

Second Master Lu said sternly, “Now that the babies are born, let’s go with Lu Yuxuan for the boy and Lu Lingyao for the girl as discussed. Their nicknames are Tangtang and Guoguo respectively. Any objections?”

Third Master Lu said, “Lu Yuxuan and Lu Lingyao. They sound perfect. Let’s go with that.”

Elder Dou came up with their names while Zi Yi decided on the nicknames. Since no one had any objections, their names were settled.

After dinner, everyone from the Dou family spent a little more time at the Lu residence before leaving reluctantly.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye could finally see their babies after everyone had left the room.

Since the babies were still very young, they were sleeping.

Zi Yi looked at the tiny babies in amazement and said, “They are tiny. Do you think they will accidentally slip through our arms when we hold them?”

The moment Zi Yi finished her sentence, Guoguo opened her eyes.

Zi Yi looked at her and felt inexplicably nervous.

In a split second, Guoguo pouted and wailed.

Zi Yi was startled and automatically retreated.

Lu Jingye was tickled by Zi Yi’s reaction. He walked up to Guoguo and carried her. He checked if Guoguo was hungry or if she had wet herself and said to Zi Yi, “Can you get a diaper?”

Zi Yi was caught by surprise. “How did you know Guoguo wet herself?”

“Just touch the diaper.”

An image of Lu Jingye touching the babies’ bottoms after they passed motion emerged in her mind. She promptly trembled at the notion.

She said in concern, “This doesn’t sound scientific at all.”

Lu Jingye looked at her face and promptly knew what she was thinking. He spoke feeling very tickled, “In a few days, they’ll be able to have expressions of their own. As a parent, how could you dislike your children?”

Zi Yi nodded. “Yes. Of course, I do.”

The moment she finished her sentence, Guoguo suddenly wailed.

Lu Jingye watched as Zi Yi retreated two more steps. He changed Guoguo’s diaper deftly as he coaxed her. “Don’t cry. Your mother was just joking.”

Zi Yi watched as Lu Jingye changed the diaper deftly and coaxed the baby. She could not help feeling astonished.

“Ah Jing, why are you so good with kids?”

If they were not married and had not slept together, she would have assumed he had babies of his own previously.

Lu Jingye glanced at her. After veering his eyes away, he coaxed Guoguo to sleep before walking toward Zi Yi.

Zi Yi stood where she was looking at him not knowing what he wanted to do.

Lu Jingye walked up in front of her, moved his arms, and lifted her into his arms.

Zi Yi hurriedly hugged him by the neck and asked, “What are you doing?”

Lu Jingye smiled at her seductively making Zi Yi nearly have a nosebleed as he said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to breastfeed the children? Tangtang is going to wake up soon. Go over and feed him.”

The moment he finished his sentence, Lu Jingye saw Tangtang moving with his face frowning.

Zi Yi looked at Tangtang intently and automatically swallowed her saliva. “I think… I think…”

She kept stammering. Lu Jingye turned and walked with and placed her on the bed before she was able to finish her sentence.


Lu Jingye sat her down on the bed, then carried Tangtang over, and put him in her arms.

The moment she sensed the baby in her arms, Zi Yi froze.

Lu Jingye deliberately said softly by her ear, “Hold him tightly. Otherwise, Tangtang might fall.”

Zi Yi promptly carried the baby firmly with her stiff arms.

Tangtang did not like the way Zi Yi was holding him, so he frowned.

Zi Yi was at a loss. “Ah Jing, what should I do now?”

Lu Jingye smiled teasingly and reminded her. “Lift up your clothes and feed him.”

“Okay… But…”

Zi Yi was carrying Tangtang with both hands, so she was unable to lift her top.

Lu Jingye undid her bra and helped her lift her top up.

Zi Yi lowered her head to look at her breasts and her face flushed crimson.

Lu Jingye wanted to laugh when he saw her reaction. He deliberately came close to her ear and asked in a husky tone, “Need my help?”

Zi Yi turned to look at him and cast him a look.

How was he going to help?

Lu Jingye circled her from behind, held the baby’s food source with one hand, and said, “Hold Tangtang a little higher.”

When he held her breast, Zi Yi could sense tingles running through her skin. On hearing his words, she promptly composed herself and carried Tangtang a little higher.

Lu Jingye continued speaking softly in her ear, “Now move his mouth closer.”

Zi Yi did as he said.

When Tangtang’s mouth came close to her breast, he automatically opened his mouth and sucked it.


In a split second, Zi Yi nearly flung the baby aside.

Fortunately, Lu Jingye was prepared and quickly held Zi Yi and Tangtang tightly.

Zi Yi looked at him in annoyance. “That hurt.”

Lu Jingye took Tangtang carrying him with one arm while he comforted Zi Yi with the other. “It will only hurt at the beginning. As time progresses, you’ll be fine.”

He asked, “Do you still want to breastfeed them?”

“No way…” Zi Yi hastily shook her head. “I think the milk powder I made for them is probably more nutritious.”

She snapped her fingers. Before long, a robot came over with a milk bottle.

Lu Jingye took the milk bottle and fed Tangtang. After he was done, he put down the baby and turned around to look at Zi Yi. She was starting to really doubt herself.

He reached his hand out to embrace her and sat her on his lap. He laughed softly and said, “Do you have to be so scared?”

“Who says I’m scared? I’m just… I’m just… it really hurts.”

Lu Jingye laughed in a deep mellow tone beside her ear.

Zi Yi elbowed his chest in annoyance. She turned around to hug him by the neck and whimpered, “Help me rub my breast.”

Just as Lu Jingye was about to put his hand on her breast, Guoguo gurgled.