Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!-Chapter 996 - 996 Two Hundred Million a Night

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Chapter 996 - 996 Two Hundred Million a Night

996 Two Hundred Million a Night

Ever since the babies were born, the sound of laughter could always be heard in the villa.

The people from the Dou family came over to visit whenever they had the time. Even Elder Dou came over to see the babies everyone now and then.

Before long, news about Master Lu’s two grandchildren got out. Everyone felt puzzled and curious about when Zi Yi had gotten pregnant.

Five days later, Zi Yi and a few renowned figures in the local medical scene held a press conference.


Zi Yi announced the existence and application of her nutrient solution.

The announcement took the world by storm.

“If the fetus can be removed from the mother’s belly to develop in the nutrient solution, women don’t have to suffer for ten months bearing the children or worry about the pain of childbirth. Also, the pregnancy won’t affect her work. This is brilliant.”

“More importantly, the babies can develop extremely well in the nutrient solution. Even if they have any congenital problems, this can be rectified when the babies are in the nutrient solution. The babies won’t have to keep visiting the hospital and require long-term medical attention after birth.”

“People with congenital illnesses don’t have to worry about passing it to their children.”

“Wake up guys. Even if the nutrient solution is good, normal families can’t afford to use it. Didn’t you hear what Miss Zi said? It can’t be made so that it’s widely available for now. Without money and power, you can dream on about using it.”

Diverse views about the nutrient solution flooded the internet.

After the press conference, lots of people all over the world kept trying to get a hold of Zi Yi for some time.

Zi Yi transferred all unknown calls to the robot, so she did not get disturbed by the calls.

A few days later, Lu Yunxiao told Zi Yi, “Over 100 potential candidates have signed up for the second wave of testing.”

These potential candidates were the crème de la crème from over a dozen countries and all of them had secretly entered the capital.

Lu Yunxiao asked, “What arrangements are you making for them?”

Zi Yi pondered and said, “Let them spend a few days in the city. Can you secretly find out more about their characters? In a few days, I will bring them over to the base.”


Lu Yunxiao promptly made arrangements.

Zi Yi spent the rest of her days at home learning to take care of the babies from Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye was a good husband and father. He was a natural at caring for the children. From the very first day, he was very good with the children.

Zi Yi became a dangerous figure in the family. Whenever she tried to carry one of the babies, Lu Jingye, Mrs. Lu and Anya would look at her cautiously.

They were worried she might accidentally drop the kids.

“Oh gosh. My dear grandson.” Mrs. Lu felt her heart nearly stop and she took Tangtang from Zi Yi. “Yiyi, why don’t you start carrying them after they get a little bigger? Otherwise, I don’t think my heart can take it.”

Zi Yi felt she was innocent. “I think I’m very good at carrying them now.”

She looked at Lu Jingye who was feeding milk to Guoguo.

Lu Jingye defended her and said, “Mom, she has already gotten better at it.”

On the first night, she nearly flung their son aside, but now she no longer made such mistakes.

Zi Yi smiled happily and felt blindly confident. “I think I’ve made a vast improvement as well.”

She reached her hand out and placed her finger in Guoguo’s tightly clenched fist.

When Guoguo held her tightly, the smile on her face deepened.

She turned her head to look at Anya who was sitting there and raised an eyebrow. “Anya, what do you think?”

Anya and Zi Yi were in a similar situation. Since she was new to childrearing, she automatically sat by the side and watched them carry the babies.

When Zi Yi raised the question, she did not have the heart to hurt her feelings, so she nodded. “I agree that you’ve improved a lot too.”

Mrs. Lu smiled. She carried Tangtang and sat down beside Anya. “Anya, did your family say when they would arrive in the capital?”

Mrs. Lu wanted to prepare early.

Anya said to Mrs. Lu, “My older brother needs a couple of days to settle business first. As for the others, they need more time.”

Mrs. Lu nodded. She already had an inkling about what arrangements to make. She turned to ask Zi Yi, “Yiyi, when will training for Yunxiao start?”

“It has already started.” Zi Yi knew what her concerns were and said, “Don’t worry, Mom. The training won’t clash with his big day.”

Mrs. Lu felt relieved to hear this. She smiled and nodded. “That’s perfect.”

News about the birth of Lu Jingye and Zi Yi’s twins quickly reached Elder Lu’s ears through a friend.

Elder Lu and Eldest Master Lu were both staying at the National Sanatorium. He felt upset thinking about the things that had happened to his eldest son and his family.

When he found out his second son’s grandchildren were born, he kept waiting for them to take him home to see his great-grandchildren.

He kept waiting expectantly, but after a week, he did not hear from his second son at all. He could not help feeling upset.

He went to his eldest son and told him angrily, “Call your second brother. Ask him if I am still his father.”

Eldest Master Lu managed to survive the stabbing incident, but he was mentally traumatized. During this time, he had lost a lot of weight and was as thin as paper. The moment he heard his father’s angry tone, he looked at him and said, “Dad, since Second Brother didn’t bring it up, why don’t you pretend you know nothing?”

“What do you mean pretend I know nothing? Two children were born in the family. As an elder, shouldn’t they come personally to tell me about it?”

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he felt. “Absolutely unfilial!”

Eldest Master Lu pretended not to hear his father and turned to look out the window.

He had been bedridden recently and spent his time thinking about a lot of things. He felt he was such a failure and felt depressed.

Elder Lu felt angry just looking at him. He raised his foot and kicked his son’s hospital bed. He gritted his teeth and said in annoyance, “Just look at you. Look at the sordid state you’re in. If I had a gun, I would shoot you now.”

Eldest Master Lu continued looking outside the window. He wondered how his son was doing in the northwest region. He wondered if his son had cried because it was too hard for him.

Elder Lu kept complaining about this, but Eldest Master Lu ignored him, so he could only leave huffily.

The business at [Futuristic Bar] was doing particularly well recently.

Whenever important people came to the capital from all over the world, most of them would stay at [Futuristic Bar]. Every day, Zi Yi would encounter unusual requests from customers.

The same went for today. Shortly after eating dinner, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye strolled around inside the nursery pushing the babies around, when she received a call from Little Loli.

Little Loli said, “Sister, someone made an unusual request again.”

Zi Yi asked casually, “What is it?”

Little Loli replied, “They want us to send the other guests out and change the place to a Star Wars theme.”

Zi Yi scoffed. “Tell them if they want to book out the entire place, it’s going to cost two hundred million per night. Also, they need to do the booking in advance.”

Little Loli went about happily replying to the customer.

Zi Yi thought for a while and then said to Lu Jingye, “I should go to the bar and take a look.”