Rise Of Evil Sword God-617 Going to the Profound Blossom Sect

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The next day, Feng Yun gave a few pointers to Mu Wenquan about the domain. After that, practice martial skills for a few hours.

In the evening, Mu Wenquan and Elder Hua left for the Black Tortoise Empire. While Feng Yun decided to visit Yan Zilan, Yan Qiu, and others in the Profound Blossom Sect.

Feng Yun didn’t see his mother, maybe she was avoiding him as she was not ready to see him yet. Feng Yun decided to talk to his mother later. Anyway, he was not going for long.

A few days later, Feng Yun, the Priestess, his son, and two maids of the Gu Clan arrived at the gate of the Profound Blossom Sect.

As Feng Yun looked at the Profound Blossom Sect, a few old memories surfaced.

The Sect was crowded today. Many people were entering the sect.

After some inquiries, Feng Yun found out that the Profound Blossom Sect was hosting an open martial competition today. Many people come to the Profound Blossom Sect to watch the competition.

A few youngsters come to participate in the competition as the prizes of the competition were pretty alluring as well.

Feng Yun decided to watch the competition silently, then he changed his appearance before entering the sect so that nobody could recognize him. Priestess and others don’t need to change their appearance as nobody here knew them.

Feng Yun’s group blended into the crowd and arrived at the martial art venue where thousand of people have gathered as all of them come here today to watch the competition. From this crowd, one could anticipate that the Profound Blossom Sect have a remarkable fame in the surrounding region.

Feng Yun was somewhat excited to see the competition, in a sense this sect was belonged to him. He wanted to see the progress of the sect under the guidance of the Yan Zilan and Yan Qiu.

At this time, inside the Sect Master’s palace of the Profound Blossom Sect.

By this time, the palace was already packed with people.

Yan Qiu was dressed in formal attire and sat at the highest seat in the main hall.

Beside her, there were many Elders of the Profound Blossom Sect.

Below, there were all the outstanding disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect.

At this moment, Yan Qiu spoke, “I’ve gathered everyone here because I have something to announce. I just heard that the disciples of the Crimson Rain Sect are coming to our sect to exchange pointers, today.”

When she said this, everyone was shocked and started discussing.

“The Crimson Rain Sect?” a few curiously asked.

Yan Qiu explained, “The Crimson Rain Sect is a newly established sect, it’s not too far away from our Profound Blossom Sect. The Crimson Rain Sect is established by a powerful secret clan, in comparison they are much stronger than us.”

“Although the Crimson Rain Sect said that they’re here to exchange pointers, they’re actually here to show the world their might and promote their sect.” She continued.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m “However, for the sake of the prestige of their Crimson Rain Sect, they will send many disciples over this time to interact with us. They say that it is an exchange. They will let their younger generation disciples compete with our younger generation disciples to prove how powerful they are!”please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Disciples understood a point after hearing this.

By saying that they were going to exchange and learn, they were actually here to show off the strength of their disciples so that their sect’s might would be greater.

Yan Qiu continued, “The Crimson Rain Sect has indeed produced a few outstanding geniuses in the past year. When the time comes, they might come to challenge our top disciple.”

Everyone nodded.

They naturally understood that they were all peak geniuses of the Profound Blossom Sect. Since the Crimson Rain Sect came to exchange pointers, they naturally came to challenge the top disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect.

“What I want to say is that when the Crimson Rain Sect comes to challenge us, I hope that everyone will go all out and not embarrass our Profound Blossom Sect!” Yan Qiu said with a serious expression.

“Yes, matriarch!” Everyone nodded.

“Okay, let’s go out. It’s time to start the competition.”

After a while, Yan Qiu and others arrived at the martial art arena.

Feng Yun who was sitting in the crowd instantly recognized her as soon as she came. He saw a many familiar faces who come with her. However, he didn’t see Yan Zilan which surprised him a little.

Fifteen minutes later, the competition finally started.

The first two rounds were knockout rounds. More than two hundred young cultivators put their names on the competition list.

At this time, Yan Qiu stand up from her sheet and said loudly, “My name is Yan Qiu. As the leader of the Profound Blossom Sect, I welcome you all who come here to watch the competition. I hereby announce that the Profound Blossom Sect competition has officially begun. There are a total of eight spots in this year competition. As long as you enter the top eight, you will be rewarded. The first place would have a reward of Sky Reaching Pill and one Enlightenment Fruit.”

The crowd erupted as soon as these words were spoken.

“Enlightenment Fruit! This… Sect Master has put in a lot of effort.”

For a moment, everyone discussed animatedly, their eyes shining.

No one expected that Yan Qiu would be willing to take out a Sky Reaching Pill and the Enlightenment Fruit as a reward for this competition.

Enlightenment Fruit was a mysterious fruit that could increase one’s comprehension.

Moreover, other than increasing one’s comprehension, it could also help one comprehend the techniques. It was extremely helpful to those who had been stuck at a bottleneck for many years and could not break through.

Even Feng Yun’s eyes flashed in surprise when he heard this reward. The Enlightenment Fruit was a spirit fruit that was rare to find. It was said that only people with great luck have chance to encounter an Enlightenment Fruit.

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