Rise Of Evil Sword God-618 Start of competition

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Soon, the drawing ceremony ended. Yan Qiu went up to say a few words. In short, it was to assure everyone that the referee group would uphold absolute fairness and would never side with any faction.

Soon the competition finally started. Two teenage disciples arrived on the stage at the calling of the referee.

The referee walked between the two of them and asked, “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready.”

The two of them said in unison. The referee nodded and said, “I announce that the first match of the competition, Zhao Wan versus Lin Yi, will begin now.”

Everyone immediately became excited when they heard that the competition had begun and that the two people in the arena were already prepared to fight.

Two disciples took out their swords and started fighting. They didn’t hold back in the battle as they gave their best. The crowd also appreciated the battle very much, the whole ground was filled with enthusiasm and cheers.

After the first match ended, the second match started then the third so on. Although battles were pretty good, Feng Yun’s group was becoming a little bored. The levels of the disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect were not high, more than half of them were at Foundation Establishment Realm while the remaining were at the Gold Core Realm.

As for an Earth Profound Realm disciple, Feng Yun has yet to see one.

No matter how well they fought, in the eyes of Feng Yun and the girls they looked ordinary. The two maids were already Sky Profound Realm cultivators now. As for Feng Yun and Tang Yue, they are about to surpass the Heaven Profound Realm soon.

The battles continued, A few hours later, the elimination rounds finally ended.

Over two hundred young warriors signed up for the competition. Now only one-fourth of them has remained.

Feng Yun was becoming a little curious as he didn’t see any familiar faces among these disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect. When the last time he was here, he had dual cultivated with a group of female disciples, and strangely he didn’t see any of those girls among the disciples of the profound blossom sect. What is even more strange is that he has yet to see Yan Zilan, Su Meifen,

At this time, a group of people arrived at the stadium. As soon as this group arrived, the crowd burst into cheers as the entire group consisted mostly of females. Feng Yun’s eyes also moved as he looked at the group. A flicker appeared in his eyes after seeing the group.

Leading the group was a beautiful woman with a little baby girl in her arms. The woman was wearing dark blue beautiful clothes, she has long black hair and an hourglass-like sexy figure.

The little girl in her arms looked around one-year-old, the little girl’s innocent eyes looked around at the surrounding with curiosity.

This beautiful woman was none than Yan Zilan, the little girl in her arms was her daughter.

Seeing the little girl and mother, Feng Yun has the urge to rush forward and hug them but decided to help back and gave them a surprise.

Tang Yue noticed Feng Yun’s gaze and whispered softly, “Feng Yun, is she?”

“Yes, she is Yan Zilan and the little girl must be my daughter.” Feng Yun said with a soft smile.

“Hmm!” Tang Yue nodded lightly.

“Meifen, I am going to sit with mother. You led these disciples to participate in the next round.” Yan Zilan turned to look at Su Meifen who was walking beside her and said.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Then she looked at the groups of disciples and said, “You all are elites of the sect, it’s time to raise the reputation of the sect.”

“We will!” Everyone nodded in unison.

After that, Yan Zilan went to sit with Yan Qiu while all the disciples went to participate in the next round led by Su Meifen.

It turned out these disciples were all core disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect; they were directly advanced into the third round by skipping the elimination rounds as they were all elites of the Profound Blossom Sect. Even the weakest has Mid-Stage Golden Core Realm cultivation. What surprised Feng Yun was that around ten had reached Earth Profound Realm.

When Feng Yun scanned this group, he was pleasantly surprised. The improvement was beyond his expectation.

The number of participants once again increased to over a hundred after these disciples joined in.

Soon the third round of the competition began.

The referee nodded and said, “I announce that the first match of the third round, Zhou Shan versus Lu Fan.”

As the referee finished speaking, two people walked on the stage, one girl and one boy. The girl calm expression while on the other hand, the boy had a livid expression as he looked at the girl.

“Fuck, why am I so unlucky to match against senior sister Shan.” The boy cursed slowly.

“Are you ready?” The referee walked in the middle and asked.

“Yes!” Both of them nodded.

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 “Start!” The referee spoke before stepping back.

The boy held his sword tightly in his and poured all of this spirit into the sword and launched an attack. He used all of his strength in a single attack as he knew that his opponent was the strongest disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect.

However, his full power attack wasn’t’ able to break the spirit energy shield formed by Zhou Shan.

“Do you want to continue?” Zhou Shan calmly asked.

“No need, I admit defeat!” The boy said before leaving.

“Wow, that’s senior sister Zhou Shan. She is really incredible.”

“She didn’t even need to raise to her hand to stop Lu Fan’s all out attack.”

The fellow disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect started whispering and praising as they looked at Zhou Shan with awe.

“Not bad, she must have worked hard!” Feng Yun was observing Zhou Shan and nodded with satisfaction. He could tell that Zhou Shan’s control over her spiritual energy was very good. It only comes with hard practice and dedication.

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