Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1501 1501

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Chapter 1501 1501

  The Clone of Long Chen had decided that he needed to stay distant from the family of Long Chen and not interact with them much if he didn’t want to be found out. Even though he had the real one’s memories, he knew that it wasn’t going to be enough. If they talked too much with him, there was a good chance that they were going to find the truth. 

That’s why he had promised himself that he was going to keep his distance. He was going to make them believe he was real, but without getting close to them, so he wasn’t caught. 

Moreover, there was another element that influenced his decision. Now that he had the support of the Demon Princess, he didn’t need the help of Long Chen’s family to defeat him. He was sure the real one had no chance of survival, so he had already pushed the plan of the Immortal Queen of using his family aside. 

Moreover, the Demon Princess knew that he wasn’t the real Long Chen. When he talked about Long Chen’s family before the Demon Princess, he had noticed her look of contempt as if she thought it was beneath the dignity and cowardly to use someone’s family. 

Since Long Chen wanted to win her heart, he decided to keep the family out of it and to not take them hostage. 

Now he was just going to take the help of the Black Tortoise Clan to lead them to the White Tiger Realm where real Long Chen was alone. There, he could kill the real one with the help of the Demon Princess without much worries.”

”That’s where my family lives,” Long Chen said, pointing towards a distant courtyard. 

Even though he acted as if he was talking to the ladies, he was just showing the real guards that he was the real one. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t need to. The guards had already believed him. 

The guards took Long Chen to the Courtyard of the Patriarch. They knocked on the door. 

A servant opened the door. As the servant saw the guards at the entrance, she frowned. “What are you doing here?”

”We need to meet with the Patriarch.”

”Master is resting. If it’s not urgent, can you do it later?” The servant asked respectfully. “He just fell asleep a few hours ago.”

”It’s really urgent.” The guard repeated. “There are guests, and it’s important that they meet the Patriarch. We need his instructions to decide what to do with them.”

”Guests? Which guest is it who is more important than His Majesty’s sleep?” The servant asked. 

”The friend of Prince Zhu Chang has returned. However, he returned through illegal methods, and he isn’t alone. There are two more people with him. If we can’t get his permission to release the two, we might need to keep them in prison until we get command. However, they might be his guest. We need to make sure.” The guards stepped aside, revealing Long Chen, the Immortal Queen, and the Demon Princess. 

”Sigh, fine. I’ll wake him up. You all can come inside and take a seat. He would be right out with you.” The servant went inside, leaving the doors open. 

The guards stepped inside with the three guests and told them to sit. The guards, on the other hand, stood up. 

Five minutes passed, and there was no noise of updates. However, as soon as the sixth minute started, a majestic man stepped into the hall. He was followed by his beautiful wife.

”Your Majesty…” The Guards respectfully bowed. 

Long Chen and the two ladies also bowed respectfully. 

The Patriarch was initially more interested in Long Chen, but as soon as he saw the lady who was sitting beside him, his attention shifted. 

”Young lady, may I ask who you might be? Your Royal Aura is certainly very interesting, I must say.”

The Demon Princess stood up, frowning. As she expected, the man had caught her. As expected from a God Beast. 

”I am the daughter of the Demon Emperor from the Demon Realm. I found this man in trouble. He claimed to be a guest of the Black Tortoise Clan. As a gesture of peace, my father decided to help him get back. He sent me here as well to escort him back safely.” The lady answered gracefully, keeping up with the story that Long Chen had told her. 

”A Gesture of peace, how nice of your father.” The old yet majestic man smiled. “I couldn’t have thought that the man who insulted the Dragon Heir would be so kind to us. I guess one shouldn’t judge a person by what they hear.”

”My father talks in the language that others use. The Dragon Heir came to him in arrogance, not just asking something but demanding. My father responded in the same way. I don’t think he did anything wrong. If he had been kind, my father would’ve rejected him kindly,” the lady answered. 

”Contrary to the Dragon Clan, we have heard that the Black Tortoise are a kind species. My father never had any ill will for any God Beasts. It’s just that he is portrayed that way by many,” she added. 

”That does make sense.” The old man nodded with a calm smile. It was unclear if he believed her or not. He didn’t let anything show. 

He shifted his attention to Long Chen again. “It seems you managed to return from the Ancestral Temple. May I ask how you managed to achieve that? And how did you go up in the Demon Realm? As far as I know, no path exists in the Ancestral Temple, which links to the Demon Realm? How did you get to them?”

The old man wasn’t going to give Long Chen an easy time. Even though he seemed to believe the Demon Princess since he didn’t ask too many questions, he was tossing the main questions to Long Chen. 

Long Chen had the memories of the other Long Chen. He had seen the Patriarch to always be calm and lazy with the real Long Chen. That’s why he hadn’t thought that he was going to be interrogated so much when he arrived. He hadn’t thought so deeply about the loopholes in his stories. 

From the memories, he knew that there were many secret paths that led to the Ancestral Temple, but it was only now that he found out that there was no path that was connected to the Demon Realm. 

He was in real trouble at this point. He couldn’t believe he had left such a massive loophole in his story. 

The old man calmly waited for the response of the young man, not appearing to be in any hurry. 

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