She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 1177 - 1177 Adorably Foolish (2)

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Chapter 1177 - 1177 Adorably Foolish (2)

1177 Adorably Foolish (2)

The person who spoke was wearing a loose navy blue shirt, black pants, and a pair of pointed leather shoes today. He stared at Feng Yuncheng as he said thoughtfully, “Don’t forget that the college screening competition selects talents.”

“It’s true that Ye Qingyang is a ghostly cultivator, but he’s also a rare talent. In the Cang Lang Continent, Ye Qingyang has never killed the innocent. Although he cultivates the Ghost Dao, he’s not a heinous demon. Moreover, I’ve been paying attention to his performance in the Doomsday Battlefield the entire time. This child has a bright future. If he receives proper guidance and embarks on the right path, he will definitely surprise you guys in the future.”

Upon hearing the man’s words, the director immediately gave in and said, “Prime Emperor Shi Cheng, since you’ve already spoken, I’ll give him and the other itinerant cultivators a chance.”

The person who spoke was the director of the Doomsday Battlefield and the director of the Cang Lang Continent branch of the Space Administration, Shi Sheng.


However, because of Yu Huang’s report, Shi Cheng was implicated and was quite idle at home during the suspension.

Since he had nothing to do, he decided to come to Cang Lang City and be the supervisor of the intercontinental finals.

The reason why he came to be a supervisor was partly that he was free, and partly because he wanted to see Yu Huang’s performance. He found out that Yu Huang had joined the Central Continent Selection Competition. However, for some reason, after she entered Blazing Flame Mountain, she never came out and even missed the Central Continent Selection Competition.

Yu Huang was Yin Mingjue’s child, so she was definitely not someone who would give up halfway.

The child’s gaze was so bright and firm. Shi Cheng didn’t believe that Yu Huang would give up the college screening test for no reason. There could only be one reason why she didn’t come. She had probably encountered something that she cherished and cared about more than the screening test.

If Yu Huang was going to participate in the college selection competition, she would definitely participate in the Challenger League.

Shi Cheng had waited for so many days but didn’t see Yu Huang, so he was a little worried.

He was worried that something had happened to the child.

Just now, when he saw that little fellow surnamed Feng, who was Yu Huang’s friend, publicly stand out to support Ye Qingyang, Shi Cheng knew that that kid must know what had happened to Yu Huang and firmly believed that Yu Huang would participate in the Challenger League.

In order to stop Ye Qingyang, the organizers had to go all out and reject all outstanding itinerant cultivators. They could reject anyone else, but he couldn’t let them reject Yu Huang.

Whoever dared to delay his child’s path to a bright future was going against him as well.

It was his responsibility as an uncle to clear the obstacles for his child.

Of course, no one knew Shi Cheng’s true intentions was, but since Shi Cheng had spoken, no one dared to object.

After all, Shi Cheng was the second strongest powerhouse in the Cang Lang Continent, second to Zhan Jiuxiao.

Who would dare to offend him?

“Ye Qingyang.” The director looked at Ye Qingyang coldly. When his gaze met Ye Qingyang’s dark and sinister eyes, he felt uncomfortable all over. That unnerving feeling was like being in a cemetery or being pecked at by a group of crows.

Ye Qingyang looked up at the director.

The director said, “We didn’t consider things carefully enough. You’re right. The top 100 rankings of itinerant cultivators should belong to the most capable ones.” As he pointed at the group of elite students, a sly look flashed across the director’s eyes and he said, “If you can successfully pass the arena defenders’ test, you’re allowed to choose one person from among the itinerant cultivators to challenge. Whether you can stay or not depends on your ability.”

Ye Qingyang nodded.

He flew down and landed in front of the group of elite students. He held his sword as he asked them, “Are you guys willing to fight with me?”

The group of elite students remained silent.

At this moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded from the lounge behind the elite team—

“Zhan Wuya is willing to accept your challenge!”

When they heard this, there was another uproar.

Madam Brulee narrowed her eyes and glanced at the director. Then, she shook her head slightly.


Zhan Wuya, who was wearing the uniform of Cang Lang Academy, walked out from the back of the crowd.

“Student Zhan!”

“Senior Zhan! We wish you all the best!”

Seeing that Zhan Wuya had really appeared, not only were the group of elite students guarding the arena and the disciples of the War God Clan excited, but even the hundred itinerant cultivators who had passed the challenge seemed to have seen hope and looked at Zhan Wuya with reverence.

Zhan Wuya was the trump card of Cang Lang Academy, number one on the Grand Master Ranking of the Doomsday Battlefield, and also a Prime Master.

It would probably be very difficult for Ye Qingyang to pass the challenge.

When Ye Qingyang saw the handsome and tall man in front of him, he suddenly took off his hood and looked straight at him with his sinister black eyes as he said mockingly, “They actually sent you out to deal with me. They really think highly of me.”

Ye Qingyang suddenly turned around and looked at the stands.

His gaze passed through thousands of people and landed on Jing Jiaren.

Ye Qingyang shook his head and said self-deprecatingly, “I, who was once hated by everyone, am actually being challenged by the number one genius of the War God Clan. In a sense, I can be considered to have reached the peak of my life.”

Hearing this, Zhan Wuya frowned and said, “Don’t worry, preventing you from joining a Beast Tamer Academy is indeed my mission, but I definitely won’t use a despicable method to target you. The battle between us will be absolutely fair.” With Zhan Wuya’s strength and status, he would never use despicable methods to obtain a victory.

Not only would that be disrespectful to his opponent, but it was also beneath his dignity.

“Let’s cut to the chase and fight!” After Ye Qingyang drew his sword and pointed it at the sky, the sky was instantly filled with dark clouds and wild shrieks sounded.

As he stared at the distorted and sinister ghost faces that appeared in the dark clouds, Zhan Wuya’s expression instantly became serious when he felt the ghost aura’s pressure. After he took a step back and crossed his arms, spiritual energy appeared and transformed into a heavy machine gun that emitted killing intent.

These two young people were both already Prime Master-level experts.

The two of them were the most famous geniuses in the ten Super Great Worlds.

The battle between these two people not only alarmed the participants and supervisors at the competition venue, but also the organizers. Even the hidden experts and elders of the superfamilies of the Divine Miracle Continent rushed over and hid in the void while watching the battle between the two of them.