She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 533 - End of Friendship Just Like That (2)

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Chapter 533: End of Friendship Just Like That (2)

Not only did Jiang Tingzhi think so, but even the brown bear divine demon thought so.

The brown bear suddenly roared, “Primordial Bell, Suppression Technique!”

The Primordial Bell suddenly fell from the sky and smashed towards the thin Yu Huang!

At this moment, Yu Huang finally moved.

She waved her right hand gently between her eyebrows, and a dense black spiritual power suddenly emerged from between her eyebrows. The black spiritual power quickly surrounded Yu Huang, and endless black spiritual power gathered together. The head and tail were connected, and a ferocious beast with a terrifying pressure slowly took shape in the black spiritual power…

Jiang Tingzhi smelled the powerful and overbearing beast aura in the air and actually felt his legs go weak.

What sort of beast was this?!

It actually made his legs go weak!


A dragon’s roar that seemed to come from ancient times resounded throughout the entire northwestern Gobi.

Upon hearing the dragon roar, all the participants in the Gobi looked up.

Was this… a dragon’s roar?

How could there be a dragon in this world?!

Among the three thousand worlds, only the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race was a true dragon race. Ever since the extermination of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race, there had been no true dragon race in the three thousand worlds.

The so-called Candle Dragon Race was just a side branch that was tainted with the Black Qing Sky Dragon bloodline.

The beast forms of the Candle Dragon Beast Tamers could not emit such a terrifying dragon roar.

Accompanied by the roar of a dragon, a black dragon flew out of the black fog. The dragon raised its head and charged into the sky.

“Black… Black Qing Sky Dragon!”

When he saw Black Qing Sky Dragon, who could only be seen in ancient books, Jiang Tingzhi suddenly knelt down.

The Water God Clan were flood dragons.

How could a flood dragon not feel fear in front of a dragon?

Under the suppression of his powerful bloodline, Jiang Tingzhi was unable to raise his head in front of Black Qing Sky Dragon. Seeing the Black Qing Sky Dragon summoned by Yu Huang, Jiang Tingzhi finally sorted out all the unreasonable phenomena.

No wonder Yu Huang was favored by the Doomsday Battlefield. Everyone knew that the owner of the Doomsday Battlefield was the last prince of the Black Qing Sky Dragon Race!


In the sky, the Black Qing Sky Dragon directly used its head to collide with the Primordial Bell!

For a moment, the dragon’s roar shook the clouds, and the Primordial Bell was buzzing from the collision with the dragon’s head. The Buddhist chantings that echoed also became chaotic.

As the Buddhist chanting became chaotic, the suppression power of the Primordial Bell also became weak.

Black Qing Sky Dragon wrapped his huge body tightly around the Primordial Bell. It angrily threw its dragon tail and the Primordial Bell was thrown out of the sky.


The brown bear suffered a backlash from the energy and its body was instantly sent flying hundreds of meters.

Yu Huang spread her Vermillion Bird wings and landed steadily on the head of the Black Qing Sky Dragon. The Black Qing Sky Dragon had long fused with Yu Huang. It could clearly sense every order from Yu Huang. The moment Yu Huang landed on its head, the Black Qing Sky Dragon automatically transformed into the appearance of the Dragon Sword.

Yu Huang held her sword with both hands and strode forward with her slender legs. She walked in the air and used her feet to set up an array formation in the air.

When the array formation was completely set up, the Dragon Sword in her hand was continuously emitting a terrifying Dragon pressure. Dragon roars also sounded from the Dragon Sword.

When Jiang Tingzhi heard the low-frequency dragon roar, he couldn’t help but cover his ears.

At this moment, Yu Huang had already raised her Dragon Sword with all her might. When she raised her sword, the air was howling, the Gobi was trembling, and cracks appeared on the soil.

All the spiritual energy gathered towards the Dragon Sword.

The pressure of the Dragon Sword was even more terrifying.

“One Sword Sever the Sky!”

Yu Huang raised her Dragon Sword and slashed at the brown bear!

The sword slashed down, and a long rainbow cut through the air. The ground shook even more terrifyingly, and the weeds on the Gobi flapped wildly, as if the end of the world had arrived. Jiang Tingzhi saw that a ten-centimeter wide crack had appeared in the ground in front of him, and his eyes were instantly filled with fear!

The country bumpkin from this small world was so scary!

Just as the sword energy of the Dragon Sword was about to land on the brown bear, the brown bear’s body suddenly shrank and turned into a powerful man who was more than two meters tall.

The man quickly retreated and shouted, “I forfeit!”

After shouting, the man gritted his teeth and pretended to pull out the survival ring. At this moment, the sword in Yu Huang’s hand deviated and slashed towards Jiang Tingzhi!

Jiang Tingzhi’s pupils dilated as he suddenly closed his eyes.

However, the terrifying sword energy finally landed more than 50 meters away from him.