She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 910 - Divine Butterfly Light

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Chapter 910: Divine Butterfly LightTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When they left, Sheng Xiao deliberately slowed down. When Yu Huang caught up, he asked her, “What do you think his hidden ability is?”

Yu Huang sighed and shook her head. “Since it was hidden by him, it’s definitely an ability deemed as unacceptable by society.”

“That’s true.”

When they arrived at the border between the ice and the sea, Yu Huang suddenly asked, “Who has an aircraft?”

Everyone tacitly looked at Donor.

The Light Sea was rich in gold and spirit stones. As the only son of the Elven King, it was impossible for Donor not to have an aircraft on him.

Donor couldn’t help but roll his eyes as he said angrily, “What a bunch of stingy people. Don’t you guys have any?” As he spoke, he looked at Sheng Xiao and Beatrice.

Beatrice shook her head. “I don’t. My assets were all donated for military research and development projects.”

Donor looked at Sheng Xiao again and said, “Beatrice cares about the country and the people, so it’s understandable that she doesn’t have an aircraft. As the young master of the Sheng family, don’t you have one?”

Sheng Xiao said, “I really don’t.”

Donor could only accept his fate.

He released his favorite aircraft. It was a gilded aircraft. The aircraft’s design was very flashy and gorgeous, very similar to Donor’s personal style.

Donor said, “This is a coming-of-age gift from my mother. I cherish it very much.” He gently caressed the body of the aircraft, then turned to Estelle and said, “Estelle, I’ll allow you to board the aircraft with me first.”

As Donor’s Back Spirit, Estelle had that privilege.

Estelle felt awkward, but he followed Donor into the aircraft first. Then, Sheng Xiao and the others boarded the aircraft.

After sitting in the aircraft for more than ten minutes, Donor found Feng Yuncheng through the surveillance camera outside the aircraft.

“Yuncheng is here.”

Hearing this, everyone looked at the surveillance camera of the aircraft. Sure enough, they saw Feng Yuncheng walking towards the aircraft against the snowstorm.

The moment they entered the room, Feng Yuncheng said, “Next, I’ve decided to show everyone my other ability…”

With that said, Feng Yuncheng circulated the spiritual power in his body, and a pair of gorgeous butterfly wings appeared behind him. At the same time, Yu Huang discovered that Feng Yuncheng’s pupils had actually turned into a blood-red color.


The wings on Feng Yuncheng’s back flapped elegantly. His body rose into the sky, and countless red light spots floated down from his wings.

Looking at those light spots, everyone revealed surprised expressions.

“It’s red!” said Beatrice.

Estelle and Donor sat at the front. The red light landed on them first.

As soon as the light spot landed on Estelle’s head, Estelle seemed to have been possessed. He suddenly summoned the Demon Scythe, raised it, and attacked Donor.

As he attacked Donor, Estelle cursed, “To think that I treated you as the person closest to me and trusted you with my life. But what about you? How could you kill my entire clan?!”

At this moment, Donor also summoned the Angel Sword. He looked at Estelle emotionlessly and sneered. “Shut up! You’re a lowly Night Elf to begin with. I treated you as a brother and a good friend, but how did you treat me in return?! Xueya is my cousin. She’s only 18 years old. How can you… how could you rape her?!”

“My father is right. You Night Elves are a group of despicable and immoral beasts! All these years, I’ve really been blind to raise poisonous snakes by my side!”

The two of them argued for a while before waving their weapons at each other.

Their moves were fierce and deadly. Seeing that the two of them were about to hurt each other, Sheng Xiao decided to stop a tragedy from happening.

At this moment, the wings on Feng Yuncheng’s back suddenly stopped flapping.

When he stopped, the blood-colored light spots that filled the sky suddenly disappeared, and Donor and Estelle regained their senses.

The two of them looked at the wounds on each other’s bodies and then down at the weapons in their hands. Then, they suddenly let go and threw down their weapons before quickly retreating.


The weapons hit the luxurious floor with a crisp clang.

The two of them explained at the same time—

“I didn’t hurt your cousin Xueya!”

“My father was the one who sent troops to kill your clansmen!”

After saying that, both of them were stunned.

They looked at each other, then at their friends and the environment they were in before realizing that they had been bewitched by Feng Yuncheng.

After the close call, the two of them sat on the stool weakly and broke out in cold sweat.

At this moment, Feng Yuncheng had already returned to normal. He stood at the front of the seat and faced Yu Huang and the others. Seeing that Yu Huang and the others were silent, Feng Yuncheng didn’t dare to speak.

“So…” Yu Huang asked hoarsely,” The red Divine Butterfly Light is another beast form instinct of yours? ”

Feng Yuncheng nodded hesitantly. “Yes.”

Sheng Xiao asked, “Your ability is… to create illusions?”

Feng Yuncheng shook his head. “More than that.”

Xiao Shu was very interested in Feng Yuncheng’s ability. He asked curiously, “What reaction can it create?”

Xiao Shu was a troublemaker, so he wanted to personally experience the wonders of Feng Yuncheng’s ability and see if it was really that invincible.

Feng Yuncheng’s gaze drifted until it landed on Beatrice. Only then did he calm down.

He said, “The red Divine Butterfly Light can create different illusions for different people and stimulate their killing intent. This illusion is rarely ever seen through by others. It will only stop when I call for it to stop. Otherwise, only death can end it.”

Everyone’s expressions instantly became serious. Even Xiao Shu put away his frivolous expression.

“Is it really that terrifying?” Yin Rong questioned.

Feng Yuncheng smiled bitterly and said, “I hope that I don’t have this ability more than anyone else does. After all, this isn’t a good thing.

Think about it, if there was someone beside you who could create an illusion of slaughter at any time and stimulate the killing intent in your heart that you even don’t understand, would you be at ease?”

Feng Yuncheng knew too well how terrifying this ability was, so he had always been careful to hide this secret. He would never use it unless he was in a desperate situation.

Beast Tamers with his abilities could be considered fiendish cultivators.

Feng Yuncheng had seen how cold and heartless the Holy Spirit Continent’s attitude towards fiendish cultivators was. Even a kind and cute little girl like Anna was ambushed by Xuanyuan Shen and the others. People like him wouldn’t have a better ending.

Donor and Estelle had just experienced Feng Yuncheng’s killing illusion, so they knew too well how dangerous it was.

At this moment, they still felt a lingering sense of fear.

Therefore, seeing that Yin Rong and the others were still questioning Feng Yuncheng’s ability, Donor couldn’t help but say, “I can confirm that Yuncheng isn’t exaggerating at all.”

Estelle hurriedly nodded and said, “That’s right. Even if everything that happened seemed so ridiculous and unreasonable, in the illusion, we couldn’t sense the unreasonableness of the situation at all. When we were trapped in the illusion, I was enraged and after my killing intent was aroused, I felt like I couldn’t calm down unless I really killed Donor.”

Nodding, Donor echoed, “That’s indeed the case.”

Sheng Xiao pointed out, “You know Estelle’s character very well. Didn’t you notice anything strange about the illusion?”

Donor shook his head with a serious expression as he said, “No. In the illusion, it’s as if we were possessed. We couldn’t think rationally at all. We believed whatever we saw.”

Estelle also said, “It was really like that. In the illusion world, our rationality was suppressed, but our negative emotions were infinitely magnified. It was simply… too terrifying.”

Estelle still felt angry when he recalled the scene of blood flowing like a river and corpses piled up in the illusory world.

Staring at the cold sweat on Estelle and Donor’s faces and seeing that their hands and feet were still trembling, Yu Huang and the others could imagine how terrifying Feng Yuncheng’s ability was.

This was really a natural killing instinct!