She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 950 - Because I’m the Lord of All Demons (1)

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Chapter 950: Because I’m the Lord of All Demons (1)

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Vivian’s family lived in a villa with a total of three floors. Her studio was on the second floor.

After Vivian ran downstairs anxiously, she opened the courtyard door and hugged Yu Huang tightly. Fortunately, Yu Huang was prepared and handed the flowers to Sheng Xiao in advance.

“Yu Huang, when did you guys come back?!” As a commoner, Vivian actually should not know that Yu Huang and the others had successfully completed the Kunlun Mystic Realm’s training. However, Jiang Shangfeng was working with the mayor, so he could obtain a lot of big news about the cultivation world.

Since Jiang Shangfeng knew, Vivian naturally knew too.

Vivian only knew that Yu Huang and the others had successfully graduated, but she didn’t know when Yu Huang and the others returned to Jingdu.

“Let’s talk inside.”


Vivian welcomed Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao into the room warmly. She poured tea for the two of them and brought over a vase. As she chatted with Yu Huang, she filled the vase with the bouquet.

Flower arrangement was an art form. Yu Huang didn’t have such artistic talent, so she could only watch.

As she watched Vivian’s gentle and charming appearance when she spoke, she couldn’t help but think of how Vivian was in high school.

When she was a girl, Vivian was arrogant and conceited. She relied on her beauty to get her way and wasn’t an easy girl to get along with. However, as she grew up and became a mother, the once feisty Vivian now had a gentle and pleasant side.

Yu Huang picked up the teacup, but didn’t notice that the tea was still hot. After she took a sip, her tongue was burned.


Yu Huang hurriedly spat out the tea and put down the teacup. Then, she stuck out her tongue and exhaled softly.

Sheng Xiao quickly got up to get ice water.

Vivian, on the other hand, looked at Yu Huang anxiously and asked in confusion, “Yu Huang, what are you thinking about? That tea has just been boiled. The teacup is still hot. Didn’t you notice?” Vivian carefully observed Yu Huang’s tongue and was relieved to see that it wasn’t serious.

When Sheng Xiao brought the ice water over, Yu Huang took two sips and felt much better. Vivian put down the scissors and bouquet in her hand. With a frown, she asked Yu Huang, “Do you have something to tell me?”

Her intuition told her that Yu Huang was hiding something from her.

Yu Huang was shocked.

She didn’t expect Vivian to be so keen.

Sheng Xiao decided to be the bad guy when he saw that Yu Huang didn’t have the courage to say why she was here.

Sheng Xiao was about to speak when Yu Huang pressed the back of his hand.

Yu Huang shook her head at him before raising her head to look at the pregnant Vivian on the sofa opposite her. She said hesitantly, “Vivian, I came here today because I have something to confirm with you.”

Because she didn’t know what Yu Huang’s purpose was, Vivian couldn’t help but feel flustered.

Licking her soft lips, Vivian said in a low voice, “Tell me. For you and Grand Master Sheng to come personally to ask, it’s probably no small matter.” Since it was something serious that couldn’t be avoided, she might as well say it frankly.

“This matter is related to the child in your stomach.” Yu Huang stared at Vivian’s big stomach with a frown. She said reluctantly, “The child in your stomach might be dangerous.”

Vivian’s hands trembled slightly.

She looked at Yu Huang with a flustered expression and asked her carefully, “What do you mean by… dangerous?”

Vivian’s face was filled with uneasiness and worry.

Yu Huang subconsciously touched the mouth of the teacup. She bit her lower lip a few times before closing her eyes and saying cruelly, “We suspect that the child in your stomach is very likely a dangerous existence that will absorb the future luck of the Holy Spirit Continent.”

Seeing Vivian’s confused look, Sheng Xiao said sternly, “You should know that the birth rate of newborns in the Divine Realm Continent and the other continents have become surprisingly low in the past three years. This year, the Divine Moon Empire doesn’t even have a single newborn.”

Staring at Vivian’s bulging stomach, Sheng Xiao said, “Vivian, the child in your stomach is the only fetus in the entire Divine Realm Continent.”

Nodding hesitantly, Vivian said with a pale face, “I know that the child in my stomach is the only fetus in the Divine Realm Continent this year, but he’s only a child. We are only commoners. How can our child be the dangerous existence you’re talking about?”

Vivian refused to believe that this was true.

She said, “I can feel that I’m related to this child by blood.” Vivian suddenly stood up and bent down to hold Yu Huang’s hand. She gently placed Yu Huang’s hand on her stomach. “Yu Huang, feel it carefully. He’s moving! He’s my child. How can he be dangerous?!”

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