She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement-Chapter 982 - Working Together to Create a Killing Illusion

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Chapter 982: Working Together to Create a Killing Illusion

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Upon hearing this question, the warriors felt intense uneasiness.

“It’s composed of humans!” Holy Spirit Goldfeather laughed loudly as he pointed at the Central Pagoda. He said with a deranged look, “Back then, in order to refine this divine-level Spirit Tool, I didn’t hesitate to kill all the disciples of the Holy Spirit Palace. Do you guys know how big the Holy Spirit Palace was?”

Looking at the unhinged Holy Spirit Goldfeather, no Beast Tamer replied to his question.

Holy Spirit Goldfeather wasn’t angry. With a sly smile, he appeared on the eaves of the seventh floor of the Central Pagoda and looked down at Xiao Shu from above as he said, “Little unicorn, you’ve been by my side since you were young and were raised by me with immortal herbs and immortal pills. You should know that the so-called Holy Spirit Palace is actually not a palace, but is composed of 201 sub-palaces, 81 mountains, and the headquarters of the Holy Spirit Palace, right?”

Sheng Xiao and the others looked at Xiao Shu in shock. They asked in disbelief, “Is that true?”

Xiao Shu nodded with an ugly expression as he said, “Even in the ancient era, Divine Masters were extraordinary existences. At that time, Divine Masters were equivalent to kings. The Holy Spirit Palace of Holy Spirit Goldfeather indeed included 201 cities and 81 mountain ranges.”

“Hiss!” Neat gasps erupted in the crowd.

Thinking of what Holy Spirit Goldfeather had said earlier, Sheng Lingfeng felt extremely uneasy. He frowned and said, “Could it be that this divine-level Spirit Tool was refined with the lives of all the commoners of the Holy Spirit Palace?”

“Hahaha!” Holy Spirit Goldfeather laughed again.

“That’s right!” He said, “The Central Pagoda refined by countless living beings of the Holy Spirit Palace is a divine-level spirit artifact with a demonic attribute. Not only can it absorb the power of faith and help me nourish my soul, but as long as I activate it, it will start a merciless slaughter and devour life endlessly! Otherwise, where do you think the Jade Illusion Continent and the Yin Clan elders I devoured went?”

Holy Spirit Goldfeather pointed at the tower under his feet with a smile and said proudly, “They were all swallowed by the Central Pagoda!”

After knowing the truth, Sheng Lingfeng and the others felt that it was ridiculous.

Holy Spirit Goldfeather continued, “Today, all of you have gathered here, so it’s quite convenient for me!” Holy Spirit Goldfeather smiled evilly and revealed a greedy and terrifying expression as he said proudly, “Today, I will devour all of you and slowly digest you guys!”

“After you guys die, the family and hometown you care about the most will be wiped out by me!”

With that said, Holy Spirit Goldfeather suddenly turned into nothingness and fused with the Central Pagoda below.

Under everyone’s gazes, the Central Pagoda quickly spun, and an unstoppable magnetic force surged towards all the Beast Tamers.


Before most Beast Tamers could resist, they were swallowed into the Central Pagoda by the suction force.

“Yu Huang!” Sheng Xiao subconsciously wanted to grab Yu Huang’s hand. Yu Huang reached out to him too. However, before their fingertips could touch each other, they were pulled into the Central Pagoda by magnetic force. The other Beast Tamers and super demon beasts were also swept into the Central Pagoda.

Even Xiao Shu wasn’t spared.

The only survivors were the Prime Masters floating above the dark clouds.

Sheng Lingfeng and the others watched helplessly as the other Beast Tamers were all swept into the Central Pagoda.

“Holy Spirit Goldfeather! How dare you?!” Mo Xiao’s eyes were bloodshot. He suddenly turned into a black eight-tailed fox and mobilized all the spiritual power in his body to the limit. Then, he slammed himself towards the Central Pagoda with the power of lightning!

His full-strength attack only caused a portion of the Central Pagoda to collapse.

At that moment, Mo Xiao had lost consciousness because his spiritual power was exhausted and he fell down.

Seeing that Mo Xiao had used all his strength but was unable to shake the Central Pagoda, Sheng Lingfeng and the others felt despair.

Suddenly, the Central Pagoda shook violently.

Dino and the others thought that the Central Pagoda was finally about to collapse, but they saw the door to the first floor of the Central Pagoda open from the inside. Immediately after, countless corpses were spat out by the Central Pagoda.

Sheng Xiao!

Yu Huang!


Feng Yuncheng.

Gold Ingot!

Lan Yao…

Countless Beast Tamer corpses were spat out by the Central Pagoda and landed in the black sea of flowers in the far north. Blood flowed out of their bodies and soaked into the black soil in the far north. Instantly, the entire far north was filled with the thick smell of blood.

The far north in front of him was filled with corpses and rivers of blood.

“Ah Huang!” Lin Jiansheng’s eyes instantly turned red as he hurriedly flew forward to pick Yu Huang up.

“Xiao’er! Ah Ru! Ah Huang!” Sheng Lingfeng also flew towards the corpses.

Sheng Lingfeng moved the corpses away and finally found Sheng Xiao and Lan Yao, who were covered in blood at the bottom. Staring at his beloved wife and son’s bloody corpses, Sheng Lingfeng suddenly lost the desire to live.

“Holy Spirit Goldfeather, I’ll fight it out with you!” Sheng Lingfeng quickly stood up. He opened his arms and chose to self-destruct his beast form to perish with the Central Pagoda!

Sheng Lingfeng slammed his head into the Central Pagoda. As soon as his body touched the Central Pagoda, he exploded.

With a Prime Master self-destructing his beast form, a few levels of the Central Pagoda was finally destroyed.

However, although the tower appeared to be on the verge of collapse, it still didn’t fall.

Seeing this, Di Ruofeng and Mo Xiao felt despair.

“Hahaha!” Suddenly, a huge black hand reached out from the Central Pagoda. It accurately grabbed Di Ruofeng’s throat and raised his old and hunched body bit by bit.

Di Ruofeng grabbed the arm of that hand and struggled hard.

“In front of God, you are all ants. Di Ruofeng, why resist?” As he spoke, Holy Spirit Goldfeather’s body slowly appeared.

He, who had just devoured the spiritual power of all the Beast Tamers, had regained his divine might at his peak.

Holy Spirit Goldfeather pressed down on Di Ruofeng’s head and forced him to look down. “Look, the family members you risked your lives to protect are all dead!”

As Di Ruofeng stared at the tragic scene of corpses and seas of blood below him, his eyes were filled with anguish.

“They died relatively pain-free. Do you know how your eldest disciple died? In order to stop my invasion, his body exploded with a bang, like a balloon filled with air!” Holy Spirit Goldfeather imitated the noise when Yin Mingjue exploded and continued saying, “His flesh, blood, and spiritual power blocked the Time Gate. Hahaha, it’s a pity that you weren’t there at that time. If you were, you would have gone crazy from fright!”

With that, Holy Spirit Goldfeather admired Di Ruofeng’s pained expression for a while before decisively snapping his head off.

Di Ruofeng’s body was instantly beheaded.

Seeing that Holy Spirit Goldfeather had easily killed Di Ruofeng, Dino was filled with shock and fear.

“Dino, it’s your turn!” With that, Holy Spirit Goldfeather extended his demonic claw towards Dino and used his sharp claws to cut off Dino’s waist. The beautiful fishtail fell heavily to the ground and flapped around.

In the end, there was only one living person left.

He was Lin Jiansheng!

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